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Level Up! Ragnarok Online Philippines

Heroes of Midgard!

It’s our honor to present to you….. The MVP Scrolls!!

These special premium items are awesome and powerful buffs that were derived from various MVP Boss Card Abilities. Since they’re buffs, you can still slot anything you want in your weapons or armors.

Contains 10 Ghostring scrolls
Ghost property on Armors for 1 minute.
Effect stays upon death
Disabled: trade, drop, mail, NPC selling
Enabled: Kafra
4,000 Rok Pts. (PHP 200)

This buff combined with Unfrozen Armor will make you a walking fortress on the battlefield!

Phreeoni Scroll Box
Contains 10 Phreeoni Scrolls
+100 Hit for 3 minutes
Disabled: trade, drop, mail, NPC selling
Enabled: Kafra
4,000 Rok Pts. (PHP 200)

This scroll, on the other hand, will turn you into an offensive juggernaut!

*These items will only be applied in Valkyrie and Valhalla

With these items, take your game to the next level!

New Costumes

Name: Centurion Costume
Description: A costume designed to honor the war heroes of Reboldoeux
GPoints: 7,700 6,160 (Only from 28 Aug '08 to 4 Sept '08)

Name: Coimbra Trooper Costume
Description: A combat costume designed for the new Coimbra Troopers
GPoints: 7,700 6,160 (Only from 28 Aug '08 to 4 Sept '08)

Name: Auch Infantry Costume
Description: A military costume that used to be worn by Auch Officers
GPoints: 7,700 6,160 (Only from 28 Aug '08 to 4 Sept '08)

Super Centurion Quest

Head to Cite de Reboldoeux and approach Domingo with a [Veteran] Reboldoeux Soldier to initiate the quest to upgrade your Centurion Costume to a Super Centurion Costume. You will require 20 Mystery Powders as well.

e-Games Cabal Online Philippines Wizard Warrior

As recognition for your zealousness, e-Games is rewarding you, esteemed CABALists, with awesome prizes and in-game items if you and your friends grind in the newly launched CABAL Online Server-Neptune.

Now is a great time for you to be the best Cabal warrior at Neptune. Create your own legend and do more!

And there’s more! All that work that goes into your character and rising up from the ranks will be greatly rewarded !

Gamers who reach certain levels in-game stand a chance to win amazing in-game items.
Curious on how to join? Read on and find out!

* All gamers with CABAL Online accounts and Characters in Neptune Server are eligible to join.
* Level up your characters to win special premium items!

Race to level 50 [Neptune Server Characters only]
If you reach Level 50 by September 9, you will automatically get the following in-game Items:
  • 7D Unreleased Avatar Costume [Account Binding]
  • Blessing Bead Maximum Package [Account Binding]
  • 1-Day Green Astral Board X [Account Binding]

Race to Level 100 [Neptune Server Characters only]
If you reach Level 100 by September 9, you will automatically get the following in-game Items:

  • 7D Unreleased Avatar Costume [Account Binding]
  • Blessing Bead Maximum Package [Account Binding]
  • 1-Day Regular Blue Astral Bike [Account Binding]
  • All gamers who reach Level 100 by September 9th will also get a chance to win a +5 3-Slotted Osmium Set [Account Binding]. Only twenty (20) lucky gamers will be given a chance to win these cool in-game gears in the raffle. So start playing!

Get ready for another one-of-a-kind experience in CABAL Online!


The day… has finally come. Join the Battlesmith Idge as she starts her pioneering adventure here in Granado Espada. Now available in the premium item mall for only 15,000 G.Points!


Also released last August 21 is the new Melee-type Veteran Stances! Seek out the Researcher in Bahama Base Camp for more information! Go on, and wreak havoc today!

Mighty Cruz

This is an enhanced stance from [Blandir Cruz]. You can attack several enemies at the same time with a long and wide reach. At Level 25, this stance will grant you +30% Attack Speed, +12% Critical Rate and +10 Blocking.


