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Wuxia / Swordsman Wuxia are the warriors of the human race. They are experts in melee weapons such as; swords, pole arms and fighting gauntlets. Emphasizing strength over all other attributes, Wuxia are the frontline fighters in group quests and serve as the backbone of infantry units during territorial battles.

Fashi / Mage Fashi are the spell casters. Though they can also carry light physical weapons, they rely heavily on magic and invocation to achieve their objectives and are quite effective against monsters with similar attributes. They provide good cover for their companions in quests and act as rear support in battles. Also, they absorb skills and can even develop their own set of abilities as they level up.


Yumang / Archer Yumang are the fighters and guardians for the Yu or Wing race, those born with the natural ability to fly in Perfect World. They employ ranged weapons such as long bows, crossbows and slingshots. Since these weapons are more effective at a distance, Yumang also carry backup melee weapons, though strength is not their biggest asset. It is their excellent dexterity that makes them good shots.

Yuling / Mystic Yuling or clerics are the healers in Perfect World. They can use staffs or a light weapon for combat, their primary calling is to support others in quests. Yulings serve as the medics during battles.


Yaoshou / Werebeast Yaoshou are fighter Werebeasts who specialize in melee combat with heavy weapons such as battle axes and war hammers. They can also take on animal form to increase their fighting abilities. They are the tankers both in quest and battle, and serve as the power chargers against most opponents. All Yaoshou are male.

Yaojing / Fairy Yaojing or Fairies are the female counterparts of the Yaoshou, though they use different techniques. They use magic and can change into an animal, the fox, to further their capabilities. They are attractive and charming characters that can tantalize its foes and allies. They can also employ pets which are of great help, especially in combat; since this doubles the Yaojing’s fighting capacity. Their lighter stature, though, makes them quicker and more agile.

By Alexander Villafania

The Game Development Association of the Philippines (GDAP) is holding costume play (cosplay) competition opened to participants portraying characters from any video game.

Characters can come from games of any gaming platform, including PC, PlayStation or Xbox, Nintendo platforms and handheld gaming devices.

Ranulf Goss, International Game Developers Association (IGDA) Philippine Chapter chairman, said the competition highlights gamers’ endearment to their favorite video game characters.

The cosplay competition is part of GDAP’s Game Craft, which also highlights a series of business sessions and classes for developers and artists during the entire BPO Summit.

For the past three years game development has been one of the latest highlights of the BPO Summit, largely due to a number of outsourced projects that local game development companies have been receiving.

GDAP has been promoting game development as one of the sunshine industries in the Philippines.

The competition will be part of the BPO Summit at the Crowne Plaza, Mandaluyong City in on December 2.

The competition will be divided into three categories. Best Male, Best Female, and Best Armor/Mecha cosplay.

Scores will be based on Accuracy, Craftsmanship and characterization. Winners in each category will receive P5,000. However, a grand champion will be chosen and will take home P10,000.

Goss is the first president of the GDAP when it was formed a few years ago. He was succeeded by Flipside Games President Gabriel Dizon.

Meanwhile, the GDAP event during the BPO Summit will highlight the visit of Chris Natsuume, producer of the high popular first person game Far Cry.

Natsuume will speak on game development and will also be one of the judges during the cosplay competition.

Greetings Filipino Knights of North America!

We would like to welcome all of you to the Philippine servers of Grand Chase. It will be a really exciting time for us to have veterans join our quest to save Bermesiah. Waiting for you is a strong and solid community of Filipino gamers much like yourselves! You will be able to enjoy better connectivity and latency because you will now be connecting to local servers.

You have already been advised by NTREEV, the publisher of North America Grand Chase, that effective Nov. 4, all Philippine IP addresses will no longer be able to access their servers. This is due to the territorial agreement between KOG, the developers of Grand Chase, and Level Up.

Filipino North American Grand Chase gamers will not be able to transfer their characters, accounts, and items to the Philippine servers.

Here’s the Good News: the Grand Chase team will be converting and transferring the cash points balance of your Grand Chase US accounts as of your Nov. 4 Cash Balance into your Philippine Grand Chase account.

In order to receive this grand benefit, just follow the process below:

1. Create a myLU account at using the same email address you used with Ntreev GC account. Register a Philippine Grand Chase game account via your myLU Account.

2. File a ticket at under Account Management Request and provide the following:

NAGC Account Information:
a. Username registered in Ntreev:
b. Character Name registered in Ntreev:
c. Registered Email Address in Ntreev:
d. Birthday registered in Ntreev:

myLU Account Information:
a. Real Name
b. Address
c. Registered Email Address in myLU
d. myLU username
e. GC game account username (important that game account must be linked)
f. Character name / Class / Level

Deadline for filing a ticket is December 1, 2008. Any tickets filed after said date will be deemed invalid.

Players with existing MyLU accounts can register a new Grand Chase account ONLY IF the email address registered MATCHES with their Ntreev GC account. If your registered email account under Ntreev does not match your registered myLU account, you must create a new myLU account in order to receive compensation.

If you ticket is valid, your myLU account will be compensated with your NTREEV balance as of Nov. 4

*IMPORTANT: Both NAGC Account Information and myLU Account Information should match. Any inconsistencies will be deemed invalid.

Dollars will be converted to Philippines pesos using the November 17 exchange rate. All. Please provide 2 weeks upon filing for us to validate claims, if proven valid, your account will be compensated immediately.

Get ready to embark on a new adventure in Nostale!

e-Games brings a new gaming title that will give more than usual dose of action and adventure found in most MMORPG! This new game will let you enjoy the benefits of meaningful interaction with friends and fellow gamers!

Nostale, or the Tale of the Nomad of Silver Spirit, is about the adventures of characters from the continent of Eastmile. The game is built on the concept of growth and ownership, featuring cute and loveable characters depicted in Manhwa (comics/print cartoons) style art.

What’s so special about this game? Plenty.

The game’s quest system called Main Quest is story based. The story line is classified into Acts, which progresses into a number of scenes as the players advance through the story line.

Players start off in the game as Adventurers until they reach a certain level to promote their characters to become one of the 3 main classes: (1) Swordsman (2) Archer and (3) Sorcerer. Characters are further upgraded in terms of skills and abilities through the use of Specialist Cards, which are attainable in quests.

One of the more unique features of the game is the Nosmate companion system. Players can capture Pets and Non Playing Characters (NPCs), which they can control to help them in their quests.

Players can likewise have their own Mini Land, or a place where they can put up houses and other objects. The Mini Land provides players with opportunities to socialize with other gamers, as well as train their Nosmates.

Aside from bringing the game to the local shores, e-Games will likewise serve as the payment gateway for Nostale, through the e-Points cards. By purchasing these game cards, players will be able to purchase Nostale Cash, the currency used to buy special items from the in-game item shop.

“I’m really excited to introduce Nostale to Philippine players through the partnership with IP e-Games, the biggest gaming company in the country. What pleases me the most is that we can now give Philippine players a chance to meet up with players all over the world in our casual RPG game,” said Kevin Song, CEO of Servex Co., Ltd., publishers of the game’s Global service.

“Our PH gamers can expect great in-game and live events for Nostale. Rest assured that e-Games will take good care and give its full support to the Nostale PH community,” said Sonny Carlos, e-Games Product Manager for Nostale Philippines.

So, do you feel like you’re up for a grand adventure? Make sure to join Nostale this November 2008! Visit for more information!

1. What is the new subscription rate for new Chaos?

To be announced

2. What will happen to our accounts after server merge?
2.a. If your account has a total of 9 characters in all three (3) servers (Baldur, Freya and Tyr) and 300 items stored in Kafra, no need to worry; everything will be copied to the new server.

2.b If your account has more than 9 characters (collectively within three servers) but less than or equal to 18 characters, your account will be split into two (2).

2.c If your account has more than 18 characters, your account will be split into three(3).

2.d If your account has more than 300 items but less than 601 stored inside the Kafra storage within the 3 servers, your account will be split into 2.
Example: Freya kafra 300 items, Baldur Kafra 300 items, Tyr 0 item = 2 split accounts
2.e If your account has more than 600 items stored in kafra in 3 servers, your account will be split into 3.
Example: Freya Kafra 299 items, Baldur Kafra 300 items, Tyr Kafra 100 items = 3 split accounts

3. How to avoid split accounts?
3.a. It is very important that the total number of characters in one (1) account DO NOT exceed 9 characters all across three (3) servers (Baldur, Freya and Tyr) and the total number of items stored in Kafra in three (3) servers (Baldur, Freya and Tyr) do not exceed 300.
*ADVISORY: We advise everyone to please delete ALL unnecessary characters or sell useless items in your account. There should be a total of 9 characters and 300 items stored in your Kafra all across three (3) servers (Baldur, Freya and Tyr) before the server merge.

