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HighStreet 5 PH: Event Week!

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In the coming Event Week on HighStreet 5, EagleGame will be showering you with great prizes and bringing the excitement to all of you!

1. Double Exp. & Scores, Double the fun

HighStreet 5 will provide EVERYONE with DOUBLE EXP rates from 1st October to 10am 7th October! All you have to do is play anytime from 1st October to 7th October, 2008 and you'll see your exp and score points soar two times faster!

Here's a pro-tip: You can also buy in-game Double Exp certificates to QUADRUPLE your experience and score points during this double XP days!

2. FREE HS5 Gift Pack

From 1st October to 7th October, 2008, you will receive a free HS5 Gift Pack for every 90 minutes you spend online each day! Every one of you can receive a maximum of 3 HS5 Gift Pack every day! Could there be any better deal?

1. Prizes will be delivered via in-game e-mail in 4 working days after the event ends.
2. Please note that you have to exit the game following set procedures, pressing the 'Quit' button; otherwise, your accumulated in-game time may not be accurately registered by the system.
3.Each "HS5 Gift Pack" includes: "Diamond treasure box"X1, " Dinosaur Egg X3", Yellow Grape Wine"X3

3. Party with GM; Win White Angel Wings

Our GMs will be throwing rounds of 'Dance with GM' battle parties on 1st to 5tht October where you stand to win a pair of White Angel Wings- the must-have rare in-game item!

Read on for the details:

Rules and Regulations
1. From 7:00pm-9:00pm on 1st to 5th of October, six rounds of 'Dance with GM' will be held randomly each day on the server 'Fantasy 1'.
2. GM will announce the battle room and the start time in the Battle Room window before the event begins.
3. GM will open the battle room 20 minutes after the announcement.
4. The 7 players who enter the battle room for the event will receive a participation prize. (Dinosaur Egg X 10)
5. GM will run a round of battle dance when the room is full. Dance mode: Individual Battle; all songs will be randomly generated by the system.
6. The TOP 3 scorers of each round will receive a pair of 7-day White Angel Wings.
7. Each player can only participate in this event ONCE every day; GM can exercise discretion kicking out repeat participants.

1. When the battle room is full, any players who fail to switch to the 'Ready' mode will risk being kicked out by GM.
2. Players who get disconnected during the event or remain in the battle room without getting ready will be considered defeated.
3. Any use of botting or 3rd party software will result in the rule-breaking player being disqualified and life suspension of his/her login ID.
4. Eaglegame reserves the rights to the explanations of the rules and regulations of this event.
5. Prizes will be delivered to the winners' accounts via in-game e-mail within 4 days after the event ends.

Cabal Online PH: Rookie Guild

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All CABAL Online Game Servers will undergo Scheduled Server Maintenance this September 30, 2008 from 10:00AM until 2:00PM. Gamers are reminded to avoid using short-termed periodical premium Items before the Scheduled Server Maintenance and to log-off at least ten [10] minutes before the Scheduled downtime.

In order to bring the community together especially for new comers, CABAL Online PH will be adapting the "Rookie's Guild" Feature. Whenever a user creates a new character, a system message will prompt and invite them to join the "Rookie's Guild". From there, new users can get along with the other new users making the game play a little bit more convenient and friendly.

All Rookies Guild Members will automatically be removed from the Rookies Guild once they reach Level 50. A member of the Rookies Guild can withdraw from the guild at anytime; however, they cannot rejoin the guild once they decided to withdraw.

Watch out for the implementation of the ROOKIES Guild Function for CABAL Online PH soon!

By Alexander Villafania

Singapore video game publisher and distributor Cherry Credits said it is launching Black Shot, a team-based, an online first-person shooter game, in the Philippines soon.

Cherry Credits CEO Addison Kang said they already have a partner in the Philippines to publish the game though he did not mention the company’s name.

“We’ll reveal it in mid-October this year when we start the close beta test. We’ll do an open beta by November,” Kang said.

Black Shot is similar to Counterstrike in terms of game play. Most of the controls are even following the same pattern as CS.

However, there are several differences such as a backpack system where players can carry more weapons and other items with them. It also has a partner system allowing team mates to share weapons and ammunition

The game is developed by Korean firm Vertigo Games and published by Ntreev Soft.

The game will compete with two other online FPS in the Philippines; WarRock from Amped Games and Special Force Online from Microgaming Technologies.

We are inviting everyone to show their support for the RAN Philippine Team as it competes against other countries in a massive Player versus Player (PvP) competition, the RAN Global Tournament, on October 4, 2008. The RAN PH team is working hard to bring honor to our community and our country so let's all give them our support!

In return, we will give away exclusive in-game prizes to whoever finds us at the SMX Convention Center on that event. Please read the mechanics below.


1. Go to the RAN Global Tournament on October 4, 2008 at the SMX Convention Center near SM Mall of Asia. Register and get a RGT Passport.

2. Visit all the booths and have your passport signed by the booth representative.

3. Find the Game Masters indicated in your RGT Passport and make them sign your passport.

4. Proceed to the e-Games roulette booth and show your passport to the e-Games staff. If you are able to get 5/10 signatures, you can spin the roulette once. However, if you are able to get 10/10 signatures, you will be given two (2) chances to spin the roulette.

5. You can only approach GMs wearing the GM Jacket. GMs not wearing the GM jacket are not allowed to sign passports.

O2Jam Roulette Prizes
Horny Ohm
Fruity Ohm
Panic Ring x50
Random Ring x50

Audition Dance Battle Roulette Prizes
Fashion Box
Random Pet
Nick Change
x2 EXP

Supreme Destiny Roulette Prizes
10M Silver Coin
5pcs God Fate
5pcs Guardian Fairy +9
30D Catman/woman Costume

Famous bands and celebrities will also be there to entertain everyone during the event plus there will be exciting side activities to spice up the whole affair.

We hope to see you there!

Level Up! Grand Chase Philippines

Level Up! Inc., the leading online gaming publisher in the Philippines, partners with Korean developers, KOG, to bring Grand Chase to local shores. The game is the world’s first real-time online fighting game and is currently one of the top games in countries like Brazil (published by Level Up! Brazil) as well as Taiwan, Hong Kong, Singapore, and the USA.

“Finally, Filipino gamers will now be able to join the chase and experience what gamers from other countries are so hooked about,” said Jane Walker, CEO of Level Up! Philippines. “Grand Chase is part of our continuing efforts in providing our loyal players with world-class online games which they can access locally, and most of all, FREE-TO-PLAY,” Walker added.

Grand Chase will surely become another online sensation worthy to join the ranks of our library of Level Up! hits,” stated Carlo Ople, Head of Casual Games and Advergaming for Level Up! Philippines. “This time, gamers are free from the confines of a menu-driven fantasy game and transported into a world filled with rapidly intense action and heart-pounding battles,” Ople explained.

Based on a gripping and fantastic storyline, Grand Chase tells about a continent called Bermesiah where two kingdoms, Kanavan and Serdin, co-existed in an era of peace. But when the evil Queen of Darkness, KazeAaze, tricked the Queen of Kanavan unto waging war with the Queen of Serdin, the entire continent experienced turmoil of a 5-year war.

It was only when the Queen of Serdin sacrificed her life that the magic of the Evil Queen was broken — which finally ended the war. Angered from all the deceit, the Queen of Kanavan ordered for the execution of the evil Queen; but she has already escaped and is nowhere to be found. Now, an elite group of warriors embark on the quest to find the evil Queen and put an end to all her evil plans — the quest now known to be as Grand Chase.

Unlike other fantasy MMOGs (Massively Multiplayer Online Games), Grand Chase features an intense and fast-paced gameplay with simple, arcade control system; making it easy for players to become accustomed with the game. Thanks to its intuitive and dynamic controls, players can launch devastating combo attacks that will test anyone’s eye-hand coordination. Coupled by eye-popping graphical effects with each attack and combo performed, Grand Chase is a visual treat especially for fighting game enthusiasts.