Sharp Scythe
Range: Up to 5 enemies 6M away and within a 1M radius
Cooldown: 7 seconds
Requires: 150 SP
Description: A running sweep aimed for your enemies’ legs
Power: 540% ATK


Energy Boom
Range: Up to 6 enemies nearby
Cooldown: 10 seconds
Requires: 200 SP
Description: Brandish weapon to accumulate energy and unleashes an explosive stab to enemies
Power: 1105% ATK, -30 Enemy DEF and Additional 50% damage to enemies with [Heavy Armor]


Savage Hatchet
Range: 1 adjacent enemy
Cooldown: 15 seconds
Requires: 250 SP
Description: Slashes mercilessly at one enemy
Power: 2597% ATK and -40 Enemy DEF


Demonic Discharge
Range: Up to 6 enemies nearby
Cooldown: 20 seconds
Requires: 300 SP
Description: A flurry of frontal slashes that damages multiple enemies
Power: 1266% ATK, -50 Enemy DEF and Additional 50% damage to enemies with [Heavy Armor]

Low Guard

This is an enhanced stance from [Middle-Guard], specially designed for increased ATK speed. At Level 25, this stance will grant you +30% Attack Speed and +12% Critical Rate.


Range: 1 enemy within a range of 7M
Cooldown: 7 seconds
Requires: 100 SP
Description: Unleash a triple attack on your enemy
Power: 853% ATK


Saber Charge
Range: Up to 5 enemies 6M away and within a 1M radius
Cooldown: 7 seconds
Requires: 150 SP
Description: A forceful charge that knocks your enemies away
Power: 410% ATK


Breathless Violation
Range: Up to 3 adjacent enemies
Cooldown: 15 seconds
Requires: 250 SP
Description: A slashing attack to multiple enemies
Power: 1071% ATK and Double damage to enemies with [Soft Armor]


Dimension Tear
Range: 1 adjacent enemy
Cooldown: 20 seconds
Requires: 300 SP
Description: This powerful attack will cause your enemy to feel torn apart by dimensional forces
Power: 2446% ATK and -50 Enemy DEF

Raid Assault

This is an enhanced stance from [Corte Duplicado]. It allows you to attack enemies with a series of simultaneous attacks. At Level 25, this stance will grant you +25% Attack Speed, +25% Critical Rate and +5 Blocking.


Range: 1 adjacent enemy
Cooldown: None
Requires: 100 SP
Description: Unleash two quick attacks and moves behind enemy to inflict a mortal wound
Power: 1667% ATK, Additional 50% damage to enemies and inflicts [Mortal Wound]


Range: Up to 6 enemies 9M away
Cooldown: 15 seconds
Requires: 200 SP
Description: A spinning attack that damages nearby enemies
Power: 610% ATK


Sonic Slice
Range: Up to 8 enemies 7.2M away and within a 0.6M radius
Cooldown: 15 seconds
Requires: 250 SP
Description: Allows you to break through enemy lines with quick leaps and powerful slashes
Power: 1171% ATK


Feral Tooth
Range: 1 adjacent enemy
Cooldown: 20 seconds
Requires: 300 SP
Description: A ferocious rampage, resembling a fierce beast attacking with its teeth
Power: 3184% ATK, -50 Enemy DEF and 100% chance to inflict [Mortal Wound]

Level Up! Perfect World Online Philippines

Summons from the great General Wan Luan:

“Heroes and warriors, heed my call! It`s been merely a week since father had been slain and up until now, I am deeply troubled by his loss… I know there are those who remain loyal to my father, and to our clan, thus, I summon for all brave souls who wish to join me in my quest to regain the honor that my clan rightfully deserves. Once I have created an army, strong enough to join my cause, I assure you; we will take the heat of the battle to our enemies and win this war!”

How to join the JadeArmy:

In the coming weeks, we will be having events for Revenge of the Jade Throne (ROJT); these events will be your way in to the JadeArmy.

Here are the current ROJT events:
• Battle Arena (Live event)
• Assembly of the War Councils
• Warrior’s Brawl

Winning through the ROJT events will grant you an invite to the JadeArmy.

What do we do once we`re in the Clan?

Join us in attacking territories and in events for ROJT. This is your chance to join the Territorial War and even own a Territory if you haven’t been invited to a clan before.

What do we get from Joining the Jade Army?

You get to fight in Territorial Wars alongside the story NPCs (Gen. Wan Luan) and the Divinities (FelMaiden, SteelWing, MeiShen, StormHoof, SkyeMist, DreadFang and SamHok) inside the clan. If we`re able to defeat a Clan, then own a territory as well.

Just remember, we will not give any Yuan, Items, and Weapons, Armors or Item Mall items to keep the Story Event fair.

What if we go against the Jade Empire (Clan JadeArmy)?

If your clan wants to challenge the Empire, then feel free to do so. We will always max bid (200m Yuan) a Territory. So if you beat the JadeArmy, you`re guaranteed maximum returns after a Territorial War.

How long can I stay?