4. If I have split account how do I recover it?
4.a. If your account is split, the original account (your original username) will contain the primary characters (the order of priority is Baldur->Freya->Tyr). Split account username will get a suffix 01 or 02 with same password as their original account.
original username: ragnarok
split account username1 : ragnarok01
split account username 2: ragnarok02

5. What if I have the same character names? Can I change it?
5.a. Characters with the same name will have a suffix added on their names. All characters in Baldur will keep their original name.
Ex - CharKoTo_tyr , CharKoTo_fre

5.b. Characters with a suffix added in their name have 11 days (Nov 15 to Nov 26) to change their names through “Change name” button in the char select screen. After 12 days, the Change Name function will be disabled. You can only change names once.

6. What will happen to my game RoK Points?
6.a. You will keep your RoK points if your account is not split.

6.b. In case your account is split, your primary account will retain the Rok points (the order of priority is Baldur->Freya->Tyr).

6.c. All 2nd and 3rds Accounts will NOT get any Rok Points.

7. Meaning if I’m from FREYA or TYR, I will not get any RoK points in my second account if my account splits?
7.a. Technically, yes. That’s why we encourage everyone to make sure that the total number of characters in your account (in all servers) is nine (9) and Kafra items at 300 pcs or less. This will ensure that your account will not get split and that account will have all the Rok points and game time that you have stored up.

8. What about the gametime for my 2nd or 3rd accounts?
All 2nd or 3rd accounts due to split accounts will have 2 hours game time.

9. Do I keep my Kafra pass?
All Kafra pins will be reset. All you have to do is set a new kafra password.

10. If I’m an Acolyte or Priest, do I keep the saved warp points?
All saved warp points will be deleted. This affects all jobs that have the Warp Portal skill (Acolyte, High Acolyte, Priest, High Priest, Monk, Champion, and Super Novice).

11. How about our quests? Should I start all over again?
11.a. All completed quests by your characters will not be affected, so if the quest is not repeatable, you will not be able to do it again after the merge:
Example: Godly Seals, Sign Quest, etc

11.b. Players should still be able to finish incomplete quests after the merge, but please read the advisory below.

* ADVISORY. We advise everyone who has on-going quests to finish it before the server maintenance on Nov 14 to avoid problems.

12. Our guild owns an Agit in Prontera that has an Economy of 75 and Defense of 100.
12.a Economy and safeguard of all agits will reset back to 1.

12.b All Agit ownership will reset (WOE1 and 2). Players will have to take over Agits again once the server is up after the merge.

13. How about our guilds? I heard that there will be a reset guild or something?

13.a. One of the unique features of this merge is the purging of all guilds. Meaning, guilds will be deleted and refreshed. This is to avoid technical issues and guild bugs that happened on the previous mergers.

13.b. Also, all emperiums will be deleted during the maintenance.

13.c. But don’t worry, once the server is up, the biggest race in the history of Philippine Ragnarok online will commence. “The Ragnarok Amazing Guild Race” will automatically start.

Please click here for more details.

14. I’m the top Alchemist in Freya, do I keep my rank?
14.a All ranking systems will be reset: Alchemist Rankings, Blacksmith Rankings, Taekwon Rankings, Aldebaran Race Track Rankings and Izlude Arena Rankings

15. Hey, are inventory items and items in my cart safe?
Yes. You can store your items in your cart. Items in your inventory should also remain intact. We also recommend that you take screenshots of your most valuable items.

16. Will my main account remain linked to my MyLU account? Will my split accounts be automatically linked to my MyLU account?

Your main account will remain linked to your MyLU account. Split accounts will not be automatically linked. It is recommended that you change your password and keep it to yourself before the merge to ensure that you will be the one to link your split accounts to your MyLU account.

The new official map for Defense of the Ancients (DotA) 6.57b map is now available for download!

Click here to download the new map. And to view the complete list of changes, click link below. ^__^

Release Notes:

* Changed how -sd hero selection works. The three heroes are now added as icons to select from your circle of power
* Lots of fixes and improvements to the translation capacity of the map
* Fixed a few Warcraft 1.20e specific bugs for Chinese community
* Some performance improvements (more coming in the near future)
* Your Circle of Power now has 6 inventory slots. The items it has are now abilities instead. You cannot pickup items that you don't own with Circle of Power
* Items drop on top of your Circle of Power if a unit is not there instead of making a big pile in the center

* Improved Shallow Grave cooldown
* Increased the bounty on Power Cogs a little bit
* Decreased Clockwerk's Intelligence gain slightly
* Increased Hookshot manacost from 125 to 150
* Scaled the cooldown on Eclipse from 140 seconds for all levels to 160/150/140 seconds
* Eclipse no longer continues after death, Beam interval is increased from 0.5 to 0.6 seconds
* Improved Windrunner cooldown
* Lowered Admiral Proudmoore's base Intelligence and intelligence gain
* Decreased X Marks The Spot duration
* Added manacost to manual return ability of X Marks The Spot
* Increased Ghost Ship's manacost
* Lowered Omniknight's base movement speed by 5
* Increased Rhasta's base strength
* Improved AOE on Fervor
* Improved Dark Seer's cast animation point
* Increased length of Wall of Replica slightly
* Lowered bonus damage per second on early levels of Geostrike
* Tweaks to Shackleshot angle and area check mechanism
* Slightly improved Shackleshot duration and cd
* Improved Mass Serpent Wards' cooldown
* Reduced Haunt Illusions' damage from 50% to 40%
* Haunt now has a 1 second delay during which they fade in before the images start attacking the targets
* Improved Thunder Clap AOE
* Improve Primal Split's manacost and cooldown scaling per level
* Improved Life Break
* Improved Slardar's Cast Point
* Increased Command Aura's AOE
* Reworked Voodoo Restoration stats
* Minor improvements to Glyph of Fortification
* Courier now costs 200 gold
* Improved Eidolons damage type progression
* Lowered Lycan's Wolves Hitpoints
* Lowered base armor on Lycan and his wolves by 2
* Increased Empowering Haste's AOE
* Improved Aphotic Shield's life from 100/125/150/175 to 110/140/170/200
* Increased Kelen's Dagger cooldown from 15 to 18

* Circle of Power is now selected for each player at the start of the game
* Added disablehelp for X Marks the Spot
* Fixed some issues with the tree layout near the center scourge neutral camp
* Slight adjustment of top scourge tower position
* Your Circle of Power is more visible than your allies'
* Undid the previous minimap change due to concerns from different leagues
* Tweaked the bash values on Roshan
* Moved Glyph of Fortification from an item to an ability on your Circle of Power to prevent some abuses possible by the enemy
* Added Disablehelp for Keeper of the Light's Recall
* Added new hero sounds to -quote (Ogre Magi, Techies, Blademaster, Panda) and it now also tells you which number it played if you randomed with it
* Changed Windrunner's soundset

* Adjusted neutral pullability area for the Scourge ancients a bit
* Fixed camera movement issues when multiple Meepos respawn with Aegis of Immortal
* Fixed scoreboard consumables count
* Fixed static field doing a small amount more than what the tooltip says
* Fixed BKB being droppable after use when it's duration is decreasing
* Fixed the text display in -sc
* Fixed a bug with Phase Boots and Puck's Phase
* Fixed Phase Boots triggering Last Word
* Fixed some issues with the creep pathing on the bottom Sentinel wave
* Fixed a bug in Death Match that allows you to rebuy the same hero again
* Fixed Observer Board not showing up from a reloaded game in -cm
* Fixed hero respawn issues in regular dm (not dmap or dmar)
* Fixed Dust of Appearance tooltip not showing cooldown
* Fixed an old issue with dropping items away from you while under Berserker's Call pull
* Prevented Flying Courier from using dust of appearance
* Fixed an issue with Dawn Tavern being disabled when repicking in normal mode
* Fixed the RD spot not being marked as unexplored for scourge players after the draft phase
* Fixed a rare bug with Psionic Trap count limit not being enforced
* Fixed a test game only bug that caused the tower deaths to not register properly in single player
* Fixed a bug with Aegis of Immortal not setting proper mana on Meepo clones
* Fixed some performance related bugs with Admiral Proudmoore
* Fixed a bug with Power Treads and Essence Aura
* Fixed some minor bugs with the manabase on Primal Split's level 1 and 2 Earth
* Fixed Sange sell cost
* Fixed some minor issues with Phase Boots
* Fixed Kelen's Dagger being undroppable for the same old cooldown values
* Fixed Windrunner not appearing in -sd or -ai
* Fixed a Drop Items bug with courier and Aegis of Immortal
* Fixed a bug in some game modes where Kelen's Dagger had a small chance to not register properly and get disabled on incoming damage
* Fixed some rare bugs with the combination of Dispersion and Starfall
* Fixed some group selection inconsistencies with Primal Split units
* Fixed Windrunner to not cancel your movement command
* Fixed Phase Boots from canceling Curse of the Silent
* Fixed a bug with X Marks The Spot and Primal Split
* Fixed some issues with super creeps (in -sc) getting stuck
* Fixed Shackleshot and Nature's Guise to work on Sprout trees
* Fixed a recent bug with the -courier command
* Fixed Torrent buff icon
* Added -cm to -gameinfo
* Fixed being able to buy from secret shop from the area above Roshan
* Fixed some group selection priority issues with Circle of Power and the shops

The sale of the Super Spy Kart and Dobol Dobol Card (x2 card) are extended up until November 19, 2008.

