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Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2

Posted by Admin On 2:37 PM 2 comments

Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2
Yey! I finally got my own copy of probably the best selling game of 2009! Although I haven't been able to play through all the levels, my initial impression is: AWESOME! The graphics, sound effects, and music is better than ever. And for what I can tell so far, the storyline is better too. It picked up from the last installment of MW. Those who have never played the MW series before (who btw might have been living in a cave all this time) should play through the first installment to fully appreciate the second one. Veterans from the first would feel right at home, including yours truly. I'm sure that this coming holiday vacation would be great! ^__^

For the meantime, enjoy IGN's video review of the game by clicking below.

New Final Fantasy XIII Trailer

Posted by Admin On 9:42 PM 0 comments

Final Fantasy XIII
Enjoy the latest trailer of the newest entry in the Final Fantasy series. It may be a bit longer for our local version to be done but at least we can savor a few CGs and quick peek on some of the gameplay.

Remembering SEGA's Dreamcast

Posted by Admin On 11:18 AM 1 comments

SEGA Dreamcast

I admit, I was a die-hard fan of the Dreamcast. Or any SEGA branded item for that matter. It was all inspired by the coolness of Sonic the Hedgehog, the very first adventure game I mastered and enjoyed. Exactly today, September 9, 2009, we remember the history of SEGA's last console and for me, the best console ever. Thanks SEGA. Cheers!

Enjoy the video commemorating the console by clicking below.

Being a first-generation PS3 owner, I'm extremely satisfied with my console's performance with all the bells and whistles it can offer. Mouth-watering game graphics, wireless and sensor-enabled controllers, blu-ray player, digital movie player, music and photo storage device, internet browsing and chatting. These are some of its features that I like and use often. ^^

So now, Sony has done it again with the announcement of the new PS3 Slim. Sporting a bigger storage capacity and price cuts which are always welcome. Watch the unveiling from GameSpot.

Resident Evil 5 News

Posted by Admin On 6:08 PM 1 comments

Resident Evil 5

I've just recently learned of a leaked information regarding the PC requirements of the upcoming Resident Evil 5. This may not be final but at least it will give you an idea if you're current rig can handle it or its time for that much needed upgrade. I know I don't need upgrading! LOL.

Windows 95: Not Supported
Windows 98: Not Supported
Windows Me: Not Supported
Windows NT: Not Supported
Windows 2000: Not Supported
Windows XP: Required
Windows Vista: Recommended

Minimum Requirement
Intel Pentium D Processor
AMD Athlon64 X2

Intel Core 2 Quad Processor or better
AMD Phenom X4 or better

Minimum Requirement
Windows Vista (1 GB)
Windows XP (512 MB)

Windows Vista (2 GB or more)
Windows XP (1 GB or more)

8.0 GB or more

Minimum Requirement

1280×720 or larger

Disc Drive
DVD9 compatible drive

Graphics Card
Minimum Requirement
VRAM (256 MB)
DirectX 9.0c / Shader 3.0
NVIDIA GeForce 6800 series
ATI Radeon HD 2400 Pro

VRAM (512 or more)
NVIDIA GeForce 9800 series or better
ATI Radeon HD 4800 series or better

Sound Card
DirectSound Compatible (DirectX 9.0c or higher)

Mouse & Keyboard

Xbox360 Controller for Windows
Internet Broadband Connection

Gaming in Windows 7

Posted by Admin On 7:06 PM 0 comments

Yep, its here. Windows 7! I just got info that the Games for Windows website released the Top Reasons for a PC Gamer to get Windows 7.

1 - Performance
To quote a coworker: 'Across same hardware, Crysis runs awesome on Win7! Even better than XP!'. Code for the OS has been optimized for better all around performance for games. Whatever you're playing now should be a better experience in Windows 7.

2 - Compatibility
The top third-party games, services, and international versions of games have been tested in Windows 7, so you should not worry about Windows 7 breaking your games. Feel free to move to Windows 7 because whatever you're playing now should work fabulously in Windows 7.

3 - Discoverability
You can use Start -> Search to find any game you just downloaded or installed. No need to launch a separate application. Likewise, you won't need to launch a game to get more info about it: The Windows 7 Games Explorer can show you in-game statistics within a preview pane plus delivers up-to-date info about your favorite game publishers and gives you the opportunity to try new games.

4 - Easy updates
The new Games Explorer will notify you whenever updates are available for your games so you don't have to go searching for them yourself or have to launch the game to see if there's an update waiting.