You will only be allowed to stay until the next recruitment drive comes. In short, once we started recruiting again for the JadeArmy, that’s the time for you to leave the Clan unless you qualify again and win the recruitment events.

Is there any other way for me to join the JadeArmy rather than winning the events?

None. We will always have events that will grant an invite to the JadeArmy, the Empire`s Clan. So make sure you’re updated with the latest events for Perfect World.

Heroes of Midgard!

Check out the newest animated headgear – the Robo Eye!

Robo Eye (animated)

Dex +1
Atk / Matk +2%
Def: 1
Disabled: Drop
Enabled: trade, kafra, cart, mail, NPC selling
Equipped on Middle Slot
Available on: All Servers
7,000 Rok Pts. (PHP 350)

The Robo Eye is an animated headgear that is stylish and functional at the same time. Note that this is applied to the middle slot, which means that you can still wear Upper and Lower Headgear of your choice. So what are you waiting for? Get one while supplies last!

Calling all Brave Heroes of Midgard!

The Paranormal Society of Midgard discovered the spirit of King Tristan III lurking in the shadows of one of the Castles of Midgard.

This is a concern for the Royal Family and they are willing to handsomely reward those who can help exorcise the castle.

Everybody ready for a ghost hunt?

P2P Servers: Aug 30, Siege time, 4-6pm
F2P Servers: Aug 30, Siege time, 2-4pm

1. Vanguards will break the Yssnelf agit to signal the start of King Tristan III’s appearances.
2. Players / Guilds should claim ownership of the Yssnelf agit.
3. Guild that owns the agit after siege time will get the prizes.

Prizes & Awarding:
Guild Master will get the following:

P2P Servers:

+7 Personalized Solar God Helm

20 Poring Cake Hats for the members

500 Speed Potions

5 Ghostring Scrolls

F2P Servers:

+ 0 Personalized Solar God Helm

20 Poring Cake Hats for the members

500 Speed Potions

5 Ghostring Scrolls

In-game prizes will be awarded to the Guild Master AFTER the SIEGE.

Level Up! Inc. Philippines

Now’s your chance to show everyone your artistry and creativity!

The Annual Level Up! National Art Competition is back! So prepare your art materials, think up a storm and create your masterpiece based on the theme:

Level Up! Live 2008: Rise of the Gaming Gods


Open to all games: Ragnarok, Perfect World, RF Online, Flyff, Silkroad & Freestyle
a. Digital Art
- Junior – 1st Place
- Senior – 1st – 3rd Place
b. Conventional Art
- Junior – 1st Place
- Senior – 1st – 3rd Place

Eligibility & Registration:

a. The drawing competition is open to all Filipinos, player or non-player of Level Up! Games.

b. Age Requirements – 16 years old and below can join the Junior Division. 17 years old and above can join the Senior division.

c. Art Categories – Any artwork rendered through a computer and a software program such as Photoshop, MS Paint and the likes are considered DIGITAL ART. Otherwise, it will be classified as CONVENTIONAL ART.

d. REGISTRATION: To register, please download the application form, fill it up completely and send it along with your entry to 11th Flr., Pacific Star Bldg., Makati Ave. cor. Sen. Gil Puyat Ave., Makati City 1200 and look for GM Cassiel.

e. Contestants will receive a confirmation sheet with a registration number for record purposes. Kindly keep this application number.

a. Submission of entries shall be from August 18, 2008 to October 3, 2008.
b. The finals will be held during the Level Up! Live event on October 18 – 19, 2008. Please wait for the official notice regarding time.

General Conditions
a. The size of the artwork must be exactly 18 in. x 20 in. (unframed). All entries must be original and must not have been previously exhibited or awarded a prize in another drawing contest. Entrants may use any kind of medium (e.g. digital/computer art, watercolor, oil, pastel, mixed media, etc.) but entry must not exceed three (3) Kilograms in weight. Entrants must declare the type of media that they used in the artwork.

b. Entrants are required to come up with at least a 200-word essay (500 words maximum) essay on their artwork. The essay should contain some information about themselves and an explanation of their entry and its relation to the theme.

c. The entry should be covered for protection with a plastic cover along with a COPY of a filled and valid application form on the back of the entry (the application form can be downloaded from the website).

d. All entries must be properly labeled with the following:

i. Artist

1. Complete Name,
2. Complete address
3. Landline number, mobile phone number
4. e-mail address)
5. Account’s username and server (if any)

ii. Title of Entry

iii. Medium (provide a detailed description of materials used and techniques employed)

e. All participants must submit the following documents:

i. Brief Curriculum Vitae / Bio Data

ii. 1 recent 2”x2” colored ID photo with the applicant’s name on the back (must have a protective tape)

iii. Preliminary sketch of the artwork that they passed.