Grand Chase also has a wide array of colorful characters ranging from a Knight to a Mage. Each has their own unique skills, job system, and different grade of special abilities that players will surely enjoy spending a lot of time tweaking or upgrading.

Apart from the abundant choices of characters available, Grand Chase even allows players to further customize or develop them as the level increases. More options become available like powerful weapons, armor, and accessories that can greatly affect how a character looks and performs in the game.

Intense PvP (Player vs. Player) options are also available for players craving for some challenge. Up to 6 players may engage in 2 exciting fight modes: 3 vs. 3 Team Play, where players fight each other in teams of 3; and Survival Mode that enables 6 players to play simultaneously.

“We are really looking forward for Grand Chase to create a new class of players, fans and communities,” Ople explained. “Once this game launches commercially and nationwide, we’ll be seeing everyone online, and kicking each other’s ass,” added Ople.

Grand Chase will begin its Closed Beta Testing this October. Watch out for more updates about Grand Chase at

RF Online PH: Skirmish Event

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RF Online Skirmish
Mall of Asia
October 4, 2008


* Skirmish is open to all RF Online players
* Registration of teams will start at 10:00 am until 12:00pm or until all 8 slots are taken.
* First come first-first serve.
o Only 8 teams will be allocated
o A team must consist of 5 members.
o A team will get a slot only when they filled out the registration completely.
+ Username
+ Character name
+ Race
+ server
o Once all 8 slots are taken, no more teams will be entertained.
+ No registration fee

Tournament Mechanics

* Tourname proper will start 1pm.
* Match tree will be according to team order at the registration form.
* Participants will use pre-generated characters:
o Accretia
+ 2 Gunners
+ 1 Battle Leader
+ 2 Punisher
o Bellato
+ 1 Sniper
+ 2 Berserker
+ 1 Soul Chandra
+ 1 Arch Mage
o Cora
+ 2 Zealot
+ 1 Arch Magus
+ 1 Summoner
+ 1 Marks Man
* Event server will be the official tournament
* Each match will be given a maximum of 10 minutes.
* The team with the most number of kills on the opposing team in 10 minutes will win that match.
* Wipe-out of the opposing team will automatically end the match.
* There will be only 1 round per match.


* Champion (each member)
o 1 pc 20/20 Racial Elemental Accessory
o Type D Hora Weapon of Choice
o 50 pcs Red Stone
o 50 set High Gem
o 50 pcs Keen Talics
o 50 pcs Favor Talics
* 1st Runner Up (each member)
o Type D Hora Weapon of Choice
o 30 pcs Red Stone
o 30 set High Gem
o 30 pcs Keen Talics
o 30 pcs Favor Talics
* 2nd Runner Up (each member)
o Type D Hora Weapon of Choice
o 20 pcs Red Stone
o 2 set High Gem
o 20 pcs Keen Talics
o 20 pcs Favor Talics

Prizes will be awarded on or before October 10, 2008

Cool Games @ GCA 2008!

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By Alexander Villafania

SINGAPORE — The first day of the Games Convention Asia (GCA) 2008 has shown how big the size of the gaming market is for Asia. People trickled in to see the latest games from Electronic Arts (EA), Ubisoft, Crytek.

Apart from displays of game peripherals for console games and the PC, Asian gaming companies were also here to showcase games they have developed. Also, several companies were preparing to launch titles for the Asian markets during the event. Notable is EA, which showcased a new lineup of online games specifically targeting the Asian market.

In this year’s convention, known game developers and publishers are being lined up to share their experiences. Among them are Lionhead Studios Founder Peter Molyneux (Populus, Black & White, Fable), Crytek President Cevat Yerli (FarCry, Crysis), Ubisoft Creative Director Michael de Plater (Tom Clancy’s EndWar), Massachusetts Institute of Technology Co-Director Henry Jenkins III.

Even with more online games being featured, I noticed that console titles still take center stage this year as titles for Microsoft Xbox 360, Nintendo Wii, and Sony PlayStation 3 are being showcased at the event.

One of the highlights in this year’s event are talks given by game development and publishing experts on different topics addressing the industry, including human resource, animation design, storyboard writing, mobile gaming and even virtual economies.

GCA is expecting to accommodate over 100,000 game enthusiasts, developers and publishers from across Asia.

Wolfgang Marzin, chief executive officer of Liepziger Messe International, which is organizing the event, said Asia is a major market for gaming, be it console or the hugely popular online gaming sector.

He said Asia’s gaming industry will continue to grow as more people see gaming as an equally suitable form of entertainment along with TV and movies.

“We want this region in the world to grow and make gaming an important industry,” Marzin said.

By Alexander Villafania

SINGAPORE – Gaming giant Electronic Arts (EA) made major announcements of new titles for Asia during the Games Convention Asia (GCA) 2008 in Singapore.

EA Asia announced the availability of Warhammer Online, FIFA Online and NBA Street Online. The first two will be launched within the three-day period of GCA. NBA Street Online was already launched in several markets, including the Philippines.

EA Asia President Jon Niermann said nearly half of the world online gaming market is from Asia, making it a viable market for EA.

“Digital content on online and mobile is where we’re going to spend majority of our time because that’s where people are playing in Asia,” Niermann said.

However, the biggest announcement is the much-anticipated launch of the Asian version of Rock Band, a hugely popular multiplayer band simulation game that had been available only in Europe and North American markets.

Rock Band will be available for Asian versions of Sony PlayStation 3 and Microsoft Xbox 360 and will be sold primarily in Singapore.

Prices have also been set for an instrument pack consisting of one guitar, one drum set and one mic, or as individual items.

The instrument pack will cost S$269 (P8,850), while the drum and guitar will cost S$179 (P5,888) and $S149 (P4,900), respectively.

Incidentally, the Rock Band disc would be sold separate. The Xbox 360 version will cost S$60 (P1,970) and S$71 (P2,300) for the PS3 version.

Aside from the new launches, EA Asia also presented several other titles for the PC, console and mobile gaming market.

Road to Ampedfest: WarRock JBlaze Cup eliminations coming to Bacolod today, September 27, 2008!

Where: Internet World, SM Bacolod
When: Sept. 27, 2008 from 10:00 AM - 12:00 PM

You may also email for pre-registration.

Starting 12 Noon of September 26th until 10:00AM of September 30th, selected PREMIUM SERVICES will be on sale!

Platinum Service 30 days - 450 CABAL Cash
Platinum Service 90 days - 1000 CABAL Cash
Platinum Service 180 days - 1500 CABAL Cash
Academy Kit 30 days - 200 CABAL Cash
Adventurer Kit 30 days - 200 CABAL Cash
Craftsman Kit 30 days - 200 CABAL Cash

Remember, this will only last for five days starting this lunch time! So hurry and get these discounted Premium services now! Subscribe to these PREMIUM SERVICES and maximize the MODIFIED SKILL EXP BONUS event!

Starting September 26 up to 29, there will be 2x modifiers on EXPERIENCE AND POINTS on the ROOKIE and MAJOR channels!!

Try equipping the Da Dawg Tattoo for POINTS and EXPERIENCE overload! ( +150% on points and +150% experience), try also the Skull and Crossbones for EXPERIENCE EXPLOSION (+200% experience) and powerlevel your ace rookies!

Check out the hottest new items on the court and get your playaz ready for the BIG SHOW!!!

It’s a Ragna-Mega Sale for a week! Enjoy up to 95% off on selected item mall items!

From Sept 24 to Oct 1 only, so grab your Food and Scroll buffs now!

Rack up on those Field Manuals now and take advantage of this modified exp week! From September 24 to October 1 only! Enjoy!

P2P Servers (Baldur, Freya & Tyr):2x Exp

F2P Servers (Valkyrie & Valhalla): 3x Exp

Rok On!

Amped Warrock Online Philippines CDO Praktis Tournament

By Alexander Villafania

MANILA, Philippines — Amped Games, the gaming division of ABS-CBN Multimedia, has announced the Road to Amped Fest, a series of gaming events that will lead to the Amped Fest in November.

