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Alexander Villafania

The online game business in the Philippines is heating up with online game publisher Level Up! leading the pack with a triple-treat launch of games.

During the recently held Level Up Live! gaming convention, the company announced that it will be carrying the games Hello Kitty Online, Emil Chronicle Online, and Rohan Online.

However, no further details have been provided as to the dates of the start of the beta testing and commercial launch of the games.

Level Up! Multimedia Head Joey Alarilla told they will be releasing new information about the games for the local market very soon.

Level Up! had previously launched two other games this year, Crazy Kart and Grand Chase, both of which are targeted at much younger players.

Hello Kitty Online, developed by Sanrio Digital, can also be considered as a casual game due to the use of the popular Japanese toy line of the same name. As such, it mostly focuses on resource collection and social interaction rather than battles.

Nevertheless, Hello Kitty Online is categorized as a massively-multiplayer online game.

Meanwhile, Emil Chronicle Online is another MMORPG and is developed by Headlock. It also has resource collection elements but also focuses on battles. There are a total of 12 classes from three races that can be chosen as playable characters in the game.

Rohan Online, made by YNK Korea, is a heavy hack-and-slash MMORPG. It allows open PvP (player versus player) and lower guilds can attack ruling guilds for the right to control towns.

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