iv. Fully completed application / registration form from Level Up! National Art Competition.

v. Essay

f. Participants can submit an unlimited number of entries, with each entry having the listed requirements.

g. All entries must be unframed, dry, properly packed and labeled. Entries using paper must have a protective backing (corrugated board) as support and transparent cover (cellophane or plastic film).

h. Failure to comply with the rules and regulations shall automatically disqualify the participant.

i. Level Up! Inc. may photograph contestant entries at its discretion. Entry into this contest constitutes an agreement by the entrants to allow Level Up! Inc. to use their entry’s likeness/image, etc in any current/future advertisement, promotion, or product.

j. Level Up! Inc. reserves the right to disqualify any entry deemed inappropriate for the contest.

k. All winning, and non-redeemed artwork shall become the property of Level Up Philippines and can be used for any legal purpose it may deem necessary.

Criteria for Judging / Winning Conditions
20% - Relevance to the theme
20% - Delivery of the essay
20% - Workmanship
20% - Creativity and Distinctiveness
20% - Overall Impact
100% Total

a. The judges will determine the winner(s) for each award category based on the criteria

b. A winner can only win once. All winners will receive a Certificate courtesy of Level Up! Games Inc. and of course, the prizes below

c. Judges’ decision will be FINAL.

Winner(s) List

a. Winners will be posted on LU Website and The Level Up! Live website 1 week after the competition.

b. Winners will be announced on stage in the event at the LIVE 2008 grand event.

c. Only after the exhibition can non-winning artworks be retrieved by the artist or his/her authorized representative from the Level Up! office. Artworks not retrieved after the 15th of November, shall not be returned anymore and shall become the property of Level Up.


In addition to Certificates of Participation, the winners shall also receive an in-game item and the following:

a. Digital Art
Senior Division
1st Place – 10,000 cash
2nd Place – 7,000 cash
3rd Place – 5,000 cash

Junior Division
1st Place – 5,000 cash

b. Conventional Art
Senior Division
1st Place – 10,000 cash
2nd Place – 7,000 cash
3rd Place – 5,000 cash

Junior Division
1st Place – 5,000 cash

Level Up! Perfect World Philippines

Heroes of the Perfect World!

Good news!

There will be no Registration fee for Battle Arena Events starting this Saturday on Battle Arena - Cabanatuan.


e-Games Supreme Destiny Philippines

Get ready to troop to Merchant Nell after the server maintenance as the Armian gods provide God weapons and armors in Supreme Boxes!

If you’re still left in the dark, grab this opportunity to get godly items from the fabled Armian merchant herself!

To know more about the latest edition of Surprise Boxes, check out the list below.

Surprise Box 1 Contents:
- Surprise Box 2
- Surprise Box 1
- Water Scroll (M) x 2
- Silver Coin (5M)
- Fate of God Dragon x 2

Surprise Box 2 Contents:
- Surprise Box 3
- Surprise Box 1
- Water Scroll (A) x 2
- Lightness Stone
- Silver Coin (10M)

Surprise Box 3 Contents:
- Treasure Box 9
- Surprise Box 2
- Armageddon (28% MAP)
- Adventia (28% MAP)
- Supreme Desire (28% MAP)

Treasure Box 9 Contents:
- Treasure Box 13
- Plus7 Flare Battle Suit
- Plus7 Heavenly Chainmail
- Plus7 Fenrir Armor
- Plus7 Thor Armor

Treasure Box 13 Contents:
- 100% Success Fate of Dragon God
- Odysee's Blessing Book
- Celestial Star Book
- Silver Brick (100M)
- Hippogriff Spirit

Click on the image below to view the larger version!

Amped Warrock Online Philippines Praktis Tournaments in Cebu

Click on the image below for the larger version.

MyGame Special Force Online Gauntlet Super Sale

Hiyee Flyffers!

Want to try your luck in dice? Just visit this NPC in Flaris, Saint Morning and Darkon Town!

Talk to the Dice Manager to play the mini-game:

You can bid a range of 100 – 100,000,000 penya and you can place bid on all the numbers.

You can win 5 times the amount you bid. For example, if you bid 10,000 penya on the number 4 and that number came out, your total winning will be 50,000 penya. Or you bid 100,000 penya, then the corresponding total winning will be 500,000 penya. The more you bid, the higher your winnings!

