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Shaiya Online Laptop Event
Read on for details!

Aika Global Council of Regenshein
Hear ye' Hear ye'

Civilization V Philippines
Sleepless days will start now :)

Special Force World Championship 2010
Read on to find out who the finalists are! :)

Aika Global: Press Release

Posted by Admin On 8:23 AM 1 comments

Aika Global
Read on to find out more :)

Aika Global: Epic Wars Galore

Posted by Admin On 10:43 AM 3 comments

Aika Global Philippines
That's just a small part of the war, if you look to your left...

StarCraft 2 Tips for Newbies

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StarCraft 2 Tips
Read on. It's for your own good.

Video Games are Expensive

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Skip as you see fit. :)

Nintendo Family Computer FamiCom
'up down up down left right left right a b a b select start' :)

Dragonica OBT: Win a New PC!

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Dragonica PH OBT PC Raffle
I better get some sun while I can. :)