In an interview, Amped Events Supervisor Aimee Rabago said the regional events will lead to qualifying contests for Visayas and Mindanao players. Winners from the regional qualifying events will also be brought to Manila to compete in the finals, which will happen in November.

Half a million pesos in prizes are at stake for the series, which will feature all of Amped’s published games, such as Tantra Online, GetAmped, N-Age, and WarRock.

The month-long event will start on September 27 in Bacolod then it moves on to Cebu on October 4. The event will then be held in Cagayan De Oro on October 11, in Davao on October 18, and Quezon City on October 25. The series will end on November 8 in Baguio City.

Rabago said that for WarRock, eight teams of five players will compete in the finals.
Three are from Metro Manila, one each from Northen Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao, and two from online contests.

For GetAmped, there will be seven team slots. Two of these have already been taking by the winners of recent GetAmped competitions. The rest will come from Northern Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao. Two more team slots will be open for online players.

There will be eight individual players for N-Age; four from Metro Manila, one each from Northern Luzon, Visayas, Mindanao, and online.

Tantra Online will have six teams of three; four from Metro Manila, one each from Northern Luzon, Visayas, Mindanao, and online.

Rabago said the top winning team from WarRock will get P50,000 while the GetAmped winning team will have P50,000.

For N-Age, the winning individual will get P20,000 while the winning team for Tantra will get P25,000.

Heroes of Midgard!

Deliver your secret missions with the Ninja scroll and unleash the power in you!

Ninja Scroll
P2P: 2,000Rok pts, 100php
F2P: 3,000Rok pts, 150php

Ninja’s secret magic scroll. Increase MATK by 1%
Available on: All servers
Weapon Class: Headgear
Location: Lower
Required Level: 60
Jobs: All

Get yours now!

- Survey the land first before making your move. Different parts of the board will yield more points than others so plan your moves accordingly.

- It doesn’t matter how many squares your opponent gets, in the end its the points that will matter. More squares won’t necessarily mean more points so grab those high point value properties before your opponent does!

- When in a stump and you really have to give up space, give up the space that will yield less square chains. I would rather give up those 20 squares for the shot at that 35 square property on the next move.

- Don’t be in a hurry to complete squares. Set up possible chains to up your property total and in the process score more points than your opponent.

- Take your time, but not too much time. There is a time limit per turn so don’t exceed the limit or you will lose valuable points and property lines to your opponent. There is enough time given per turn to plan your move properly so make proper use of it.

- Of course don’t forget to use BOOSTS. You can purchase them before playing the game at the SHOP.

Gusto mo bang magpa-+9 nang walang kahirap-hirap? Pwes, silip na sa RAN Event Shop ngayong Sept. 24 hangang Sept. 30! Hindi lang yan ang aabutan mo. Sa pagbabalik ng RAN event Shop, pwede mo nang ituloy ang binabalak mong school transfer. Pwede ka na ring magpapaplit ng sosyal na pangalan at magpalagay ng random value sa iyong mga equips! Marami pang premium services ang pwede mong makuha sa espesyal na shop na ito gaya ng:

1.) +9 Upgrade - Upgrade any weapon and/or armor piece to +9 instantly
2.) RV Upgrade - Upgrade the RV of any weapon and/or armor piece to +10. RV upgrade can only reach a max of 20 RV
3.) Ultimate Item Upgrade - Upgrade any weapon and/or armor piece to +9 and 20 RV
4.) Name Change - Allows user to change his character name; User must include 10 name suggestions
5.) School Transfer - Allows user to change his character's school; User must include which school he/she wants to transfer to

Madadagdagan pa ang mga items at services na ‘yan sa October 4 kaya wag kalimutang mag-silip mode sa Event Shop lalung-lalo na sa GT Items tab, okey?

Hindi lang yan, pwede ka pang manalo ng GT Rewards kapag sumali ka sa mga events sa GT! Kaya kung ikaw ay sawa nang magbasag, pagod nang maghintay na makasama ang iyong jowa na taga-ibang iskul, at naiinis nang tumingin sa ngetzpa/hindi pinag-isipang pangalan, ito na ang pagkakataon mo! Don’t forget, need n’yong kumuha ng purchase codes para makakuha ng mga items at services na ito. Kaya pumunta sa RAN Global Tournament at sumali sa mga events! Okey? Olrayt!

Paano, kitakits mga RANadeks!

This weekend, wear your best black outfit and get ready for a day of fun, action and excitement as Granado Espada Philippines celebrates its first year anniversary!

The Granado Espada Anniversary Black Party is happening this September 27, 2008 at the SMX Convention Center, Trade Halls 1 and 2.

GE Pioneers with a thirst for extreme competition can join the Clash of the Pioneers Tournament, which is a 3 vs. 3 contest that will pit your skills in a heated PvP match. Present an unscratched 20 EP or 750 GVC in order to join this awesome tournament!

Top PvP masters will win great in-game items and other prizes from e-Games!

Gamers new to GE will also be treated to the Newbie Level Race as they familiarize themselves with the sights, sounds and scenes in the New World.

But we got offline events happening as well. Bring your friends and faction mates and win awesome goodies for the faction with the best attendance. We have fun activities like Faction/Server competition, fan art and trivia contests, raffles and more!

You can also grab your favorite GE merchandise and receive in-game items with each purchase!

So mark your calendars and get ready for GE’s first anniversary blowout party! Check out the mechanics and details to the following online and offline activities just for you!

Online Activities Mechanics

GE Tournament Clash of the Pioneers
3 versus 3


Server: Internal Test Server

1. All terms and conditions of IAHGames Passport apply. This tournament is open for the test server only.
2. Each team will consist of 3 players. Players are not allowed to join multiple teams. Players found to be in multiple teams will have their teams immediately disqualified.
3. Players from each team will be using the pre-made accounts set by the Game Facilitators. They can choose their own MCC team/set of characters from the said account.
4. Each team/player will be using only the consumables provided by the Game Facilitators.
5. Players are to meet at the City of Auch – PvP Officer 10 minutes before the tournament starts.
6. There will be an allotment of 10 minutes for preparation and 5 minutes for the match.
7. Once the 5-minute time is up, it’s hands-off-the-keyboard. Any player with hands on the keyboard will automatically be disqualified.
8. The team to successfully exterminate all 9 characters of the opposing team will be pronounced the winner for that match.
9. In case of a “draw,” both teams will be required to play a “sudden death match.” Players are not allowed to change their character setup. First team to score a character-kill will be the winner of the match.
10. Warnings will be given for team displaying unsportsmanship behavior or not abiding by the rules and/or listening to the GMs/marshals. There will be disqualifications on the team who will receive 3 warnings and/or exploitation of any bugs and intentional disconnections during the match.
11. Finals Match will be best of three.
12. In case of system failures or disconnections, inform the marshals as soon as possible. If any players are disconnected before any engagement is made, the match will be restarted. The marshal is also responsible and monitor the match at all times in cases like this one.
13. Tournament fee is 20EP/750GVC unscratched.


1st Prize:

* 3 Item of the Month*
* 15x10 Adelina Booty Searches
* Le Blanc
* 3 Combat Manual 30 Days
* 3 Training Manual 30 Days
* E-Games Goody Bag

2nd Prize:

* 9x10 Adelina Booty Searches
* 3 Combat Manual 15 Days Expert
* 3 Training Manual 15 Days Expert
* 3 Rabbit Hair lace
* E-Games Goody Bag

Newbie Level Race


* All terms and conditions of IAHGames Passport apply.
* Only new registered gamer are allowed to join.
* The gamer who reaches the highest level after 30 minutes will be the winner.