The Halloween event is also extended.

The long Road to Amped Fest ends in the Hataw Hanep Hero: The Amped Edition on November 21 and 22 at Silvercity in Frontera Verde, Pasig City (near Tiendesitas). Join us in the final battle between regional champions of the WarRock JBlaze Cup! Enjoy Cosplays, Battle of the Bands, Dubbing Challenges, Streetdance and Drawing Competitions. Get a chance to win a brand new Astone Computer and other fun prizes!

Now you can get the latest information about the highly anticipated multi-award winning Chinese massively multiplayer online role playing game (MMORPG), Zhu Xian Online.

Zhu Xian Online is a game based on the famous internet novel of the same title. Set in Old China in a time when men could easily weave magic with their will, players can choose to join one of the five clans in Zhu Xian: Heaven Sound Temple, Azure Cloud School, Bonding Bliss School, Ghost King Sect, and Ghost Witchery.

Each clan has different principles, beliefs, and practices that can hone your will and ability to use magic. They can make you powerful, and even help find immortality; however, only you can decide your fate.

Choose between good and evil and relive the story of the man who was loved by two women and died to save one. Experience the magic of Old China and prepare to see love, betrayal, and heroism in a new light.

Visit and see a glimpse of the magical world of Zhu Xian, its people, and the love story that changed its history.

Online games have become a staple in entertainment and leisure for most people, especially students. As more and more games become available in the market, gamer base is growing exponentially. Most parents and school authorities might think that this will distract students from focusing on their studies.

As part of e-Games continuing drive on responsible gaming and promoting positive in-game values, e-Games will be visiting Marist School in Marikina on November 24, 2008. Jessa Jamilla, e-Games Community Head, will talk about how students can pick up useful skills and information while playing online games. She will also talk about the potential future careers in online game publishing.

The event is also in conjunction with Marist School’s Make Science Work for You campus affair.

If you’re an e-Gamer and a student of Marist School, make sure to catch us there to learn more than just playing games. You might just be able to grab some neat prizes as well as game installers and posters that will be given away!

See you there!

On the day of November 12, 2008 the tides of war will be upon us.

The Soulless has invaded different Territories across the land of Pan Gu. No Clan owns any land–only the Soulless, for they have marched underneath barrens and has now invaded every territory we know.

Wan Luan’s Declaration of War against the Soulless:

A year of world-historical events is coming to an end. A year of great decisions is approaching. In this grave period I speak to you, Heroes of the Perfect World, as the representatives of the Beast, Wing and Human. In addition, the entire Jade Empire should also review what has happened and take note of the decisions required by the present and the future.

The Humans, Wingkind, Beastkind and its soldiers work and fight today not only for themselves and their own age, but also for many generations to come. A historical task of unique dimensions has been entrusted to us by the Creator that we are now obliged to carry out.

Our opponents should not deceive themselves. In the two thousand years of recorded history, our people have never been more determined and united than today. The Lord of the universe has been so generous to us in recent years that we bow in gratitude before a Providence that has permitted us to be members of such a great nation. We thank Him that along with those in earlier and coming generations of the Empire, our deeds of honor may also be recorded in the undying book of Jade Empire’s history!

The Great War for Territory is here! Claim a territory and put it under the banner of your clan and join us on this War of the Jade Throne.

Be famous at PVP and get GRAND GIFTS!

Nov 11 – 17, 2008

How to get Mission Scrolls:
Just simply Login and receive the Mission Scroll!

A. Kanavan Knight Brigade’s Training:
Join any PVP modes 20 times (Win or Lose any match. if you leave, it will not be counted.)
Win 12 victories in PVP modes


Warrior’s Sword (1 week)
Warrior’s Bow (1 week)
Warrior’s Staff (1 week)

Choose 1
5 HP Potions (S)
5 MP Potions (S)

B. Kanavan Knight Brigade’s Test:
Join any PVP modes 50 times (Win or Lose any match. if you leave, it will not be counted.)
Win 30 victories in PVP modes


GP 20000 Coupon (1)
Kanavan’s Flag (10 days)
Choose 1
5 HP Potions (M)
5 MP Potions (M)

C. Kanavan Knight Brigade’s Challenge:
Join any PVP modes 100 times (Win or Lose any match. if you leave, it will not be counted.)
Win 60 victories in PVP modes


No.1 Signboard (3 weeks)
Ring of Protection (10 times)
Berserker’s Ring (15 times)
Choose 1
5 HP Potions (L)
5 MP Potions (L)

Own the PVP Rooms now and get famous!

Starting November 10 up to 15, there will be 2x modifiers on EXPERIENCE AND POINTS on the ROOKIE and MAJOR channels!!

Try equipping the Da Dawg Tattoo for POINTS and EXPERIENCE overload! ( +150% on points and +150% experience), try also the Skull and Crossbones for EXPERIENCE EXPLOSION (+200% experience) and powerlevel your ace rookies!

Check out the hottest new items on the court and get your playaz ready for the BIG SHOW!!!

Want more action, bigger challenge, more powerful accessories, and better pets? Then the next patch is for you!

Watch out for the Precious Stones Update and see your pets come alive with useful skills! Those who are tired of hunting the current mobs and bosses will be sure to feel excited as the Forgotten Temple B2F opens its doors to daring CABALists! And if you are persistent and lucky enough, you just might be among the first to try the +5, +6, and +7 Extortion Bracelet, Bracelet of Fighter, Vampiric Earring, Bracelet of Sage, Earring of Guard, and Force Regeneration Earrings! What’s more, you can now upgrade your weapons and equipments up to +9!

So don’t get left behind, watch out for the implementation of the patch on November 25, 2008. The password for the patch will be released on the same date so be alert and check the e-Games Forum regularly.

Not strong enough to take part in Colony Wars? Bored of the monotonous grinding? Fret no more with the new Cooperative Mission and Super Fights catered for lower leveled Pioneers!

Low Level Cooperative Mission

Sinister forces have overtaken Al Queltz Moreza, Tetra Ruins and Porto Bello. The monsters residing in these dungeons have been strengthened under the influence of the demonic power. You will not be able to “Rambo” your way through these dungeons so gather your friends and form a squad! Great treasures and rewards await you in the deepest depths.

The entrance to the dungeons has been sealed with magic and only families who meet the requirements will be able to venture into it. The dungeons are mission-based so each entry is unique from the rest.

Super Fight (Low Level)

It’s time for the lower leveled Pioneers to have some PvP action without being obliterated by the stronger families! Introducing 3 customized Super Fights catered for level 40, 60 and 80 families!

In view of the events of last week, the Warrock Team wants to make-up for the inconveniences that they have put you players through.

So they decided to AGAIN EXTEND Word War II: Halimaw Halloween Edition!

It will be another week of shooting fun and granading excitement for all you loyal WarRock players!

WWII will officially end on maintenance day November 13, 2008.

So don't waste your time staring at this write-up. Go get those RARE RED weapons!

With the recent release of v.2.9 game patch, Secrets of the Underground, Pioneers of Granado Espada Philippines are in for an incredible ride! Several in-game events will bring new adventures and excitement in the New World.

Creativity, skill and brawn are just some of the qualities necessary to survive in Granado Espada, and these same characteristics will be put to the test! e-Games has prepared contests will not just set the mood for a competitive spirit, but will likewise bring the fun to the vibrant GE community.

Think you’re up to the challenge? Here’s your chance to win great stuff! Check out the contest list below, pick the ones you’d like to join and get ready for fun in this side of the New World!

[Forums] Story telling Event

Once upon a time, there was a New World family who decided to pen a horrific story they experienced while exploring the mysteries of Prison de Joaquin…

Storytellers, this is your chance to express your creative side! Post your creative scary story at the GE Forums! The world of Granado Espada is rich with mysteries and secrets that’s just perfect for creepy and dark tales. Has your family encountered a scary situation while doing your quests? Want to expound on the back stories of the Three Year War and the secrecy behind the Vespanolan Nobles? The possibilities are endless!

The most creative and spookiest story will win 10x10 ABS!

Contest starts on 7 November 2008. Deadline for submission of entries is on 14 November 2008. Post your entries here.

[In-Game] Rise of the Baron

There are times when going to the lawful side of evil can reap you benefits.

It’s time to dish out the pain and some mean competition in the PK server, Bach! Players on Baron Mode better be on the lookout for GMs who will be paying the Barons a friendly visit.

If the GM spots you with the mark of a Baron, you’ll win 10x10 ABS and 10 Health Fillers!