5 - DirectX 11 support
DirectX 11 means better games, pure and simple, with more advanced features for games to use.

6 - Multitouch support
An increasing number of gamers are using multitouch devices. Windows 7 supports multitouch-capable machines, so you can buy the latest and greatest multitouch laptop or desktop confident it's going to work in Windows 7.

7 - Classics
Here's a bonus reason for you: Windows 7 is going to bring back Internet Backgammon, Internet Spades, and Internet Checkers because you can't spend all your time hardcore.

Pangya: Fantasy Golf for PSP

Posted by Admin On 3:33 PM 1 comments

I am currently addicted to this game "Pangya: Fantasy Golf" for the Playstation Portable. My cousin let me borrow his PSP a week ago and let me play the game. Since then I was hooked.

A little background... I've been playing the online version of Pangya for 3 years now starting from Season 1. It's a great game that got me hooked from the start and leveled up from a mere Rookie to now a veteran Senior. I've met a lot of great and skilled people from all over the world just by playing it on the international server from the now defunct A18 to the new home server of NTreev USA.

One thing lacked the online version, its the story behind all the action going on at Pangya Island. That's where the PSP version stands out. It gave me info behind how the characters inside the Pangya adventure came to be on the island and even the roles of the caddies. It really gives perspective on why a certain course is like this and why a certain situation came to be. I won't be ranting on for long but if you're asking me if the PSP version is worth it, the answer would be yes! It's both for the newbies and the veterans. Besides, there's a new character available on the PSP version that's not yet available online. ^__^

I've put the opening theme of the PSP version here. Enjoy!

Dota AllStars 6.60b
6.60b Changelog:
* Some minor performance optimizations
* Fixed a fatal error possible when 2 users with blademail active fight each other
* Fixed a desync bug when using -tips while other map languages are in the game
* Fixed Force Staff so it doesn't push you into an impassable terrain
* Fixed some bugs with RS and other modes like RD
* Fixed a group memory bug
* Fixed camera from moving when you pick a hero in RD

* Fixed pink player from not being able to pick the furthest hero in -CD
* Fixed a bug that sometimes caused Echo Stomp to not get dispelled upon damage
* Fixed some issues with Treant Protector's Eyes In The Forest
* Fixed a multiple quelling abuse
* Added a note in the tooltip about Kunkka not being able to use Quelling Blade
* Fixed a minor visual cooldown glitch with the MKB toggle
* Temporarily disabled -terrain snow. It was causing annoying visual side effects for all terrain modes when exploring terrain that had previously destroyed trees. I'll restore this functionality as soon as I can.
* Fixed some typos

This is just a quick bugfix patch to fix exploits being abused. More changes and balance tweaks will come soon in the next patch. Click here to download.

MotorStorm Complete

Yey! I ordered MotorStorm Complete from last May and it arrived the other day. Haven't unlocked all of its features yet coz I just played it once but so far the graphics and gameplay rocks! Watch the video preview from

I particularly like the part where you can use the Playstation 3's motion detection feature to turn your vehicle on screen. That feature rocks! ^__^ I have yet to play the online mode, but so far I am impressed. Its worth the wait and the money.

Pangya: OGPlanet to Ntreev

Posted by Admin On 11:33 AM 4 comments

Weee.... Pangya is back! I have successfully transferred my account from OGPlanet to Ntreev USA! I thought all was lost when OGPlanet announced that they were closing down Albatross18 on their lineup of games. Pangsters have to be thankful to Ntreev for opting to backup the players' accounts and items and provide a system to recover it.

For players who want to recover their A18 accounts, please go to and click "Recover Account" to start the process. See ya on the green!

The latest map for the ever-popular game, DotA, has been released. Here is the changelog from the website:

* Fixed some item exploits
* Fixed a rare memory related bug
* Temporarily changed switch voting system. It requires 100% of the vote for now. There will be a better -switch implementation in the next version or two
* Fixed a few other misc bug/exploits

The site also informed players that the next map, 6.60, is in "very active development" therefore gamers can look forward to its release.

You can get both maps, 6.59D and 6.59 AI+, by visiting

PGW on Hiatus

Posted by Admin On 5:38 PM 0 comments

Readers of this blog might ask why PGW has been on hiatus for quite a while now. Well I've been busy with real life and has not been able to get in touch with my virtual life. LOL. But that's gonna change soon.

I plan on updating and resume posting on PGW as soon as possible. It might not be on a full blast like last time but I assure my fellow gamers that they will still find relevant information about gaming here in the Philippines. And so it begins anew...