* Combat and Training Manual (Beginner)* 30 Days
* Master Field Manual 1 Day
* 3x10 Adelina Booty Searches
* E-Games Goody Bag

Offline Activities

The Gathering
Faction/Server with the most number of attendees will win the following items:

* 3x10 Adelina Booty Searches
* Field Manual 1 Day
* Bear Package

Trivia and Raffle

1. 256, 512 and 1 gig Palit Video Card
2. GE Limited Edition Box
3. Game Item Code Vouchers

* Adelina Booty Searches
* Level 100 Weapons*
* Master Field Manual 1 Day
* Combat Manual Expert 15 Days
* Le Blanc
* Item of the Month
* GE Merchandise

Fan art contest


* Interested participants may make use of any of the following: Adobe Photoshop, Stencil, Charcoal, pencil or any artwork medium.
* Entries must be GE inspired.
* There are no artwork size requiremens. Be free to experiment and create!
* One entry per participant.
* Participant should bring their finished artworks to the event.

Criteria for Judging:
Creativity 50%
Color scheme 30 %
Relevance to GE 20%


1st Prize:

* 256 Palit Video Card
* 3x10 Adelina Booty Searches
* Combat Manual 30 Days Expert
* E-Games Goody Bag

2nd Prize:

* 3x10 Adelina Booty Search
* Combat Manual 15 Days Expert
* E-Games Goody Bag

Have a Friend will win


* Players who can bring their friends (non GE Player) will receive a gift pack from GE Team
* The more friends you have the more prizes you will get.

In-game item bundles for merchandise

GE Limited Edition Box
• 1 Item of the Month

GE Jacket
• 20 ABS and 1 Day Field Manual

GE Shirt
• 20 ABS and 1 Day Field Manual

GE Tumbler
• 10 ABS and 1 Day Field Manual

GE Ball pen
• 10 ABS

Crazy Kart PH: Huli ka GM!

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Ngayon at naranasan niyo na ang mga bago sa September Patch ng Crazy Kart, handa na ba kayo to test your racing skills? Sa September 25 – 26 (Thursday and Friday), 4pm-5pm, magbabalik ang mga GM! Meron lang konting pagbabago sa mga patakaran.

- Kailangan may designated Kart ang lahat ng sasali.
o Mech Rover
o Ice Baby
o Nightrider
o Beetle
o RX – Top Down
o Shumi’s Pride
o Mega FX
- In the event that a participant doesn’t have the above mentioned Karts, he/she is not eligible to join and will have to be kicked from the room. (If the participant has an anti-kick card, then he/she may race but will not get any award. If that player wins the race the 2nd placer will receive the benefits.)

Makipagkarera at makipagsaya kasama ang inyong mga GM sa iba’t-ibang mapa ng Crazy Kart.

Sundin lang ang sumusunod para makasali:

1. Sa araw at oras ng event, manatiling nakalog-in sa Crazy Kart at maghintay sa Game Lobby.
2. Mag-aannounce ang GM kung anong room number ang dapat pasukin. (Ang room ay may password. Magtatanong ang GM at ang password ang magiging kasagutan.)
3. Pitong (7) manlalaro lamang ang makakasali sa bawat kwarto.
4. Ang mapa ay Great Wall of China at mode ay Single Power-up Race.
5. 150,000 gold points ang maaring mapanalunan ng magwawagi ng bawat race. Magagamit ang mga gold points pambilit ng karts o accessories sa item mall.
6. Sa mga mananalo, huwag maglolog-out kaagad dahil ibibigay ng GM agad ang premyo sa mananalo.

Matapos ang lahat, titignan ng GM’s kung sino ang may pinakamabilis na oras sa event. Ang may pinakamabilis na oras ay makakamit ang Grand Prize! Tatawagin ng GM ang karerista na may pinakamabilis na oras at kailangang pumasok ang nanalo sa sasabihing kwarto ng GM. Pagpasok ng karerista, iaaward na ng GM ang kanyang Grand Prize. Ang Grand Prize ay ang sumusunod:

Grand Prize:
- 100,000 gold points
- KART OF YOUR CHOICE (pwede lamang piliin ang mga kart na nasa Item Mall sa araw ng event)


- Pwede lamang manalo ng isang beses
- Kung sakaling magkaroon ng hindi inaasahang problema, ang huling desisyon ay nasa CK GM team.
- Ang mga na disconnect na players ay considered nang tanggal sa race. Pero pwede pang sumali sa susunod na races. Hindi mag re-restart ang race pag may na disconnect.
- Ang may pinakamabilis na oras sa lahat ng nanalo ang maaring manalo ng Grand Prize
- Matapos ang bawat karera, gagawa ng bagong kwarto ang mga GM para makasali naman ang ibang manlalaro.

All Stars 08 is just around the corner, and every baller is invited to gear up and get ready to earn some respect!

Prices of your favorite accessories are slashed on Sep. 22 until 29 ONLY!!!!


Dagdagan pa ng 10% OFF pag meron kang PREMIUM CARD! Total of 40% DISCOUNT! 40% DISCOUNT! 40% DISCOUNT!

- Cross Earring (m)
- Square Off (m)
- Blades (m)
- Gangster (m)
- Bethlehem Blingbling (m)
- Right Arm Band (m and f)
- Both Wrist Band (m and f)
- Star Earring (f)
- Triple Steal (f)
- Prism Wire (f)
- Trinity (f)
- Horn Sunglasses (f)

What are you waiting for?! Hurry while supplies last!!!!

Eligibility and Mechanics
- All Active Freestyle accounts may join

Duration and Schedules
- Road to All Stars 08 Bling Bling Sale!!! starts on September 22 until 29 ONLY!

General Conditions
- Player must have a Freestyle account

Top Video Games Out Right Now

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Fellow Caviteños, watch out! The HighStreet 5 team will be going to the Historical Capital of the Philippines and bring the party to you!

Join us on September 27 as EagleGame hosts a HighStreet 5 EB at Netopia in SM Bacoor. Get to meet your fellow HighStreet 5 players, make new friends, invite your non-HighStreet 5 playing friends to try out the game free and test your HighStreet 5 skills with the mini-tournament. You can also promote your guild with the guild recruitment drive and let the community know how hard HighStreet 5 party in Cavite!

Check out the activities for the event:

HighStreet 5 Dance Off (Online Tournament)

-Any group of 5 HighStreet 5 players or non-players can participate in the mini tournament (tournament will be restricted to first 4 groups to register).
-There will be no level restrictions, but players will have to make a new account for the tournament.
-A Special Room (with password) will be made for the tournament.
-This will be a single eliminations match. The winner of a match will move on against another team until two teams are left for the championship.
-In the event of a sudden power interruption, the match will be reset.
-In the event that one of the players' computer crashes, the match will be reset.
-In the event that one of the players lags, the match will continue.
-The matches will be broadcast during the event via a screen projector so everyone in the venue can see the product and be enticed to try out the game.

Winners will get a HighStreet5 Party Pack & 5 in-game feathers each
Non-winning participants will get in-game goodie bags (Mischievous Flying Brick X5, Mischievous Lightning Bolt X10, Megaphone X2, Super Megaphone X1).

Free Play

Any non-HighStreet 5 player can participate in the Free Play and try out HighStreet 5. Each Free Player will get a HighStreet5 Poster.

HighStreet 5 Raffle

Any person who purchases any HighStreet 5 Point Card at the venue during the time of the event is eligible to win. Depending on the denomination of the Point Card, the person will receive the following raffle stubs:
P50 card = 1 raffle stub
P100 card = 2 raffle stubs
P250 card = 5 raffle stubs
The raffle will be conducted at the end of the event

Prizes: 4 Playground subscriptions & 4 caps (1 for each winner)

Show off your HighStreet 5 Threads! (Character Look-a-like Contest)

Any HighStreet5 player can participate.

Any HighStreet5 player can go to the event dressed up as their avatar. The three participants who most closely resemble their avatar will win a prize from EagleGame. Participants will have to log-in and show everyone their avatar via screen projector

3 HighStreet5 Party Packs and 30-day suits (one for each winner)

HighStreet 5 Recruitment Drive (Guild Recruitment Contest)

Any HighStreet 5 guild/clan and its members can participate

-A guild or clan with the most number of members by the end of the day will win an exclusive prize for their group. The guild or clan can actively recruit members during the event (from Free Players or new players or players who don't have a guild yet)
-All members should be present during the tallying
-All members should have an active HS5 Account

20 HS5 Party Packs for the whole guild
Guild will be featured in community website and forum

So clear your schedules, spread the word and see you on September 27!

e-Games @ DLSU Dasmariñas

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The e-Games campus tour is at it again, this time, we're headed next to De La Salle University in Dasmariñas, Cavite to bring the fun and excitement to the College of Business Administration’s Student Week.