How to qualify as a Baron:

For Bach server players, activate Baron Mode by right clicking an opponent, then choose the Forced Attack option. The mark of the Baron (i.e., the red skull atop your characters’ heads) must be visible in your characters.

For Rembrandt server players, equip the Wheel of Destiny back costume.

The hunt for Barons begins on 14 November 2008.

[Tournament] Route a la Domination

Are you in the mood to challenge the best players in a PvP tournament? Say no more! It’s time to let the whole community know the best Pinoy PvP players!

* The 2 vs. 2 PvP event is exclusive to PH GE gamers only.
* Registrations and PvP venue will be posted in the GE forums.
* The first 8 teams per server to register will be accepted in the tournament.
* Participants will be given 5 minutes to prepare in every match.
* Tournament starts at 6PM, 21 November 2008.
* Participants will be using their own GE accounts.
* The first team to eliminate the opposing team will be declared the winner of the math.
* The tournament will be a single round robin match for the Elimination Round, and a best of three match for the Final Round.

Prize: The winning team will receive 1 Item of the Month and 10x10 ABS.

Starting Nov 7 up until 9, there will be 1.5X modifiers on EXP and GP for ALL servers!!

Take advantage of the 6 other OBT Celebration Events and get to win FREE ITEMS to powerlevel with partymates in Dungeon Boss Hunting and PVP Room Smashing!

Invite your friends to Join the Chase Now!

Simply register at LUQuick Reg for your Grand Chase and myLU account! That simple!

See you at Bermesiah!

Amped Announces Tantra II

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By Alexander Villafania

After four years, game publisher Amped Games has finally announced the next iteration of their first massively-multiplayer online game Tantra.

Tantra II is set to start beta testing this November, in time for the company’s annual Amped Fest on November 21.

Tantra II is also developed by HanbitSoft. It will have the same eight tribes from the original but with more character attributes.

The maps in Tantra II have also been enlarged. Maps from the first game are also ported in Tantra II but are given bigger and better details. One new map is the Marana Dungeon where players have to eliminate all monsters in it before getting in-game certificates they could use to trade potions.

The Marana Dungeon is divided to two parts: one is for characters with levels 30 to 90, and the other is for 100-and-above character levels.

An additional feature in Tantra II is the Mail Box where players can send in-game items to other players. The Mail Box is accessible even if the player is not online.

Just like its predecessor, Tantra II will also be a free-to-play game.

Tantra Product Manager Ria Pineda told INQUIRER.NET that they are expecting new players to sign up for Tantra II but there should be more coming from existing and former players of the first Tantra.

She also said that even when Tantra II goes commercial they will retain the original game.

“We have a lot of loyal players in Tantra I so we don’t plan to turn off the game servers until everyone has moved to the new game,” she said.

Pineda added that despite new in-game and graphical features of Tantra II, it only requires the same computer configuration as the original. It can run on a Pentium III-powered processor, 128 megabytes memory and 64 MB video card memory.

The Road to Ampedfest: WarRock JBlaze Cup eliminations is now coming up and up to Baguio!

November 8, 2008
Outer Haven Cafe, Baguio
In front of St. Louis University

On-site registration from 10:00 AM - 2:00 PM.
You may also email for pre-registration. Please clearly indicate the following.

1. Tournament Leg (Baguio)
2. Team Name
3. Team Captain Name
4. 5 Members In-game and real names
5. Contact Numbers

Grand Chase is now OPEN for ALL!!

Rambulan na toh! Invite your friends also to Join The Chase and Register now!

Check out the Grand Chase website and Grand Chase forums for Tips and Tricks for maximum rumble!

See you in Bermesiah!

Flyffers, get ready for one wild ride! The lands of Roika will be getting its latest and greatest patch to date! V12, the Forsaken Tower.

So to whet every Flyff player’s appetite out there of what’s to come, here is a sneak peak of what’s coming with Flyff’s latest patch!

Lord System
Accessible only to Master Classes, after vying for the position, the community will then vote on who is deserving to reign over them. Once a leader has been selected, they will have power to set bonus xp events, the power to increase drop rates and even give amazing buffs to any player he chooses. The Lord even gets to don the regal Lord’s set during their regime to ensure that he or she will be a cut above the rest.

Forsaken Tower
There’s a new tower filled with new monsters and quests exclusive only for the 2nd job classes (Knight, Blade, Psykeeper, Elementor, Bill Poster, Ring Master, Jester, and Ranger)

Monster inside this creepy tower ranges from levels 62 up to 120! Adventurers beware, only the strong can survive a trip down these dark halls and live to tell about them!

Secret Rooms!
It has been said that the Forsaken Tower has secret rooms within that hold amazing prizes for the brave team that is able to find and cut their way through to one of these rooms. It has been rumored to grant whoever enters the ability to influence Madrigal itself and control over Roika’s lands.

On November 5, Level Up! will introduce to you a new and limited promotional kart called the Secret Agent Kart. This kart will only be available in the CK Shopping Mall from November 5, 2008, 12:00nn to November 12, 2008, 12:00nn only. After this it will be removed from the Shopping Mall but for those who purchased the kart, it will not expire.

At eto pa! Magkakaroon tayo ng 2X card sale kasabay ng promo period para naman masulit natin ang pag break in ng bago nating auto!

Halloween in Style! (In game event)

Kumpleto ba porma niyo para sa Halloween?

Magcostume as Jakk the Kalabasa Kid and ride in the Pinakbenz on November 5 and 6 and be awarded 20,000 gold points instantly!

Magcostume as Jakk the Kalabasa Kid and ride in the Secret Agent Kart on November 5 and 6 and be awarded 40,000 gold points!


Date: November 5 and 6
Time: Anytime between 3pm-5pm
Awarding: On the spot naming ibibigay yan!

Wear the costumes stated above and enter the designated room that the GM will announce on the said dates. Once you have entered wait for the GM to award your prize and then you will be instructed to leave the room. If you do not leave the room, you will be kicked out of the room.

Simple lang di ba?

- A player may only win once per day of the event.
- A GM has the right to switch rooms if he / she feels the need to do so. If the GM changes rooms, players will be informed via announcement.
- When you have successfully entered the room do not leave the room until the GM kicks you out of the room.
- Only 1 player may enter the room at a time so please be patient when trying to enter. Soon as you enter the room, the GM will reward you on the spot.
- If you are not able to enter the room of the GM on the 5th of November, do not worry, you still have a chance on the next day.

To celebrate the arrival of HighStreet 5's eagerly-awaited KungFu Dance Version, we will be giving away FREE KungFu Gift Packs to the early birds who update and play early!

From the server reopening on 13th November to 23:59 on 16th November, you will receive a free KungFu Gift Pack for every 60 minutes you spend online! Every one of you can receive a maximum of TEN KungFu Gift Packs! Could there be any better deal?

KungFu Gift Pack

Each pack includes Diamond Treasure Box X1, Yellow Grape WineX3, and Dinosaur Egg × 4

1. Diamond Treasure Box: Special item which is not available in the in game mall. You will have a high chance to get special items from Diamond Treasure Box. You may get fallen feather, valuable clothes or precious items from it. It is to be put in the item column before you draw from it randomly generated items; cool down time 2 seconds.

2. Yellow Grape Wine: Both Dance Power and Excitation up 6 points, every 2 seconds.

3. Dinosaur Egg: Dance Power up 155 points immediately

1. Prizes will be delivered via in-game e-mail in 3 working days after the event ends.
2. Please note that you have to exit the game following set procedures, pressing the 'Quit' button; otherwise, your accumulated in-game time may not be accurately registered by the system.

Citizens of Midgard!

We would like to inform you that it’s official – Level Up! is merging the three (3) subscription servers, Baldur, Tyr and Freya into one. This new server will be called New Chaos and will mark a new chapter in Philippine Ragnarok Online.

The merge will happen sometime this November. Level Up! is just finalizing the details and exact schedules. In the meantime, here’s what you and your guildmates need to know.

1. Complete Mechanics - like what they did before, Level Up! will publish and announce all the details soon so that you know how to log-in and have all the information about your merged accounts. Details such as similar names and others will be covered there. Konting intay na lang po.

2. What’s in store after the merge? – Of course, the Agit Siege will be more exciting! A merged server means a lot more players, guilds and competition. The RO team has lots in Agit and PVP based events (in fact, Level Up! plan to make the web-based agit scoring permanent and reward those guilds who consistently top the charts). Time to call back all those old friends and guildmates. You’ll need all the help you can get.

3. What about the price? – New Chaos will still be subscription. But don’t worry, they’re slashing off the subscription rate as a bonus for all of the loyal pRO players. They will announce the new rates soon. And yes, item mall discounts and bundles will be available for everyone to enjoy.

That’s it for now.

Stay tuned for more news and details about the merge in the coming days.

Really Cheap Items for you to enjoy! Saktong sakto pang Halloween! Come and get ‘em!!

All playaz are invited as we are slashing the prices of your favorite items starting October 30 until November 3, 2008 ONLY!!