Event Runs from August 27 to September 10, 2008. Good luck!

Beginning 29th August and ending on 29th October 2008, EagleGames will run a Refer-A-Friend program where you stand to win gorgeous prizes and rewards for every new friend you bring into the HighStreet 5 community! Note that your friend must register for a new account AND top-up his or her account for it to be considered a successful referral. If you refer a total of 5 new users to HS5 successfully in this time period, you will be automatically entered into a lucky draw where you stand to win a pair of gorgeous snowy Angel Wings (30 days)!

You can refer your friends to HS5 in the following 2 ways:

1. Build a Personal Link
Log into your account here to get your personal link and put it on your MSN, YM Skype, Forum signature, etc. so that your friends can click on your link and register for HS5 through your link. Note that this link is unique and belongs only to you.

2. Send Your Friends an Invitation Message
Log into your account here and fill in the form on your account page and press the 'Submit' button to send the invitation message to your friends.

What's in store for you (as a Referee)?

Below are details for what you will win if you refer a friend successfully.

Your friend must complete registration for a new account and top-up his or heraccount within 30 days of registration. You will then receive special items which are not available in the in game Mall! The prize you will receive will be given according to how much your friend tops-up within the 30-day period right after registration:




Fallen Feather X 4


Diamond treasure box X5


Pepsecoke X 8


Yellow Grape Wine X 5

What's in store for your friend (as a referral) ?

Besides 200,000 free scores, your friend will also get Free Gifts according to his/her individual top-up amounts. The table below is what your friends will get if s/he tops-up in 30 days from the time s/he registers.


Free Gifts


Diamond treasure box X 4


Super Megaphone X3


Dinosaur Egg X 8


Blood of the T-Rex X 4

Great prizes will start to rush in after your friends have successfully registered and top-up for HS5! What are you waiting for? Scroll down your contact list and get all your friends to play the hottest dancing game in the country right now!


1. Fallen Feather: Special item. You will get a pair of feathery divine Angel Wings after you collect 25 fallen feathers and exchange it in any dance hall.
2. Diamond Treasure Box: Special item which is not available in the in game mall. You will have a high chance to get special items from Diamond Treasure Box. You may get fallen feather, valuable clothes or precious items from it. It is to be put in the item column before you draw from it randomly generated items; cool down time 2 seconds.
3. Dinosaur Egg: Dance Power up 155 points immediately
4. Yellow Grape Wine: Both Dance Power and Excitation up 6 points, every 2 seconds
5. Blood of the T-Rex: Dance Power up 40 points every 2 seconds
6. Super Megaphone: A magical in-game item that helps broadcast your messages on both servers, fantasy 1, fantasy 2 and fantasy 3.

7. Pepse coke: Special item which is not available in the in game mall. Each one replenishes Vitality 200 points immediately.

Top Guild Competition has concluded. And now Highstreet 5 proudly presents the winners of HighStreet 5 Top Guild Competition.

The 2 Guild Leaders Valerra and _mYe_ will get a VIP Title and these following items (Mischievous Lightning Bolt X 30, Mischievous Flying Brick X 30 and Megaphone X10) as a prize.

And all the rest guild members will get these following items (Mischievous Lightning Bolt X 10, Mischievous Flying Brick X 5) as a prize.

Prize will be sent via in-game mail in three working days.

Congratulations for all the winners! Enjoy!

By Alexander Villafania

MANILA, Philippines — “Perfect World” might be associated with game publisher Level-Up! but its maker, Beijing-based Perfect World Co. Ltd, is also dealing with another Filipino game publisher, IP e-Games, to launch a new massively multiplayer online role playing game.

In the latest first half of 2008 financial report of IP e-Games parent company IPVG, the company revealed that Perfect World Co. Ltd has tapped IP e-Games to operate “Zhu Xian” in the Philippines.

No other details about the partnership or the game were given in the disclosure.

Perfect World Co. Ltd already has a partnership with Level-Up! in the Philippines for the MMORPG “Perfect World.” A quick visit of the company’s website showed several other titles that it developed, one of which includes “Zhu Xian.”

According to the site, the game’s influence was a widely popular Internet novel of the same name. The game itself will delve heavily on the Chinese martial arts culture set in a fantasy world. Characters will have martial arts skills, obtain magical weapons and treasures.

View the trailer below.

Level Up! Crazy Kart Philippines Perfect World Cross Over EventSince hindi natuloy ang PW Crossover nung August 14, eto na ang pinakahihintay ng mga PW players, ang PW Crossover Grand Prix! At para makabawi sila sa inyo, bibigyan kayo ng 2 oras for this event!