We know that we've got a bunch of e-Gamers studying in this prestigious school, so better make it count when we visit you on September 24!

If you're a big fan of our gaming titles such as RAN Online, CABAL Online, Granado Espada, Supreme Destiny, Audition Dance Battle and O2Jam, then you shouldn't miss this opportunity to grab your own copy of CD installers and posters. What's more, you can also avail of the super cool game merchandise!

Be sure to catch us in your school on that day! See you there!

Babagyo at babaha ng cool in-game items at mga premium loot bags sa October 18 and 19, 2008 para sa pinaka-malaking online gaming event, ang Level Up! LIVE 2008.

Pila ng maaga sa World Trade Center. A “wormful” of delicious in-game items await the first 300 Early Birds on the first day (October 18), and 200 on the second day (October 19) of the event.


Ragnarok - Filir Hat
FreeStyle - Da Wings
Flyff - Red Cloud Board
RF Online - 5 Lucky Gem Set
Perfect World - 250 immortal stones

Kung tinanghali ka ng gising, wag mag-alala! Marami pang pauulanin na prizes sa Level Up! Live 2008!


1. Please get your registration form and fill it up at the form-filling station(s) [lobby]
2. Proceed to the on-site registration line
3. present your registration form
4. Present an unused P50.00 Level Up top-up car OR an unopened Gamer Sim card
5. You will receive your LIVE 2008 Passport ID (This is valid for 2 days)
6. Fill up the tear-off portion of the ID and indicate your favorite game. This will also be your raffle entry for the daily in-game prizes.
7. Drop it at the designated drop boxes before you enter the event hall
8. Enter the event hall and complete 6 out of the 10 game booth activities to claim your Level Up goodie bag (good while supplies last)

So make sure you get your Level Up! Passport, and collect the required number of stamps by participating in the different LU Live activities. Kapag nakatapos ka ng at least 6 activities, you get to bring home a Level Up! Loot Bag filled with exclusive goodies like ID laces, keychains, ballpens, and more! Oist, limited stocks lang ‘to!

Also, don’t forget to tear off the bottom portion of your passport and drop it in corresponding drop boxes. Magpapa-raffle ng mga favorite in-game items ninyo!

Hindi nagising ng maaga? Have no fear! May instant door prizes sa LAHAT ng dadalo! At may pa-raffle pa ng mga in-game goodies!


Ragnarok - Copolla
FreeStyle - Limited Edition Jersey
Flyff - Sworder Board
RF Online - Legacy Blade
Perfect World - 140 Jades OR a chance of getting a 12-star dragonball

10 per each item ang ipapamimigay namin everyday during Level Up! Live!

Ragnarok - Valkyrie armor set
FreeStyle - New Year School Uniform
Flyff - Cloak Bike/ Dragon Cloak
RF Online - 55 Int. Armor Set
Perfect World - Level 90 Dusk Weapon (of choice)

The fun doesn’t end here. We will be announcing updates and more in-game items up for grabs in the coming days

So, ano pa hinihintay nyo? Maghanda na at i-text na ang buong tropa para sa LEVEL UP! LIVE 2008!

Ilang tulog na lang!

Cool New PS3 Headset!

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HighStreet 5 PH: 2X EXP!!!

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Raise your character's level faster by using in-game Exp Certificates! 2X Exp Certificates is available now in the online store. Increase your levelling rate and earn DOUBLE SCORES by up to 2X! So what are you waiting for? Stop playing catch-up the old-fashioned way and get one now!

Tip: The experience and scores received by users within 60 minutes will be double of the basic.

e-Games Cabal Online Philippines Skill EXP Boost Event

REACHING DUAL TRANSCENDER RANK has never been this easy! Watch out CABALIST as SKILL EXP RATES boost your grinding experience to the next level.

This September 23-October 14, earn +100 SKILL EXP BONUS RATES from 4PM to 10PM and +50% SKILL EXP BONUS RATES from 10PM-4PM.

By subscribing to PREMIUM SERVICES, winning the Nation WARS, and utilizing the different types of BLESSING BEADS, you will be able to earn a maximum of +210% SKILL EXP Rate. That's almost 3X the Skill EXP RATE that you would normally get. Revolutionize your grinding experience now!

By Alexander Villafania

THE Philippines is hosting the upcoming RAN Online Global Tournament scheduled on October 4 at the SMX Convention Center, according to local game publisher IP e-Games who is organizing the event.

IP e-Games Vice President for Marketing Ed Pasion told hackenslash that the Philippines was chosen because of the size of the RAN community in Asia, as well as the support it is getting from RAN players in the Philippines.

IP e-Games said this will be the first time that the Philippines will host the RAN Online Global tournament after Thailand in 2007.

The global competition will have the best RAN players from the Philippines, Hong Kong, South Korea, Malaysia, Taiwan and Thailand playing in a local area network-based competition.

IP e-Games said that a Philippine team is currently preparing to compete. The local team is composed of Vincent Van Amado, Carlo Angelo Magcalas, Martin Joseph Buday and Kevin Medina.

IP e-Games said there are online activities planned for the global event, including other player and guild competitions, sponsored competitions by Japanese fast food company Yoshinoya, item search contests, and even challenge-the-champion contests.

Other activities include beauty and brains contest, a dance competition, and a video making contest.

“E-Games is proud to be this year’s host and we want the Filipino gamers to experience a grand event specific to RAN Online,” Pasion said.

Albatross18: A Touch of Class

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Greetings Supreme Destiny Warriors!

In our never-ending quest to protect Armia from evil forces, Merchant Nell has once again come up with some very special Surprise Boxes! These boxes will help you in gaining the much needed items in our fight to free Armia from the forces of Harden!

Check out what’s in store for you!

- Surprise Box 1 -
• Surprise Box 2
• Surprise Box 1
• Water Scroll (M) x 2
• Adamantite Stone
• Fate of God Dragon x 2

- Surprise Box 2 -
• Surprise Box 3
• Surprise Box 1
• Water Scroll (A) x 2
• Lightness Stone
• Nicely Roasted Chicken (7D)

- Surprise Box 3 -
• Treasure Box 9
• Surprise Box 2
• Cromlea (Damage: 72)
• Lion King (Damage: 72)
• Heavenly Angel (Damage: 72)

- Treasure Box 9 -
• Treasure Box 13
• Plus7 Nefarious (Damage: 63)
• Plus7 Cromlea (Damage: 63)
• Plus7 Lion King (Damage: 63)
• Plus7 Heavenly Angel (Damage: 63)

- Treasure Box 13 -
• 100% Success Fate of Dragon God
• Odysee's Blessing Book
• Celestial Star Book
• Silver Brick (100M)
• Blood Gryphon Spirit

e-Games Globe SMX Convention 24Ever

Good day all CABALists and GUILDS!

We would like to invite everyone this coming September 27th to participate in the Guild Activities for CABAL Online in celebration of the launching of GLOBE's newest mobile service- 24Ever!

There will be Guild 6 vs. 6 Tournaments, Guild Attendance Contests, CABAL Trivia, and CABAL Merchandise Selling. Special Item Vouchers will be given away to event attendees who will be able to win and participate in the different live activities.

In line with this, e-Games will also have activities for Dance Battle Audition, Top Speed, and Granado Espada- as they celebrate their anniversary.

Please invite your friends and Guild mates to drop by the SMX Convention Center and enjoy the activities prepared by Globe and E-Games!

See you there! ^_^

Warriors Orochi by Koei

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I was really surprised when I found out that Koei released PC versions of their popular Dynasty Warrior and Samurai Warrior series. I am a big fan of both series since the PS2 versions and I still play the titles occasionally just for fun. That's why I immediately picked up a copy of their latest addition to the series, Warriors Orochi (released on the PC, PS2 and Xbox 360 consoles), which combines the heroes from both series into one title. How cool is that?

