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Hail to you Supreme Destiny Warrior!

Defeat the forces of evil with these Surprise Boxes! Merchant Nell is aiding SD warriors again with some very special Surprise Boxes! These boxes will gain you the much needed items and equipment to battle the Forces of Harden! Don't fight without getting these Boxes!

Check out what’s in store for you!

Surprise Box 1 Content:

Surprise Box 2
Surprise Box 1
Water Scroll (M) x 2
10M Silver Brick
Fate of God Dragon x 2

Surprise Box 2 Content:

Surprise Box 3
Surprise Box 1
Water Scroll (A) x 2
Grade E Replacement Item x 2
Nicely Roasted Chicken (7D)

Surprise Box 3 Content:

Treasure Box 9
Surprise Box 2
Divine Wraith (Damage: 54)
Zweihander (Damage: 54)
Soul Avenger (Damage: 54)

Treasure Box 9 Content:

Treasure Box 13
Plus7 Radiant Boots (DAM:42, SM:15)
Plus7 Spiritual Boots (DAM:42, SM:15)
Plus7 Darkness Boots (DAM:42, SM:15)
Plus7 Creator Boots (DAM:42, SM:15)

Treasure Box 13 Content:

100M Silver Brick
Ancient Soul Avenger PD (Damage: 54)
Ancient The Emperor PD (Damage: 54)
Ancient Empressia PD (Damage: 54)
Ancient Zweihander PD (Damage: 54)

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