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If you haven’t tried CABAL Online’s Platinum Service, then this is the time get it now!

Get a huge discount and exciting freebies when you subscribe to 30D, 90D, or 180D Platinum Service come October 21, 2008 [after the Scheduled Server Maintenance]!

Subscribe to the 30D Platinum Service and enjoy 150 Cabal Cash discount. You can also get free:
• 1H 25% EXP Blessing Bead
• 1H 25% Skill Blessing Bead
• 1H Blessing Beads Plus, and
• 999 pieces of small HP potions

Want bigger discount and better freebies? Purchase the 90D Platinum Service and save 250 Cabal Cash! 90D Platinum Service comes with:
• 2H 25% EXP Blessing Bead
• 2H 25% Skill Blessing Bead
• 2H Blessing Bead Plus, and
• 999 pieces of large HP potions

However, if you want to save MORE and get the BEST of the First Time Platinum Service Purchase Event in-game items, go for the 180D Platinum Service! With 180D Platinum Service, you can save a whopping 725 Cabal Cash and get:
• 1D 25% EXP Blessing Bead
• 1D 25% Skill Blessing Bead
• 1D Blessing Bead Plus
• 1D Warehouse +1 Tab Blessing Bead, and
• 999 pieces of large HP potions

The First Time Platinum Purchase Service Event is a limited time offer and available to first time Platinum Service subscribers only. Don’t miss the chance to speed up your leveling up. Try CABAL Online’s Platinum Service and maximize your online grinding experience now!