Dagdagan pa ng 10% OFF pag meron kang PREMIUM CARD! Total of 40% OFF! 40% OFF! 40% OFF!

- The Muskateer (m)
- Oriental Gown Set (m)
- Dancer Kit 1 (m)
- Clownish Soldier Uniform (m)
- The Mummi (m)
- Chocolate Servant Set (m)
- Dancer Kit 2 (f)
- Red Circular Dress Set (f)
- Dotted Dress Set (f)
- Chocolate Maid Set (f)
- The Mummi (f)
- Cute Freel Set (f)
- Dark Wings (m and f)
- Leonidas (m)
- Lady Cop (f)
- Beh~ (m and f)
- Goth Shewz (m)
- Long Stem (f)
- Devils Mask (m and f)
- Phantom Mask (m and f)

What are you waiting for?!

Hurry while supplies last!!!!

The items will be back to it’s original price after Nov 03, 2008 ’s scheduled maintenance. You may still purchase the items even if you haven’t reached the required level but can only wear them when you have attained the required level (i.e if you are level 8, you may purchase level 16 items but can only equip them when you have reached level 16)

We Neva lose!

Eligibility and Mechanics
- All Active Freestyle accounts may join

Duration and Schedules
- Spooky Street Sale starts on October 30, 2008 until November 3, 2008

General Conditions
- Player must have a Freestyle account
- You may still purchase the items even if you haven’t reached the required level but can only wear them when you have attained the required level (i.e if you are level 8, you may purchase level 16 items but can only equip them when you have reached level 16)

Cabal Online PH: Raffle

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Good day to all CABALists!

Earning cool in-game gears has never been this easy. We would like to invite everyone to be part of the weekly and monthly raffle of the coolest in-game items for CABAL Online! In order to part of the weekly raffle, CABALists are expected to convert and consume their CABAL Cash by buying premium items in the CASH Shop. For every 50 CABAL Cash spent, a gamer gets one (1) Raffle entry for the Weekly Raffle. All the gamers who used 50cc in a specific week [ex. September 10-16th] are automatically qualified.

The electronic drawing of winners will be every Tuesdays after the Scheduled Server Maintenance. Entries for the weekly raffle are also qualified for the monthly raffle.

CABAL Gears to be raffled-off this Week [October 29- November 4, 2008]:
1st Prize - Astral Bike – RW3 [20D]
2nd Prize - Astral Bike – RW3 [7D]
3rd Prize - Astral Bike – Blue [7D]
4th Prize - Astral Board – Black +7 [7D]
5th Prize - Astral Board – Black [7D]
Consolation Prize x 20 - Costume of the Week [7D]

Monthly Prizes [Raffle Date: October 31]
1st Prize - Astral Bike – RW3 [30D]
2nd Prize - Astral Bike – Blue [30D]
3rd Prize - Epaulet of Guardian + 8 [30D]
Consolation Prize x 5 - Item Conversion to Account Binding

Good Luck to all CABALists!

Have you ever got stuck when you find the person standing next to you in exactly the same clothes as yours? Such disastrous fashion moment is completely avoidable if you get the covetable clothing we are going to offer in this special promotion!

Beginning at 17:00 on 29th October, you’ll be able to buy new chic clothes in the online store which cannot be found in the in-game mall! They are surely unique and all new ones!! What’s more, when you purchase any one of the Forever items shown below, you will get the 2 coordinated pieces FREE to perfect your looks!

It is a steal to spend on ONE item but get THREE!

What are you waiting for? Head to the Online Store now to enjoy the shopping fun only a near-couture piece can offer you!

1.This special promotion ends at 17:00 on 5th November, 2008.
2. This promotion only applies to the online store.

To celebrate Halloween, HighStreet 5 will be holding double experience & double scores and a wicked event called "Treat or Trick, Roses or Bricks" ! Round up your friends to have fun!

Double Exp. & Scores, Double the fun

HighStreet 5 will provide EVERYONE with DOUBLE EXP rates on Oct 30 & 31! All you have to do is play anytime on October 30 & 31, 2008 and you will see your exp and score points soar two times faster!

Here's a pro-tip: You can also buy in-game Double Exp certificates to QUADRUPLE your experience and score points during this double XP days!

Treat or Trick, Roses or Bricks!

Here's our plan- any guy can ask a girl for chocolate while girls can ask guys for roses. If you're refused, don't hesitate to hurl a brick or strike the person with a lightning bolt, because every single brick, lightning, rose and chocolate that you purchase and use on 30 and 31 October will be all given back to you for free on November 3rd!

So, for example, if you purchase and use 50 bolts, 50 bricks, 50 roses, 50 chocolates on the activity days (30 and 31 October), the system will give you 50 bolts, 50 bricks, 50 roses, 50 chocolates back on 3 November.

So what are you waiting for? Go out and have some wicked fun - it's perfectly acceptable to do so at Halloween!


1. Mischievous Flying Brick: When applied, the Brick will fall straight on the head of the targeted player. It's available in the in game store. 5 cash points for every brick.

2. Mischievous Lightning Bolt: When applied, the Bolt will strike the targeted player. It's available in the in game store. 3 cash points for every lightning bolt.

3. Romantic Rose: Use it for girls only. Recover 6 Vitality points and 2 HIGH points every 3 seconds for the targeted girls; lasts 3 minutes. It's available in the in game store. 5 cash points for every rose.

4. Alluring chocolate: Use it for boys only. Recover 6 Vitality points and 2 HIGH points every 3 seconds for the targeted boys; lasts 3 minutes. It's available in the in game store. 5 cash points for every chocolate.

Lucky Glass Box Sale(Item sale, October 24-October 31, 9pm)
Outdated in fashion? Eww. Well, if you still don’t have a pair of these flashy glasses, this is your chance! The Lucky Glass Box is on sale! You can now get one for only 1,200 coupons (60 php)

The Curse of the Halloween Child (In-game event, October 29~November 5)
Look for this child in-game and listen to her tale! Don’t blink, cus a wicket treat awaits! Click HERE for the mechanics!

Halloween Surprise Box! (New item, October 29~November 5)
Guess what’s inside? For a cheap price of 100 coupons, you may get a one-eyed shocker! It also includes a Pumpkin Transformation item that allows you to blend in during the festivities! A cute buy for everyone!

Alexander Villafania

The online game business in the Philippines is heating up with online game publisher Level Up! leading the pack with a triple-treat launch of games.

During the recently held Level Up Live! gaming convention, the company announced that it will be carrying the games Hello Kitty Online, Emil Chronicle Online, and Rohan Online.

However, no further details have been provided as to the dates of the start of the beta testing and commercial launch of the games.

Level Up! Multimedia Head Joey Alarilla told they will be releasing new information about the games for the local market very soon.

Level Up! had previously launched two other games this year, Crazy Kart and Grand Chase, both of which are targeted at much younger players.

Hello Kitty Online, developed by Sanrio Digital, can also be considered as a casual game due to the use of the popular Japanese toy line of the same name. As such, it mostly focuses on resource collection and social interaction rather than battles.

Nevertheless, Hello Kitty Online is categorized as a massively-multiplayer online game.

Meanwhile, Emil Chronicle Online is another MMORPG and is developed by Headlock. It also has resource collection elements but also focuses on battles. There are a total of 12 classes from three races that can be chosen as playable characters in the game.

Rohan Online, made by YNK Korea, is a heavy hack-and-slash MMORPG. It allows open PvP (player versus player) and lower guilds can attack ruling guilds for the right to control towns.

Hail to you Supreme Destiny Warrior!

Defeat the forces of evil with these Surprise Boxes! Merchant Nell is aiding SD warriors again with some very special Surprise Boxes! These boxes will gain you the much needed items and equipment to battle the Forces of Harden! Don't fight without getting these Boxes!

Check out what’s in store for you!

Surprise Box 1 Content:

Surprise Box 2
Surprise Box 1
Water Scroll (M) x 2
10M Silver Brick
Fate of God Dragon x 2

Surprise Box 2 Content:

Surprise Box 3
Surprise Box 1
Water Scroll (A) x 2
Grade E Replacement Item x 2
Nicely Roasted Chicken (7D)

Surprise Box 3 Content:

Treasure Box 9
Surprise Box 2
Divine Wraith (Damage: 54)
Zweihander (Damage: 54)
Soul Avenger (Damage: 54)

Treasure Box 9 Content:

Treasure Box 13
Plus7 Radiant Boots (DAM:42, SM:15)
Plus7 Spiritual Boots (DAM:42, SM:15)
Plus7 Darkness Boots (DAM:42, SM:15)
Plus7 Creator Boots (DAM:42, SM:15)

Treasure Box 13 Content:

100M Silver Brick
Ancient Soul Avenger PD (Damage: 54)
Ancient The Emperor PD (Damage: 54)
Ancient Empressia PD (Damage: 54)
Ancient Zweihander PD (Damage: 54)

By Alex Villafania

MANILA, Philippines — Game publishing company Asian Media unveiled a new casual game that will be the company’s first free-to-play.

