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Event Objective:
This is a “Guild War” type of event for players with high PK. The members of the guild that wins will be all pardoned.

Eligibility / Requirements:
• Only characters with 10 PK points or more can join. glare.gif
- Those with higher PK points are given priority.
- After PK is checked those with higher levels on equal PK points are given priority
- GM’s will decide the team members so that the team match ups are as equal as possible.
- GM’s have the right to refuse an application if the teams will not balance out.
• There are no class/level restrictions.
• It doesn’t matter if a character has a Red Name or not as long as there is at least 10 PK.

How to Join:
• Register at the Flyff Forums Roikan Gladiators Registration page. Place your character name(please indicate codes for special characters), level, class, server & PK points.
• Registration will be open from October 20 to October 25.
• Make sure you are not in any guild from October 25(midnight at the latest) until October 28.
• On October 26, registering characters will be checked for number of PK and to verify that the character is currently Guildless.
• On October 27 the official list of qualified players according to priority will be posted.
• Possible substitutions will be posted as well by priority.

Event Mechanics:
• An announcement will be made triggering the start of the event.
• Qualified players should be online and waiting for the GM’s before the start of the event.
• The Gm’s will summon all qualified players into the dungeon arena
• You should have everything you need before their scheduled time, pots & equipment, once
summoned you cannot go back to town.
• When the announcement triggering the event is announced the GM’s will begin summoning characters according to priority. If a GM gets a “not connected” reply you miss your chance to join.
• The GM’s will divide the teams to balance the players accordingly for a fair match up.
• The 1st 20 minutes will be used to invite the guild members into the guild and the arena.
• Once inside and the teams have been completed, a GM will announce the start of the battle.
• The event ends when all the members of one guild has been killed and has remained lying down or after 30 minutes.
• The winning Guild members must not leave the guild and must be in the arena dead or alive if they wished to be pardoned.

Event Rules:
• The event will be held at Channel 3 of the scheduled server.
• EXP and level/s lost due to PK will not be restored.
• A maximum of 32 participants can join per server.
• Items dropped are free for all. Whether name is Red or not.
• Pets are allowed.
• Participants are allowed to use premium items such as, but isn’t limited to, looter pets, pots, scrolls and skin items.
• Once the event starts and a participant gets disconnected, the GMs will not summon him/her back into the arena.
• Characters that use loadstar will not be summoned back into the arena.
• Characters can get resurrected by the Resurrection skill or the use of “Scroll of Resurrection”
• Participants can behave any way they choose, as long as they do not violate any of the specified event rules, or any of the netGames/Level Up! gaming policies.
• Participants who violate any of the specified rules or any of the policies will risk being kicked or banned.
• If there is a situation that is not covered by the above rules, the GMs will make a call and that decision shall be final.

Event Schedule:

Tuesday, October 28
Bubble 6:00 ~ 7:00pm
Shade 7:00 ~ 8:00pm
Iblis 8:00 ~ 9:00pm

Awarding Mechanics:

• “Pardon” means reverting the Disposition and player kills to 0.
• The winners must stay in the guild until the maintenance the following day(October 29).
• When the Winners log-in on October 29 they will be pardoned have been removed from the guild.

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