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Greetings Filipino Knights of North America!

We would like to welcome all of you to the Philippine servers of Grand Chase. It will be a really exciting time for us to have veterans join our quest to save Bermesiah. Waiting for you is a strong and solid community of Filipino gamers much like yourselves! You will be able to enjoy better connectivity and latency because you will now be connecting to local servers.

You have already been advised by NTREEV, the publisher of North America Grand Chase, that effective Nov. 4, all Philippine IP addresses will no longer be able to access their servers. This is due to the territorial agreement between KOG, the developers of Grand Chase, and Level Up.

Filipino North American Grand Chase gamers will not be able to transfer their characters, accounts, and items to the Philippine servers.

Here’s the Good News: the Grand Chase team will be converting and transferring the cash points balance of your Grand Chase US accounts as of your Nov. 4 Cash Balance into your Philippine Grand Chase account.

In order to receive this grand benefit, just follow the process below:

1. Create a myLU account at using the same email address you used with Ntreev GC account. Register a Philippine Grand Chase game account via your myLU Account.

2. File a ticket at under Account Management Request and provide the following:

NAGC Account Information:
a. Username registered in Ntreev:
b. Character Name registered in Ntreev:
c. Registered Email Address in Ntreev:
d. Birthday registered in Ntreev:

myLU Account Information:
a. Real Name
b. Address
c. Registered Email Address in myLU
d. myLU username
e. GC game account username (important that game account must be linked)
f. Character name / Class / Level

Deadline for filing a ticket is December 1, 2008. Any tickets filed after said date will be deemed invalid.

Players with existing MyLU accounts can register a new Grand Chase account ONLY IF the email address registered MATCHES with their Ntreev GC account. If your registered email account under Ntreev does not match your registered myLU account, you must create a new myLU account in order to receive compensation.

If you ticket is valid, your myLU account will be compensated with your NTREEV balance as of Nov. 4

*IMPORTANT: Both NAGC Account Information and myLU Account Information should match. Any inconsistencies will be deemed invalid.

Dollars will be converted to Philippines pesos using the November 17 exchange rate. All. Please provide 2 weeks upon filing for us to validate claims, if proven valid, your account will be compensated immediately.

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