Asian Media sealed a partnership with Korean game developer NCSoft to launch the game Exteel in the Philippines.

The game is an anime-themed, third-person shooter. Players control “mechanaughts” or armored robots over huge futuristic maps.

The mechanaughts can be armed with various weapons including swords, spears, submachine guns, rifles, rocket launchers, among others.

The mechanaughts’ features can also be customized with booster packs, body armor, and even warpaint.

Despite Exteel being identified as a casual game, its graphics can be compared to many hack-and-slash type online games. Exteel requires a minimum 800 Megahertz processor, 256 megabytes of memory and a 128 Mb videocard.

In an interview, Asian Media Chief Operating Officer Ronald Allan Aquino said they might start closed beta test of the game in Singapore, the Philippines and Malaysia by the first quarter of 2009.

He also explained that the decision to go free-to-play was due to the huge market for such games. In contrast, Asian Media started out selling boxed games and pay-to-play of Lineage II.

For now, Aquino said the local website for Exteel is still being developed, though enthusiasts can visit the game’s official site.

Grand Chase PH: Open Beta

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Closed Beta Testing of Grand Chase will end today, October 27, 2008 at 1:00 PM!

Please be informed that all CBT data such as levels, characters, items will be reset due to the Closed Beta setting.

We are pleased to announce that on Nov. 4 1PM, Open Beta Testing starts for ALL players!

So what are you waiting for? Gear up and practice those combos more this weekend before CBT ends so that all of us will be fully prepared for Open Beta!

Albatross18: Creepy Cute

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New Instance Mission Dungeon: “Forgotten Temple B2F”
Requirements to enter: Lv 125, Battle style rank 11
Location: Forgotten Temple entrance in Forgotten Ruin (X:194, Y:35)
Entry Item: Muster Card : Forgotten Temple B2F
->It will be dropped in Pontus Ferrum, Forgotten Temple B1F. You may also get this from event monsters.
BOSS: An Evil Mutant Monster will be appear and will be one of the toughest enemy you will ever encounter inside the game.
Time limit: 1 Hour

ITEMS that you can acquire from this DUNGEON:
Extortion Bracelet +5 Vampiric Earring +5
Earring of Guard +5 Extortion Bracelet +6
Vampiric Earring +6 Earring of Guard +6
Extortion Bracelet +7 Vampiric Earring +7
Earring of Guard +7 Bracelet of Fighter +5
Bracelet of Sage +5 Force Regeneration Earring +5
Bracelet of Fighter +6 Bracelet of Sage +6
Force Regeneration Earring +6 Bracelet of Fighter +7
Bracelet of Sage +7 Force Regeneration Earring +7

Watch out for the implemenation of this new DUNGEON soon!

By Alexander Villafania

Thailand remains the undisputed champion in this year’s Ragnarok Online World Championships (RWC).

Thailand is followed by South Korea and Indonesia in second and third place, respectively.

The Thai team is composed of Ratchasak Kanchanasapha, Mana Pattharavilaloet, Minlawat Tararuthai, Somporn Sinsanguan, Hatsakan Santitaweechai, Ekkasit Nimket, and Narin Sukwisutthichot.

This is the second time the Thai team won in the RWC. They won in last year’s RWC held in their home country.

The event was held at the World Trade Center in Pasay City. The RWC is held in parallel with Level Up Live!, the annual gaming convention of game distributor Level Up!

Level Up! Is also the distributor of Ragnarok Online in the Philippines.

The Bozanian Beastfighters who represented the Philippines fell to fourth place.

It is also the same team that represented the Philippines in the Ragnarok World Championship 2007, held in Seoul, South Korea. The team took third place against 10 other countries.

There were 12 teams from 21 participating countries. These included Korea, Philippines, Japan, Thailand, Brazil, Indonesia, Russia, Taiwan, Hong Kong, China, USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, France, Belgium, Germany, Italy, Switzerland, Turkey, and Austria.

Thailand wins US$15000, while Korea and Indonesia win US$7000, and US$5000, respectively.

Word War II: Halimaw Halloween Edition now running!

As a Halloween treat, we bring you a new and improved version of the original Word War! From October 23 to 30, 2008, everyone is invited to join the... Word War II: Halimaw Halloween Edition and get the chance to win really Warrockin' cool rare RED weapons! Other than that, you can also win an assortment of Weapons and PX items!

For those unfamiliar with original version, mechanics are simple. Each successive match you finish will earn you a random letter. Complete the word "HALIMAW" and get a chance to win any of WarRock's assortments of weapons and PX items, including the Rare RED Weapons.

So what are you waiting for SOLDIER? Get shooting!

e-Games will be going in a series of mall tours all over the country and all Pioneers are invited to join this grand event! Dubbed as the e-Games Year-end Blow-out, this get-together gathers all GE gamers for a day of contests and activities, freebies and other surprises up for grabs!

To take part in the activities, present an unscratched 50GVC card as your ticket. But if you happen to be an e-Gamer Loyalty Card holder, you get instant access to the event!

Be prepared to take part in the bevy of live events, freeplay, raffle, exclusive GE merchandise and the latest news and updates for GE’s game content!

Check out the schedule of tours below to find out where e-Games will visit the SM mall nearest you!

25 October 2008 – SM Pampanga
29 November 2008 – SM Lipa, Batangas
31 January 2009 – SM Davao
28 February 2009 – SM Cebu
28 March 2009 – SM Megamall
April 2009 – Domination III (venue TBA)

Make sure to participate in the PvP tournament as well. For more details on how to join, check out the mechanics below.



* Register at the Granado Espada Booth

* First 16 players to register qualifies


Server: Internal Test Server

1. All terms and conditions of IAHGames Passport apply. This tournament is open for the test server only.
2. Each team will consist of 2 players. Players are not allowed to join multiple teams. Players found to be in multiple teams will have their teams immediately disqualified.
3. Players from each team will be using the pre-made accounts set by the Game Facilitators. They can choose their own MCC team/set of characters from the said account.
4. Each team/player will be using only the consumables provided by the Game Facilitators.
5. Players are to meet at the City of Auch – PvP Officer 10 minutes before the tournament starts.
6. There will be an allotment of 10 minutes for preparation and 5 minutes for the match.
7. Once the 5-minute time is up, it’s hands-off-the-keyboard. Any player with hands on the keyboard will automatically be disqualified.
8. The team to successfully exterminate all 6 characters of the opposing team will be pronounced the winner for that match.
9. In case of a “draw,” both teams will be required to play a “sudden death match.” Players are not allowed to change their character setup. First team to score a character-kill will be the winner of the match.Warnings will be given for team displaying unsportsmanship behavior or not abiding by the rules and/or listening to the GMs/marshals.
10. There will be disqualifications on the team who will receive 3 warnings and/or exploitation of any bugs and intentional disconnections during the match.
11. In case of system failures or disconnections, inform the marshals as soon as possible. If any players are disconnected before any engagement is made, the match will be restarted. The marshal is also responsible and monitor the match at all times in cases like this one.
12. Tournament Winners per area will have a chance to fly in to Manila for the Granado Espada National Tournament in Domination III.


Level 100 Weapon of Choice or Le Blanc of Choice
10x10 ABS
Item of the month

Runner Up
5x10 ABS
Item of the month
30-D Set

By Agence France-Presse

One of the most eagerly-anticipated games in the history of the Sony PlayStation has been delayed because of concerns some of the background music may offend Muslims, the game’s developers said Monday.

LittleBigPlanet, in which gamers can customize the rag-doll protagonist Sackboy and allow it to roam through an interactive world filled with different challenges, had been hailed by video games website IGN as “nothing short of astounding” and given a review rating of 9.5 out of 10.

But its release date has been put back after one of its background music tracks, a song by Mali-born artist Toumani Diabate, was found to have included expressions from the Koran, which could be interpreted as an offense to Muslims.

“We’re sure that most of you have heard by now that one of the background music tracks that was licensed from a record label for use in the game contains two expressions that can be found in the Koran,” a statement on the game’s website read.

“We have taken immediate action to rectify this and we sincerely apologize for any offense this may have caused.

“We will begin shipping LittleBigPlanet to retail in North America the week of October 27.”

According to a separate statement on the website of Media Molecule, the British-based developers of LittleBigPlanet, they were “shell-shocked and gutted” by the delay to the game’s release.

“We learnt… that there is a lyric in one of the licensed tracks which some people may find offensive, and which slipped through the usual screening processes,” the statement read.

“Obviously MM and Sony together took this very seriously. LBP should be enjoyable by all.”

A post on a Sony public Internet forum alerted developers to the issue, noting that Diabate’s “Tapha Niang” included two expressions from the Koran that could cause offense to Muslims.

The forum user, who identified himself only as “yasser”, said that “Muslims consider the mixing of music and words from our Holy Quran deeply offending (sic),” in a post on Thursday.

