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e-Games will be going in a series of mall tours all over the country and all Pioneers are invited to join this grand event! Dubbed as the e-Games Year-end Blow-out, this get-together gathers all GE gamers for a day of contests and activities, freebies and other surprises up for grabs!

To take part in the activities, present an unscratched 50GVC card as your ticket. But if you happen to be an e-Gamer Loyalty Card holder, you get instant access to the event!

Be prepared to take part in the bevy of live events, freeplay, raffle, exclusive GE merchandise and the latest news and updates for GE’s game content!

Check out the schedule of tours below to find out where e-Games will visit the SM mall nearest you!

25 October 2008 – SM Pampanga
29 November 2008 – SM Lipa, Batangas
31 January 2009 – SM Davao
28 February 2009 – SM Cebu
28 March 2009 – SM Megamall
April 2009 – Domination III (venue TBA)

Make sure to participate in the PvP tournament as well. For more details on how to join, check out the mechanics below.



* Register at the Granado Espada Booth

* First 16 players to register qualifies


Server: Internal Test Server

1. All terms and conditions of IAHGames Passport apply. This tournament is open for the test server only.
2. Each team will consist of 2 players. Players are not allowed to join multiple teams. Players found to be in multiple teams will have their teams immediately disqualified.
3. Players from each team will be using the pre-made accounts set by the Game Facilitators. They can choose their own MCC team/set of characters from the said account.
4. Each team/player will be using only the consumables provided by the Game Facilitators.
5. Players are to meet at the City of Auch – PvP Officer 10 minutes before the tournament starts.
6. There will be an allotment of 10 minutes for preparation and 5 minutes for the match.
7. Once the 5-minute time is up, it’s hands-off-the-keyboard. Any player with hands on the keyboard will automatically be disqualified.
8. The team to successfully exterminate all 6 characters of the opposing team will be pronounced the winner for that match.
9. In case of a “draw,” both teams will be required to play a “sudden death match.” Players are not allowed to change their character setup. First team to score a character-kill will be the winner of the match.Warnings will be given for team displaying unsportsmanship behavior or not abiding by the rules and/or listening to the GMs/marshals.
10. There will be disqualifications on the team who will receive 3 warnings and/or exploitation of any bugs and intentional disconnections during the match.
11. In case of system failures or disconnections, inform the marshals as soon as possible. If any players are disconnected before any engagement is made, the match will be restarted. The marshal is also responsible and monitor the match at all times in cases like this one.
12. Tournament Winners per area will have a chance to fly in to Manila for the Granado Espada National Tournament in Domination III.


Level 100 Weapon of Choice or Le Blanc of Choice
10x10 ABS
Item of the month

Runner Up
5x10 ABS
Item of the month
30-D Set

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