August 28 and 29, 2008 (4:00PM – 5:00PM)

PW Crossover Grand Prix!

Event Mechanics as follows:
1. Create a Crazy Kart account at
2. On the game date and time, log-in to Crazy Kart and in the game lobby, find the official room mentioned by the GM (room number) and enter the special password.
3. Every race can only accommodate seven (7) players
4. KARERA NA at LABANAN ang iyong friendly neighborhood GM!
5. The winner of every race will get 150,000 Crazy Kart Gold points for his CK account, in which he/she can immediately use to buy Karts and items only found in our Item Mall.
6. Awarding will be on the spot. So please remain logged in until you get your CK prize. In case the winner gets disconnected while waiting for his prize to be awarded, we advise him/her to immediately reconnect to the game. Failure to comply means that your prizes will not be sent by the system.


7. After the races on the said day, the Crazy Kart team will inform your PW GM who among the racers got the fastest time and if you’re the lucky one you get the chance to get the following goodies:


8. The GM will announce and award this when the winner goes on-line.


• You can only win once….so do your best. Meaning a player once he gets first place can no longer join the succeeding official races for the day.
• In the event that there might be unforeseen problems that may occur while running the tournament, please be informed that only the CK GM Team will have the final decision.
• In case of unforeseen problems, GMs have the authority to revise mechanics for the said day only.
• Disconnected users will be automatically considered out of the race. They can however, rejoin in the succeeding races. There will be no race restarts in case anyone will be disconnected while racing.

Featured GMs:
- FelMaiden
- SamHok
- MeiShen

BeThere: Olympics 2008

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Level Up! BeThere Philippines Olympics 2008

e-Games Cabal Online Philippines Wizard WarriorCalling all brave CABALists!

The dark forces have amassed, plunging the world of Nevareth into complete chaos and mayhem. It is up to you to aid GM Amethy in this noble quest to rid the world of evil monsters.

Hunt for the required items with GM Amethy every Thursday and help restore her powers as she can be a worthy ally in this perilous journey. Take on the challenge and prove yourselves worthy of becoming Nevareth’s staunchest defenders!

Event Background


Get the most coolest and fashionable gear out there! Score some hoops with flaire and poise and let the girls stare!

Maging COOL ka sa school ng Freestyle habang suot tong malulupit na items!!

All playaz are invited as we are slashing the prices of your favorite items starting August 27 until September 1, 2008 ONLY!!


Dagdagan pa ng 10% OFF pag meron kang PREMIUM CARD! Total of 50% DISCOUNT! 50% DISCOUNT! 50% DISCOUNT!

- Martial Arts Uniform (m)
- Ninja Uniform (f)
- Brown Leather Style (m)
- The Mummi (m and f)
- Cowgirl Style (f)
- FS Hood Set (m)
- Corny Style Set (f)
- Double Layer Set (m)
- Sporty n bright (f)

Breaking Free

Winner of Live FREE! Live with STYLE! Screenshot Contest!

- Character Name: Tiffan01
- Items Used: Baby Mouth Bubble and Chocolate Maid Set

“We are living in different places, living our lives with different style.. But when Freestyle Online Basketball came, the barriers were broken and we are now playing as one team with one goal.. To Live Free with SYLE and NEVA LOSE!”

What are you waiting for?!

Hurry while supplies last!!!!

We Neva lose!

Eligibility and Mechanics
- All Active Freestyle accounts may join

Duration and Schedules

- Live FREE! Live with STYLE! Discount starts on August 27 until September 1, 2008

General Conditions
- Player must have a Freestyle account

e-Games Supreme Destiny PhilippinesGreetings Noble Warrior!

The great GM Amethy requires your assistance. The evil Kepra Monster that invaded Armia days ago actually managed to steal most of GM Amethy’s powers! With her powers, she will not be able to help players and hold off the terrible monsters that plague Armia. . It is up to you, warriors of Supreme Destiny, to help regain it. Join her as she asks fateful players to get her items that she requires to regain her powers.

Hunt for GM Amethy Event Mechanics.

• GM Amethy will appear Every Friday in random maps and at random times .
• She will announce what item she is looking for and announce the clues on where she can be found.
• The first player to trade her the item wins an special costume.

And what is the prize for helping GM Amethy? A brand new exclusive EP Costume!

So be ready next Friday and the next several Fridays for the Hunt for GM Amethy Event!