The delayed release was welcomed by some Muslim commentators, with Manzoor Moghal of the Muslim Forum think-tank telling the BBC that the game’s developers should be praised for “taking decisive action by withdrawing these games immediately, and releasing a version that is not offensive to Muslims.”

Sony was forced to apologize in June 2007 when it emerged that one of its video games, “Resistance: Fall of Man”, featured a violent shootout inside a building that resembled an Anglican cathedral in Manchester, northern England.

The news was condemned by Anglican leaders, who demanded that the game be removed from store shelves, a request Sony refused.

In 2005, the publication of cartoons of the Prophet Mohammed, deemed blasphemous in the Islamic world, in a Danish newspaper sparked outrage and violent protests in several countries.

The caricatures were then reprinted earlier this year by several other Danish newspapers.

HighStreet 5 has become one of the most popular game communities all because of your support and contribution! To thank all of you loyal players, we have decided to run a SUPER 50% Points Rebate Scheme from 22 Oct (5PM) - 29 Oct (5PM) 2008!

Don't understand how this works? When you top-up Cash Points at any time between 22 Oct (5PM) - 29 Oct (5PM), you will receive 10% of your total top-up Points during this period FOR FREE, every month, for the next 5 months! This means that you will get 50% EXTRA of your total top-up Points!

The deal is basically this- the more you top-up the more you will get back! This is the best present that we can give you so have a happy Halloween and have a great time playing HighStreet 5!

RAN Online PH: Halloween Events

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Oye, RAN Bayan! Ready na ba kayong malaman ang mga astiging apdeyts ngayong buwan ng kababalaghan? Siguradong matutuwa kayo sa mga pasabog na ito!

1. Shibuya 2 Major Patch

Para sa mga mahilig sa challenges at pagpapa-level, o yung mga big fans lang naman ng all things Japanese, great news! Meron na kayo uling lugar na matatambayan para sa magdamagang pagpapa-level!

Anawnsing da pagbabalik ng Shibuya Map! Mas interesting ang bagong mapang ito sa mga sumusunod na kadahilanan:

* kung sa dating Shibuya map ay may specific point of entry, maaaring pumasok sa Shibuya 2 area malapit sa Marketplace, sa kabilang dako mismo ng entrance ng naunang Shibuya.

* kinakailangan ng Shibuya 2 Card para makapasok sa bagong lugar na ito. Mabibili ang map card sa astiging RAN Item Shop.

* kailangan level 150 ka na or mas mataas pa para makapasok sa Shibuya 2.

At hindi lang yan, mga refafifz! Meron kayong makakasalamuha na mga bagong NPCs…swak na swak pa ang kanilang mga japorms para sa panahon na ito. Kilalanin natin ang mga hot mamas ng Shibuya 2!

Black Devil
Sya ang NPC na nagbabalik ng nawalang EXP para sa mga RANatics na mahilig dumafeng sa labanan. Pero syempre, ang serbisyong ito ay may nararapat na kabayaran, depende rin sa level ng character. Kapag mataas ang level at EXP ng isang character, mataas na halaga rin ang sisingilin. Alalahanin din na hanggang 50% lang ng nawalang EXP ang maaaring ibalik ng Black Devil, kaya konting ingat para sa mga malalambot at mabibilis dumafeng.

Blue Devil
Sya naman ang NPC na nagbebenta ng mga special items tulad ng Premium Weapons, recovery items, upgrade items (Burrs at Prot Pots) at 2 tumataginting na Shibuya 2 costumes! O ha! Bonggacious!

Abangan ang pagbubukas ng Shibuya 2 map sa October 29 at kita-kita tayo mata!

2. Halloween Hakutan Sale

Hindi ka namamalik-mata, kapatid! Simula October 24 (start ng maintenance) hanggang October 31 (katapusan ng maintenance), magkakaroon ng super duper, over at mega-to-da-max na 20% discount sa RAN Item Shop!

O diba, nasindak ka dun?

Kaya naman rekta ka na sa Item Shop sa promo period na ito at nang maka-buena mano ka naman sa mga discounted items na matagal mo nang gustong mapasakamay!

Sabi sa inyo mapapa-oye at mapapa-tambling kayo sa lufet ng balita dito lang sa RAN Online! Kaya naman tutok lang kayo sa pinaka-malufet na game sa balat ng mundo! Yeba!

The Road to Ampedfest: WarRock JBlaze Cup eliminations has turned around and is now here in Metro Manila!

October 25, 2008
EGG, Mall of Asia

This elimination leg is sure to be a blast! GMs will be attending in full force and there will be a few special guests too.

Be part of the very first JBlazed Cup history in the making.

On-site registration from 10:00 AM - 2:00 PM.

You may also email for pre-registration. Please clearly indicate the following.

1. Tournament Leg (Metro Manila)
2. Team Name
3. Team Captain Name
4. 5 Members In-game and real names
5. Contact Numbers

Date: 21st October-28th October, 2008
Time: 7:00PM-7:40PM 2 rounds for Novice players (these 2 rounds ONLY host for the player whose level below 15)
7:40PM - 9:00PM 4 rounds for all players

Prizes: A pair of 7-day White Angel Wing

Rules & Regulations
1. This battle with GM event will be held in the server Fantasy 3.
2. GM will announce the event starts before create a battle room. Please pay attention to the in-game broadcast.
3. GM will create a battle room named “battleGM” for each round. Players are allowed to join this event by click the "battle" button on the upper right corner.
4. The FIRST 7 players who enter the battle room for this event will win the participation prizes(Dinosaur Egg ×10)
5. GM will run a round of battle dance when the room is full. Dance mode: Individual Synchronized; all songs will be randomly generated by the system.
6. When the battle room is full, any players who fail to switch to the 'Ready' mode will risk being kicked out by GM.
7. The TOP 5 scorers of each round will receive a pair of 7-day White Angel Wings.

1. Each player can only participate and win in this event ONCE every day; GM can exercise discretion kicking out repeat participants.
2. Any use of botting or 3rd party software will result in the rule-breaking player being disqualified and life suspension of his/her login ID.
3. Eaglegame International reserves the rights to the explanations of the rules and regulations of this event.
4. Prizes will be delivered to the winners' accounts via in-game e-mail within 3 working days.

You can also use the 2X EXP Certificate to double your EXP for your dance.

Start preparing for your journey to The Underground today! V2.9 "Secrets of The Underground" expansion which is scheduled to launch next Thursday, 23 October 2008, is available for download at the following mirror sites.

V2.9 Secrets of The Underground manual patch is an estimated 251MB.

Please do not activate the manual patch to your current V2.6 client until next Thursday, 23 October 2008 as it may have conflict with the current version, resulting in users being unable to log into the current V2.6 version.

You can execute the manual patch by double clicking on it after it has been downloaded.

By Alexander Villafania

Filipino-owned company Ubersoft Inc. has started offering an advertisement-wrapped mobile game download service called Swoopin.

The service allows users to download as many free mobile Java games as they want to their mobile phones via Wireless Access Protocol (WAP) and only pay for the corresponding phone network fees.

The ad-wrap feature will become available whenever mobile phone users start playing games.

There are also 850 Java games in 14 available categories ranging from racing, action, puzzle, sports, casino, arcade, among others.

More games are being added every week.

All of the games in the Swoopin website are also available on Swoopin’s Facebook and on Swoopin’s official wapsite.

In an interview, Ubersoft CEO Vince Yamat explained that there will be two to three advertisements showing up before and after a downloaded game is played.

However, the ads will only connect to the Swoopin server on the first and fourth attempt to play.

Essentially, the game is already been paid for by the advertisements.

Yamat said the advertisements will not appearing during gameplay so as not to disturb the mobile phone user’s playing experience.

“Whenever Swoopin games connect to the Internet the charges will be very minimal. Much of the revenue we generate in this service will come from advertisements. What we realized is that the preferred payment for players is free,” Yamat said.

Swoopin will target all markets and not just the Philippines. Thus, initial advertisements will come from foreign firms, such as and Best Buy.

Yamat said they are already in talks with advertising resellers and distribution channels in the Philippines to promote the service.

“There is a huge market for advertising on mobile games in the Philippines. We only need to look for the right channels,” he said.

If you haven’t tried CABAL Online’s Platinum Service, then this is the time get it now!

Get a huge discount and exciting freebies when you subscribe to 30D, 90D, or 180D Platinum Service come October 21, 2008 [after the Scheduled Server Maintenance]!

