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Want more action, bigger challenge, more powerful accessories, and better pets? Then the next patch is for you!

Watch out for the Precious Stones Update and see your pets come alive with useful skills! Those who are tired of hunting the current mobs and bosses will be sure to feel excited as the Forgotten Temple B2F opens its doors to daring CABALists! And if you are persistent and lucky enough, you just might be among the first to try the +5, +6, and +7 Extortion Bracelet, Bracelet of Fighter, Vampiric Earring, Bracelet of Sage, Earring of Guard, and Force Regeneration Earrings! What’s more, you can now upgrade your weapons and equipments up to +9!

So don’t get left behind, watch out for the implementation of the patch on November 25, 2008. The password for the patch will be released on the same date so be alert and check the e-Games Forum regularly.

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