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Flyffers, get ready for one wild ride! The lands of Roika will be getting its latest and greatest patch to date! V12, the Forsaken Tower.

So to whet every Flyff player’s appetite out there of what’s to come, here is a sneak peak of what’s coming with Flyff’s latest patch!

Lord System
Accessible only to Master Classes, after vying for the position, the community will then vote on who is deserving to reign over them. Once a leader has been selected, they will have power to set bonus xp events, the power to increase drop rates and even give amazing buffs to any player he chooses. The Lord even gets to don the regal Lord’s set during their regime to ensure that he or she will be a cut above the rest.

Forsaken Tower
There’s a new tower filled with new monsters and quests exclusive only for the 2nd job classes (Knight, Blade, Psykeeper, Elementor, Bill Poster, Ring Master, Jester, and Ranger)

Monster inside this creepy tower ranges from levels 62 up to 120! Adventurers beware, only the strong can survive a trip down these dark halls and live to tell about them!

Secret Rooms!
It has been said that the Forsaken Tower has secret rooms within that hold amazing prizes for the brave team that is able to find and cut their way through to one of these rooms. It has been rumored to grant whoever enters the ability to influence Madrigal itself and control over Roika’s lands.

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