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Not strong enough to take part in Colony Wars? Bored of the monotonous grinding? Fret no more with the new Cooperative Mission and Super Fights catered for lower leveled Pioneers!

Low Level Cooperative Mission

Sinister forces have overtaken Al Queltz Moreza, Tetra Ruins and Porto Bello. The monsters residing in these dungeons have been strengthened under the influence of the demonic power. You will not be able to “Rambo” your way through these dungeons so gather your friends and form a squad! Great treasures and rewards await you in the deepest depths.

The entrance to the dungeons has been sealed with magic and only families who meet the requirements will be able to venture into it. The dungeons are mission-based so each entry is unique from the rest.

Super Fight (Low Level)

It’s time for the lower leveled Pioneers to have some PvP action without being obliterated by the stronger families! Introducing 3 customized Super Fights catered for level 40, 60 and 80 families!

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