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Amped Announces Tantra II

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By Alexander Villafania

After four years, game publisher Amped Games has finally announced the next iteration of their first massively-multiplayer online game Tantra.

Tantra II is set to start beta testing this November, in time for the company’s annual Amped Fest on November 21.

Tantra II is also developed by HanbitSoft. It will have the same eight tribes from the original but with more character attributes.

The maps in Tantra II have also been enlarged. Maps from the first game are also ported in Tantra II but are given bigger and better details. One new map is the Marana Dungeon where players have to eliminate all monsters in it before getting in-game certificates they could use to trade potions.

The Marana Dungeon is divided to two parts: one is for characters with levels 30 to 90, and the other is for 100-and-above character levels.

An additional feature in Tantra II is the Mail Box where players can send in-game items to other players. The Mail Box is accessible even if the player is not online.

Just like its predecessor, Tantra II will also be a free-to-play game.

Tantra Product Manager Ria Pineda told INQUIRER.NET that they are expecting new players to sign up for Tantra II but there should be more coming from existing and former players of the first Tantra.

She also said that even when Tantra II goes commercial they will retain the original game.

“We have a lot of loyal players in Tantra I so we don’t plan to turn off the game servers until everyone has moved to the new game,” she said.

Pineda added that despite new in-game and graphical features of Tantra II, it only requires the same computer configuration as the original. It can run on a Pentium III-powered processor, 128 megabytes memory and 64 MB video card memory.

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