From my personal experience since installing it on my PC, it was really a BIG improvement graphically switching from PS2 to the PC platform. The rendering was flawless to both characters and the environment. Being a veteran on the gameplay, I immediately felt at ease with the game mechanics and controls even if I had to use the keyboard instead of a gamepad controller. (I do plan to buy one tho just for this game! LOL!)

I don't know if its just me but my only caveat was the camera view on the PC version compared to the PS2. The view seems to be zoomed in more on the PC compared to the PS2. Makes it a little hard to see the action around your character. Or maybe I'm just lazy to find the option to change the view. ^__^ Anyway, I do recommend gamers who haven't tried this title yet and has a PC at home. It's fun, it's addicting, it's my favorite button mashing game ever. Watch the trailer below.

Amped Philippines extended the deadline for the online registration of the JBlaze Cup Eliminations!

You can now register until Monday night, September 22, 2008! Hurry up and grab your team before it’s too late!

Good news heroes of Perfect World!

As part of the celebration for the Phoenix Council Wars, the 1.5 EXP, SOUL and ITEM DROP bonus will be extended till September 25, 2008!

What are you waiting for, start mustering your strength and take advantage of the extended bonus period!

Have you ever dreamed one day you could dress up yourself to be a fashion icon in the city? It is the very moment now to catch the precious chance to own the well-chosen items Eaglegame are going to offer in this special promotion!

Beginning at September 19, 2008, you'll be able to buy NEW Chic Items in the online store. This special promotion includes hats, coats, pants and boots which cannot be found in the in game mall! What's more, when you purchase any one of the Forever items shown below, you will get one coordinated piece FREE to perfect your looks!

What are you waiting for? Head to the Online Store now to enjoy the shopping fun only a near-couture piece can offer you!

Note: 1.This special promotion ends at 17:00 on 27th September, 2008.
2.This promotion only applies to the online store here.

Ragnashoppers, Check out the latest style in Rune-Midgrad!

Wanna have an angel of your own? Let this adorable Little Angel Doll charm you!

~ Little Angel Doll ~
F2P: 250 Php, 5000 RoK
P2P: 350 Php, 7000 RoK

• When user receives a Physical attack, adds a chance of casting Lv 3 Grand Cross.
• Dex + 3
• Defense: 2
• Headgear: Upper
• Weight: 30
• Required Level: 10
• Jobs: All Jobs
• Animated Headgear
• Permission: Tradable

How about a Poporing Hat for your collection!?

~ Poporing Hat ~
F2P: 15 Php, 300 RoK
P2P: 20 Php, 400 RoK

• It looks like a Poporing, but don’t worry about the poison!
• Def: 2
• Headgear: Upper
• Permission: Tradable

Recruiting Guild Member or Party Member? Why create a pub chat when you can wear these!

Guildsman Recruiter Hat
F2P: 15 Php, 300 RoK
P2P: 20 Php, 400 RoK

• Headgear: Upper
• Defense: 2
• Required Level: 10
• Jobs: All
• Permission: Tradable

Party Member Recruiter Hat
F2P: 15 Php, 300 RoK
P2P: 20 Php, 400 RoK

• Headgear: Upper
• Defense: 2
• Required Level: 10
• Jobs: All
• Permission: Tradable

All items are now available at the Item Mall, so shop now!

To get yourselves geared up for the JBLAZE Cup, AMPED GAMES will be giving you a reason to hone your skills for the upcoming JBlaze Cup: Road to AmpedFest 08 this Saturday, Sept 20, 2008

116 BRGY Mayamot, Sumulong H-Way
Antipolo City (Besides Motolite, near Petron)
Tel 682-2005

4vs4 Explosive
3:00pm sharp - Deadline of Registration

1st prize - 1000 pesos and 2000 worth of Amped Load
2nd prize - 1000 worth of Amped Load
3rd prize - 500 worth of Amped Load

Each player just needs to purchase 40 peso Amped cards from AMPED GAMES representatives on the site and consider yourself registered for the mini-tournament.

Starting today, September 19, up until 22, there will be 2x modifiers on POINTS on the Rookie and 2x modifiers on EXPERIENCE on the Major channel!!

Try equipping the Da Dawg Tattoo for +150% on points and +150% experience, try also the Skull and Crossbones for +200% experience and powerlevel your ace rookies!

Check out the hottest new items on the court and get your playaz ready for the BIG SHOW!!!

RF Online PH: Novus Ad Agency

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· Open to RF Online players who have RF Online message board account.

Boards registration:

o Go to RF Boards Message Boards at
o Register and fill up the required fields.
o Open your registered email and click the link provided in the email to verify account.
o Wait for the boards admin to confirm your account.

· Contest will be from September 16 to October 14 (24:00 hours)
· Theme for this contest is entitiled: Courage and Camaraderie
· It is divided into 5 categories:

Boards Signature
o Must be 500 px in width and 150px in height.
o Must be at max of 100kb in file size.

o Each panel should be 612px in width and 792px in height.
o You may use landscape or portrait orientation.
o Maximum of 5 panels.
o Must be in JPEG format.

o Dimensions can either be 800*600, 1024*768 or 1280*1024
o Must be in JPEG format.

o Dimenstion must be 8.5” by 11”
o You may use landscape or portrait orientation
o Must be in JPEG format.

o Must be in full screen.
o No game interface must be shown.
o Minor edits are allowed.

o Must be in 500-700 words.
o In word format.

o Must be 2-3 minutes long
o No “watermark” must be shown on the video.
o Use RF Online background music found at rf onlineSndBgm or at
· Participants must only choose 1 category but can send multiple entries.
o Only 1 entry per participant will be chosen.
· There will be 3 winners per category – 1st, 2nd, and 3rd.

Criteria for judging
· Each category will be judged separately according to the follow criteria.

30% - Relevance to theme
30% - Originality
30% - Creativity
10% - Overall impact

· All entries must be zipped.
o Video entries must be zipped and uploaded to a hosting site like
· Email your entries along with the following information:
o Username:
o Character name:
o Boards name:
o Race:
o Server:
o Category:
o Entry Title:
o Link:
· Send to following this subject format:
Ex. [NMN]Boards Signature Cydie

Strictly follow this format

Prizes (for each category)
· 1st place – PHP100 LU top-up card & 6 Lucky Gem set
· 2nd place – PHP100 LU top-up card & 4 Lucky Gem set
· 3rd place – PHP100 LU top-up card & 2 Lucky gem set

· Winners will be announced on October 21, 2008 through boards and website.
· Prizes will be awarded on or before October 24, 2008

Heroes of the Perfect World rejoice!

Our almighty Pangu has been kind and he sees that everything has been well in the world. As a token of his appreciation to his loyal servants, Pangu has showered the land with blessings and has painted the Perfect World gold! Each time you convert your top-up into gold, you get an additional 10% worth of Gold!

Take advantage of the latest gold rush to hit the lands of Perfect World! Top-up now and enjoy your extra gold!

Also, the EXP, SOUL and ITEM DROP Mods got extended till September 25, 2008!

Duration: September 17-19, 2008 (12 noon)

1. Top-up your PW account within the promo duration.
2. Get additional 10% Gold (see the table below for conversion rates).

Event Title: The Alien Menace Part 1

Event Objective: Destroy all “Two Towers” beacons in Cora HQ, Numerus, Haram, Accretia HQ, Armory 213, Armory 117, Bellato HQ, Anacaade, Solus, and the Crag Mines.

Event Overview: A strange energy field has enveloped the planet Novus, preventing any form of space travel to and from the planet. Supplies have been cut, and the soldiers of Novus have been left to fend for themselves until a solution is found.

Meanwhile, there have been a number of sightings reported about a possible new specie on-planet, yet all attempts to befriend or capture it have failed.