Subscribe to the 30D Platinum Service and enjoy 150 Cabal Cash discount. You can also get free:
• 1H 25% EXP Blessing Bead
• 1H 25% Skill Blessing Bead
• 1H Blessing Beads Plus, and
• 999 pieces of small HP potions

Want bigger discount and better freebies? Purchase the 90D Platinum Service and save 250 Cabal Cash! 90D Platinum Service comes with:
• 2H 25% EXP Blessing Bead
• 2H 25% Skill Blessing Bead
• 2H Blessing Bead Plus, and
• 999 pieces of large HP potions

However, if you want to save MORE and get the BEST of the First Time Platinum Service Purchase Event in-game items, go for the 180D Platinum Service! With 180D Platinum Service, you can save a whopping 725 Cabal Cash and get:
• 1D 25% EXP Blessing Bead
• 1D 25% Skill Blessing Bead
• 1D Blessing Bead Plus
• 1D Warehouse +1 Tab Blessing Bead, and
• 999 pieces of large HP potions

The First Time Platinum Purchase Service Event is a limited time offer and available to first time Platinum Service subscribers only. Don’t miss the chance to speed up your leveling up. Try CABAL Online’s Platinum Service and maximize your online grinding experience now!

Event Objective:
This is a “Guild War” type of event for players with high PK. The members of the guild that wins will be all pardoned.

Eligibility / Requirements:
• Only characters with 10 PK points or more can join. glare.gif
- Those with higher PK points are given priority.
- After PK is checked those with higher levels on equal PK points are given priority
- GM’s will decide the team members so that the team match ups are as equal as possible.
- GM’s have the right to refuse an application if the teams will not balance out.
• There are no class/level restrictions.
• It doesn’t matter if a character has a Red Name or not as long as there is at least 10 PK.

How to Join:
• Register at the Flyff Forums Roikan Gladiators Registration page. Place your character name(please indicate codes for special characters), level, class, server & PK points.
• Registration will be open from October 20 to October 25.
• Make sure you are not in any guild from October 25(midnight at the latest) until October 28.
• On October 26, registering characters will be checked for number of PK and to verify that the character is currently Guildless.
• On October 27 the official list of qualified players according to priority will be posted.
• Possible substitutions will be posted as well by priority.

Event Mechanics:
• An announcement will be made triggering the start of the event.
• Qualified players should be online and waiting for the GM’s before the start of the event.
• The Gm’s will summon all qualified players into the dungeon arena
• You should have everything you need before their scheduled time, pots & equipment, once
summoned you cannot go back to town.
• When the announcement triggering the event is announced the GM’s will begin summoning characters according to priority. If a GM gets a “not connected” reply you miss your chance to join.
• The GM’s will divide the teams to balance the players accordingly for a fair match up.
• The 1st 20 minutes will be used to invite the guild members into the guild and the arena.
• Once inside and the teams have been completed, a GM will announce the start of the battle.
• The event ends when all the members of one guild has been killed and has remained lying down or after 30 minutes.
• The winning Guild members must not leave the guild and must be in the arena dead or alive if they wished to be pardoned.

Event Rules:
• The event will be held at Channel 3 of the scheduled server.
• EXP and level/s lost due to PK will not be restored.
• A maximum of 32 participants can join per server.
• Items dropped are free for all. Whether name is Red or not.
• Pets are allowed.
• Participants are allowed to use premium items such as, but isn’t limited to, looter pets, pots, scrolls and skin items.
• Once the event starts and a participant gets disconnected, the GMs will not summon him/her back into the arena.
• Characters that use loadstar will not be summoned back into the arena.
• Characters can get resurrected by the Resurrection skill or the use of “Scroll of Resurrection”
• Participants can behave any way they choose, as long as they do not violate any of the specified event rules, or any of the netGames/Level Up! gaming policies.
• Participants who violate any of the specified rules or any of the policies will risk being kicked or banned.
• If there is a situation that is not covered by the above rules, the GMs will make a call and that decision shall be final.

Event Schedule:

Tuesday, October 28
Bubble 6:00 ~ 7:00pm
Shade 7:00 ~ 8:00pm
Iblis 8:00 ~ 9:00pm

Awarding Mechanics:

• “Pardon” means reverting the Disposition and player kills to 0.
• The winners must stay in the guild until the maintenance the following day(October 29).
• When the Winners log-in on October 29 they will be pardoned have been removed from the guild.

May sorpresang darating ngayong October 22. Isa na rito ang pagdating ng cute na cute na Moon Bear na dadalaw sa RAN para mamigay ng Moon Lamp Headgear at Moon Bear Costumes! Basahin ang kwento at alamin kung paano!

Panahon na naman para sa Thanksgiving Feast ng mga diyos sa kalangitan. Ngayong taon, naatasan si Luna, ang diyosa ng buwan, na i-decorate ang hardin ng mga diyos kung saan gaganapin ang Thanksgiving Ball. Dahil sa likas na katamaran ni Luna, naisip n’yang utusan ang kanyang alagang oso na gawin ang kanyang trabaho. “Inilagay ko ang liwanag ng buwan sa mga lamparang iyan. Isabit mo sila sa bawat sulok ng hardin bago magsimula ang Thanksgiving Ball,” ang bilin niya sa kanyang alaga. Agad na sumunod ang oso pero dahil hindi pa s’ya nakakarating sa hardin ng mga diyos, sinundan n’ya ang unang daan na kanyang nakita. Ang hindi n’ya alam, daan yun papunta sa mundo ng mga tao.

Ilang araw na lang bago ang Thanksgiving Feast pero hindi pa rin bumabalik ang oso. Dahil sa pag-aalalang baka tinakasan ng oso ang trabahong ibinigay n’ya rito, inutusan ni Luna ang kanyang bantay para hanapin ang kanyang nawalang alaga.

Tulungan ang bantay na hanapin si Moon Bear at magkaroon ng cute na cute na bagong headgear at costume!


1. Si Moon Bear ay may kapangyarihang magtago sa Fate Box. Kapag lumabas si Moon Bear mula sa Fate Box, hulihin s’ya at kunin ang Dormant Moon Lamps sa kanya.

2. Kapag nakakuha ka na ng 20 Dormant Moon Lamps, hanapin ang sugo ni Luna at ibigay sa kanya ang mga lampara.

3. Bilang kapalit sa tulong mo, bibigyan ka n’ya ng pagkakataong pumili ng reward na gusto mo: Moon Lamp Headgear o Moon Bear Costume. Pagkatapos ay bibigyan ka n’ya ng coupon.

4. Kailangan ng limang (5) coupons para makabuo ng costume at headgear.

5. Kapag nakumpleto mo ang limang (5) coupons, lumapit sa sugo ni Luna at ipagpalit ang mga ito sa Moon Bear Leather Apparels na gusto mo.

Hindi lang yan ang sorpresang matatanggap n’yo dahil ngayong October 22, 2008, muling bubuksan ang Event Shop Services! Kasama sa pwede n’yong i-avail ay ang mga sumusunod:

1.) +9 Upgrade - upgrade any item you want to +9
2.) Name Change - change your character's name
3.) RV Upgrade - increase the RV of your item for a max of 20 RV
4.) School Transfer - change the current school of your character
5.) Ultimate Item Upgrade - upgrade any item to +9 and 20 RV

Astig di ba? Talagang mapapa-Thanksgiving Feast ka sa saya!

Experience intense but creepy battles in WarRock as Amped bring you to the Halloween season! By next patch maps Xauen and Bloc will have a new version; with darker skies, large pumpkins, skeleton bystanders and an eerie large moon. And for a different touch to action, you will also be able to use pumpkins grenades for one scary explosion!

All these in the upcoming patch on October 23, 2008! Also, watch out for nerve wracking surprise events in the coming weeks, so stay tuned for announcements in the WarRock website and the forum!

Heroes of Rune Midgard! Mysterious seals have been sighted across the whole of Midgard. These most probably are the fabled Seals of Fortune; 3 seals that are are rumoured to bestow great wealth and treasures for those who manage to break all of them. But be warned, as dreadful monsters, guardians and the Valkyrie herself are said to protect these seals and the treasure they hold, to serve as a test so that only those brave and lucky enough can acquire the vast fortune these treasures hold.


October 20
Monday - 3:00pm Baldur
- 5:00pm Freya
- 7:00pm Tyr
October 21
Tuesday - 3:00pm Valhalla
- 5:00pm Valkyrie
October 24
Friday - 3:00pm Baldur
- 5:00pm Freya
- 7:00pm Tyr
October 26
Sunday - 3:00pm Valhalla
- 5:00pm Valkyrie


• The GM announces his presence and selects a map for the event.
• The GM finds a clear area and summons the following:

(20) Barricade

• The players must find the Barricades and destroy them.
• Once all the Barricades are destroyed, the GM announces that the first Seal is broken.
• The GM then summons the following:

(2) Emperium

(2) Sword Guardian

(2) Bow Guardian

• The players must defeat the monsters.
• The GM will then announce that the second Seal is broken.
• The GM then summons the following:

(1) Valkyrie

• The players must defeat the Valkyrie.
• The GM will then announce that the third and final Seal is broken.
• The GM will then summon an each of the MVP (Baphomet, Dark Lord, Lord of Death, Atroce, Gloom Under Night, or Kiel).
• If the players defeat the MVP, the GM summons

(20) WoE SE Treasure Boxes.