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Now you can get the latest information about the highly anticipated multi-award winning Chinese massively multiplayer online role playing game (MMORPG), Zhu Xian Online.

Zhu Xian Online is a game based on the famous internet novel of the same title. Set in Old China in a time when men could easily weave magic with their will, players can choose to join one of the five clans in Zhu Xian: Heaven Sound Temple, Azure Cloud School, Bonding Bliss School, Ghost King Sect, and Ghost Witchery.

Each clan has different principles, beliefs, and practices that can hone your will and ability to use magic. They can make you powerful, and even help find immortality; however, only you can decide your fate.

Choose between good and evil and relive the story of the man who was loved by two women and died to save one. Experience the magic of Old China and prepare to see love, betrayal, and heroism in a new light.

Visit and see a glimpse of the magical world of Zhu Xian, its people, and the love story that changed its history.

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