Event Mechanics:
1. “Two Towers” beacons will be summoned all over the Novus world (number in parenthesis denotes number of beacons in that location):
a. Accretian Settlements: HQ (6), Armory 213 (6), Armory 117 (6)
b. Bellato Settlements: HQ (6), Anacaade (6), Solus (6)
c. Corite Settlements: HQ (6), Numerus (6), Haram (6)
d. Neutral Settlements: Crag Mine (6)

2. All beacons must be destroyed by the time the event ends.

Event Schedule (6 to 8:30 PM):
September 18, Thursday: Xenos
September 19, Friday: Altrax
September 20, Saturday: Praxis
September 21, Sunday: Nexus
September 22, Monday: Calix

Event Prizes:
1. If the objective is met, then the prizes for the next event “The Alien Menace Part 2″ will be doubled (applicable per server).
2. If the objective is not met, nothing happens.

Holla playaz!

To celebrate the BIGGEST online gaming event: LU Live 08! on October 18 and 19, playaz are invited to create your very own LU Live 08! Rise of the Gaming Gods Signatures!

Play with flair and show your game face as you flaunt the latest Freestyle gear!

Eligibility and Mechanics
- All Active Freestyle accounts may join
- Anyone who has a Freestyle forum account may join
- If you do not have a FS Forums account, sign up easily at
- Player must create a signature with size 458(width) x 123(height) of their character/s wearing any combination of the following items according to the theme

“Freestyle Rise of the Gaming Gods!”

- Pink Clipped Hair
- Unbalanced Cut
- Fashionable Dress Code
- Warm turtle Neck Set
- Country Style Set
- DJ PaperBag
- Pretty Woman
- Demon Afro / Demon Look
- Emo For Today
- Neva Lose School Unforms (Top and Bottom)
- Black Heart
- Da Pink Skull
- Sweats and Scarf
- Mac Get-up
- Zealot
- Stealth
- Long Stem
- Doll Shewz

- Attach your signatures at this THREAD with the following details:

- Title of Screenshot
- Character Name used
- Items used
- Short Description of signature with theme “Freestyle Rise of the Gaming Gods!”

- Players must post a signature of their character wearing any combination of any of the items mentioned.
- Include a caption or short description of your screenshot
- Judging will be based on creativity of the signature, the style of dressing of the character, and the over all look of the signature
- A character can only win once but the good news is you can enter as many characters as you want!

Duration and Schedules
- Event starts on Sep 18
- Final day of submission of entries is on Oct 8

General Conditions
- Player must have a Freestyle account and an FS forum account
- If you do not have a FS Forums account, sign up easily at
- Entries must have the images of their character/s wearing any combination of the following items according to the theme

“Freestyle Rise of the Gaming Gods!”

Winning Condition
- The entry with the most creativity, flair and style with accordance to the theme WINS!

- 3 Lucky entries with the most creativity, flair and style will win
- Limited Edition Item Jerseys! FSEloa’s Prize for SG/PG, FSMacLUvin’s Prize for PF/SF and FSHattrick’s Prize for C with attributes (Short Jumper, Dunk/LayUp)+3 - select 1 and (Middle Jumper, 3-point Shot)+3 - select 1
- Limited Edition Gangsta Hat for the ballers and Limited Edition Item Cool Gray Hempen Hood for the ladies!
- 10,000 Points!
- Items to be awarded on October 21

Sali na sa RAN-Yoshinoya Clash of the Elite Four Tournament! Ang mananalong teams lang naman ay magbabakbakan sa RAN Global Tournament para sa isang natatanging finals match!

Go, go sago na! Basa na!

Tournament Details:

* Bawat branch ng Yoshinoya establishment sa buong Metro Manila ay magkakaroon ng maximum na 4 teams with 4 members para makasali sa tournament.

Note: Mayroong 8 branches ang Yoshinoya sa buong Metro Manila.(Parksquare 1, SM Mall of Asia, SM Megamall, SM North Edsa, Robinsons Galleria, Greenhills Annapolis Carpark, Sta. Lucia East Grand Mall and Binondo, Quintin Paredes)

* First come, first serve ang registration sa tournament.
* Ang bawat team ay magkakaroon ng 4 players.
* 1 Brawler, 1 Swordsman, 1 Shaman and 1 Archer
* Ang bawat character ay susuotan ng Yoshinoya Purplish Weapon, Armors and Accessories
* Ang bawat player ay pwede gumamit ng 20pcs Yoshinoya Super Gyudon Pack (HP+MP+SP Recovery).

Tournament Mechanics:

* Ang bawat team ay kailangang mag-occupy ng isang side lang ng map at hintayin ang signal ng facilitator bago mag-umpisa. Magkakaroon din ng marshal ang bawat team para mag-assist sa facilitator.

* Hands-off na sa keyboard pag dafa ang character ng isang player. Ang dumafa na character ay maari lang ma-resu ng Shaman ng kanilang team.

* Walang time limit sa bawat match. Tuloy ang laban hanggang isang team na lang ang natitira.

* Lahat ng decisions ng mga Game Masters, Facilitators at Marshals ay pinal na. Maaaring bawiin ang premyo sa player kapag nagkaroon ng dispute.


Elimination Round:

* Kailangan munang bumili ng mga gustong sumali sa tournament ng RAN-Yoshinoya meal (Php 199) at any Yoshinoya establishment.

* Bibigyan ang player ng isang voucher code para makuha ang free item sa e-Games portal (

* I-present lamang ang nakuhang voucher code sa Yoshinoya Branch Representative. Bawat member ng team ay kailangang may isang valid voucher code.

* Bawat Yoshinoya branch ay magkakaroon lamang ng 4 teams. First come, first serve ang registration sa tournament.

* Dalawang culminating i-café events gaganapin ang tournaments, September 20.

* Ang 4 na mananalong teams ay maglalaban sa RAN Global Tournament itong October 4 sa SMX Convention Center.

Tournament Finalists
+9 Atk Purplish Weapon [30D] with +50% RV (for each member)
3,000 Pesos Cash

GT: Elite 4 Finals
* To be conducted at the Ran Global Tournament on October 4, 2008
The 4 winning teams will battle against each other for the title of Yoshinoya Tournament Champion

Elite Four Champion
+9 Def / +9 Atk Yoshinoya Skylock Quad Hoverboard
with +150 HPMPSP (for each member)
10,000 Pesos Cash

Word travels fast across the land. Rumors about Gen. Wan Luan’s Warrior’s Brawl and chosen heroes are heard in the streets of Dragon City. With the Heroes being busy on hunting the Soulless in the Frost City and Dusk Palace, the Soulless slowly builds its army in preparation for an attack.

But the Elder Gods sees everything. They are omnipresent and omnipotent.

“They are coming.” A voice whispers to Gen. Wan Luan as he slumber. He dreams of Warriors without Souls gathering in the dark.

“An invasion shall come- gather everyone; the morrow is about to see its darkest hours.”

The Elder Gods have spoken! The Soulless has been planning to retaliate to Perfect World’s Heroes for such a long time. That day of Soulless Retaliation is here!

Be on your guard and keep in mind the words of the Elder Gods to protect the cities and keep everyone alive!

Eligibility : All Heroes are eligible to join.

Event Schedule : Sept 17 6pm-7pm (Tiger)
Sept 18 6pm-7pm (Dragon)

Location: To be announced in-world on the day and time of event.

Monster List:
Be there to find out

• Monsters will randomly appear at the Map.
• Participants are free to behave in any manner that is within Perfect World’s general rules of conduct.
• Monsters and item drops are free for all.
• The event ends once all the monsters have been killed.

Event Prize:
• Monster Drop

By Alex Villafania

MANILA, Philippines — In the aftermath of the recent raid of the Anino Games office two weeks ago, the governing body of game developers is looking for the best course of action for its members to follow anti-software piracy laws.

Game Development Association of the Philippines (GDAP), in an e-mailed statement sent to, said it is now fully cooperating with the Business Software Alliance (BSA) in complying with anti-piracy laws.

It is also asking BSA for an open dialogue to ensure continued compliance of its members and prevent a repeat of the incident with Anino Games.

