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Sony PS3 Memory Upgrade
Well, this is a welcome update to all PS3 users, including yours truly. While not exactly giving the hardware a "speed boost". It's actually beneficial for the console developers. Added in-game features are some benefits the players would eventually get.

Here's the article from Playstation University regarding the silent update:

LEGO Universe MMOG Announced

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LEGO Universe MMOG
After reading about it online, I decided to share with you LEGO Universe, the MMOG created by the people at LEGO. I played with LEGO blocks when I was a kid, creating towers and houses and even robots. I never though I'd see the day when LEGO pushes the building frenzy onto the virtual world.

Have fun viewing the promotional video by clicking below. ^^

Left for Dead 2: Fun Facts

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Left for Dead 2
In the first two months of Left 4 Dead 2's release, 28,981,249,043 zombies have been shot, bludgeoned, chainsawed and killed — or, for our younger readers, taken to a farm where they can frolic and shuffle around forever.

You read that correctly: 28 BILLION. To put that number in perspective:

* The entire population of the planet has been zombified and killed 4.26 times.

* With the average height of a zombie being 6 feet, if you stacked them end to end they would circle the globe 1,322 times.

* If you placed 28,981,249,043 rulers end to end, they would reach 28,981,249,043 feet in the sky.

In short: That is a bucketload of dead zombies. Nice job, everyone.

DotA: 6.66b AI Map

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DotA 6.66b AI Map
The newest AI map for DotA has been released.

To download the new map, click the links below:

To read the changelog, click below.

-Rewrote Overpower and Summon Familiars to prevent AI crashes
-Undid the fix added for Pounce in 6.66b that was causing the game to crash
-Added a workaround for when AI attempt to attack a dropped Divine Rapier (item will be removed)
-Fixed AI from destroying the Aegis after having them attack Roshan

Sonic the Hedgehog 4
Calling all fans of Sonic the Hedgehog since the SEGA Genesis! Missing the good ol' days of 2D Sonic exploring, jumping, and speeding your way through the 2.5D world with Tails and Knuckles? Never fear! SEGA has announced the sequel to our favorite mascot, Sonic the Hedgehog 4. Details are a bit sketchy but the trailer announces that it will be available for download this summer. Exciting and a must-have! ^^

View the trailer by clicking below...

Nokia N95 Solves a Rubik's Cube

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Rubik's Cube
I remember solving one myself when I was a kid. It happened during one of those boring family reunions at my aunt's house. I was not allowed to play outside or anything for that matter. An older cousin gave the cube for me to play with, possibly in a sympathetic gesture. I was really into it for a few hours and solved it just in time when the family event is about to finish. ^^

Nwei view the awesome video of this "Mobile Phone Robot" solving the cube by clicking below.