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Date: 21st October-28th October, 2008
Time: 7:00PM-7:40PM 2 rounds for Novice players (these 2 rounds ONLY host for the player whose level below 15)
7:40PM - 9:00PM 4 rounds for all players

Prizes: A pair of 7-day White Angel Wing

Rules & Regulations
1. This battle with GM event will be held in the server Fantasy 3.
2. GM will announce the event starts before create a battle room. Please pay attention to the in-game broadcast.
3. GM will create a battle room named “battleGM” for each round. Players are allowed to join this event by click the "battle" button on the upper right corner.
4. The FIRST 7 players who enter the battle room for this event will win the participation prizes(Dinosaur Egg ×10)
5. GM will run a round of battle dance when the room is full. Dance mode: Individual Synchronized; all songs will be randomly generated by the system.
6. When the battle room is full, any players who fail to switch to the 'Ready' mode will risk being kicked out by GM.
7. The TOP 5 scorers of each round will receive a pair of 7-day White Angel Wings.

1. Each player can only participate and win in this event ONCE every day; GM can exercise discretion kicking out repeat participants.
2. Any use of botting or 3rd party software will result in the rule-breaking player being disqualified and life suspension of his/her login ID.
3. Eaglegame International reserves the rights to the explanations of the rules and regulations of this event.
4. Prizes will be delivered to the winners' accounts via in-game e-mail within 3 working days.

You can also use the 2X EXP Certificate to double your EXP for your dance.

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