GDAP President Gabby Dizon said in an email that Anino is in the process of negotiating a settlement with software firm Autodesk.

Anino’s office was raided for allegedly using unlicensed software of Autodesk. The gaming software company’s computers, which contained supposed pirated software,were also seized.

Dizon said GDAP will have to wait until a settlement is reached between Anino and Autodesk before the group could decide to impose sanctions against Anino.

Nevertheless, Dizon assured that Anino remains a member of GDAP.

The new version of HighStreet 5 allows you to marry your loved ones in a wonderful ceremony of love! Here is the step-by-step guide for you to learn all about the in-game marriage!

1. Form a Couple with your love and approach the Wedding Minister as Lovers. Right click and use "Couple Invite" to form couples.

2.After talking to the Wedding Minister, you will both be officially confirmed as Lovers.

3.The title 'XXX' s boy/girl friend' (where 'XXX' is your lover's name) will be displayed above his/her character name after your Lovers status is made official.

4. The Wedding Minister will remind you that you can only get married when your Love Quotient reaches 5 Hearts.

5. You can purchase roses at the in-game Store and give it to your lover to increase the Love Quotient, which is displayed on your Name Card. (To understand the use of these 'roses', refer to the in-game item descriptions.)

6. When your Love Quotient shows 5 Hearts, head to the in-game Store to buy a Wedding Card if you want a wedding. You need to set a hotkey for the Wedding Card at 'Home'. Do this by clicking on your Wedding Card item at Home to highlight it, and then click on the "Set Key" icon above.

7. When you are ready, go together with your lover to meet the Wedding Minister at the Church to confirm and make a booking for your wedding ceremony; your friends will be informed of the exact date and time of your wedding via in-game e-mail.

8. When the ceremony is about to begin, the room where it will be held will be shown.

9. Enter the Church and click "Start" to begin the Wedding Ceremony; the Wedding Dance Challenge will start after everyone has given their blessings.

10. If you beat the Wedding Dance Challenge, you will be successfully married and the title 'XXX' s husband/wife' will be displayed above the character names of both of you. Congratulations to the both of you! We wish you the very best.

11. However, if one or both of you cannot pass this Wedding Dance Challenge-that is, if your dance gets rated a 'B' or a 'C', you will not be able to wed your lover! In that case, you will need to go buy another Wedding Card in the in-game Store and make another booking for your wedding ceremony.

Don't get too upset if you fail your first Wedding Dance Challenge! Practice with your lover and persevere for your love! After all, no great love stories are without setbacks, but true love shall triumph!

Note: If you fail to wed your lover, the Points paid for your Wedding Card will not be refunded.

Grabe to the Oye Max ang training ng Team PH para sa RGT!

Si Vincent Van Amado, Carlo Angelo Magcalas, Martin Joseph Buday and Kevin Medina ay training to the max na para sa pinaka-asteeg ng RAN Online Gaming Competition ng buong mundo -- Ang RAN Global Tournament!

Nuong sabado, kasama ang mga super-adek na GMs, GM Bane at GM Larsa, nagkaroon ng sparring match ang mga champions natin! Ang ang mga kalaban nila -- ang IQ Gang ng Kalayaan Server!

Matindi ang naging bakbakan ng dalawang teams na ikinatuwa ng mga RAN GMs natin!

Nanalo ang PH team pero malapit ang laban dahil magaling at asteeg ang IQ Gang. Ang score nila?

PH Team - 4, IQ Gang - 3

O di ba malapit lang? Kaya tuloy ang training ng Team PH. Kung gusto malaman kung ano pa ang nangyari, pwes, pumunta ka sa RGT micro site.

Laban Pinas! Go Team PH!

Want to get a Cabal Ugrade Core Low, RAN Online Yelling Panda, Supreme Destiny Nightmare or the Audition Fan box? Then validate your mobile phone now!

It´s that easy!

Not satisfied? Then check out the other cool in-games items we have in store for you if you validate your mobile phone.


Upgrade Core Low
Upgrade Core Medium
Chaos Lamp
Upgrade Core High
Astral Bike – Blue 1 Day
Astral Board – X2 Red 1 Day
Halloween Costume 1 Day
Return Core 7 Days

Ran Online

Yelling Panda [7D]
Cheese Rat [7D]
Jirm Bear [7D]
Cresent Fury [7D]
Noobz Survival Kit
Upgraded Support Potion [100]
Upgraded High Class HP Recovery Potion [500]
Pet Ranny Bear
Sable MarkII Hoverboard

Supreme Destiny

Alice Symbol
Colorless Scroll
Bigger Potion
Fairy Crystal
Magical Bean (Green)
Grade E Replacement
God Fate
Silver Brick (10Mil)


Fashion Box
Philippine Music ticket
Piggy Baby

And you’ll be getting more. By validating your mobile phone that you registered with your e-Games account, you will be given focused costumer support and a whole load of exclusive e-Games account services such as:

* Account Lock and Unlock
* Server and Popularity Voting
* Invites to Seasonal in-Game tournaments and events
* Paid Character Transfers and Name change

Log onto the e-Games portal and click on the Change and Validate Mobile phone tab. Follow the instructions and send to 2948.

Smart and Globe subscribers will be charged for P2.50 per SMS while Sun subscribers will be charged P2.00 per SMS.

That´s all you need to pay to get the e-Games Account services support and the sweet free in-game item. So Validate your mobile number now! Log onto e-Games site now!

“What can I do to be a real man?”
- Quoted from the mischievous kids Ramiro & Tiburon


”Cheeky and mischievous” that’s what they all used to call us. I can still vividly remember the days we poked fun at all the girls in Granado Espada. All that came to an end with Sister Lisa and Brunie, when they decided that we should be taught a lesson. Boy, did we get spanked hard! They told us to look for Jack, and that he’ll be glad to show us the ropes.

Our first stop was the Reboldoeux Stone Pit, to look for Jack. He taught us the first golden rule of being a manly man.

“Real man… To be a real man, you have to have a lot of money!”

That was definitely a trap to lure us in. He had us break stones for him to make perfect construction rocks and rewarded us with a gold piece. I mean… ONE MEASLY GOLD PIECE for all that hard work?! I’d rather be learning from Andre.

And so, we went on to look for the “Manliest man in Granado Espada”, some may say. That was a wrong choice. We were forced to try out Andre’s specially designed costumes.

“When you look at these clothezzz, can you not feeeel ze beauty of fassion?!

He babbled on and on about the importance of fashion which makes real man. Seeing we weren’t quite buying his ideas, he shooed us away to Claude, stressing on the point we were as low class as Claude.

Traumatized, we hurried to look for Claude.

“Being a real man is the dream of little boys. When I was at a young age, I defeated three big bears all at the same time!”

Finally, someone who knows what we are talking about. We should have gone to Claude in the first place. Through Claude’s teachings, we are now embarking on a new journey of self discovery…

So how do I start the quest?

For Ramiro’s upgrade quest, head to Port of Coimbra and look for Lisa Lynway. You will require [Veteran] Ramiro, Hurdy-Gurdy Costume and 20 Mystery Powders to exchange for the Superior Hurdy-Gurdy Costume.

For Tiburon’s upgrade quest, head to Cite de Reboldoeux and look for Brunie Etienne. You will require [Veteran] Tiburon, Hurdy-Gurdy Costume and 20 Mystery Powders to exchange for the Superior Hurdy-Gurdy Costume.

So, for youngs boys aspiring to be manly men, make sure you have the...Superior Hurdy-Gurdy Costume.

New Premium Items

Name: The Janzur Collection
Description: A random box that may give you the “Sylphic Wings”, a back costume.
Price: 330 G.Points per Random Box

Name: Claude’s Crate
Description: A random box that may give you the “Sakura Branch”, a weapon for Wizards.
Price: 330 G.Points per Random Box

Name: Claude’s Crate
Description: A random box that may give you the “Silver Skullic Bracer”, a weapon for Elementalists.

Price: 330 G.Points per Random Box