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Wuxia / Swordsman Wuxia are the warriors of the human race. They are experts in melee weapons such as; swords, pole arms and fighting gauntlets. Emphasizing strength over all other attributes, Wuxia are the frontline fighters in group quests and serve as the backbone of infantry units during territorial battles.

Fashi / Mage Fashi are the spell casters. Though they can also carry light physical weapons, they rely heavily on magic and invocation to achieve their objectives and are quite effective against monsters with similar attributes. They provide good cover for their companions in quests and act as rear support in battles. Also, they absorb skills and can even develop their own set of abilities as they level up.


Yumang / Archer Yumang are the fighters and guardians for the Yu or Wing race, those born with the natural ability to fly in Perfect World. They employ ranged weapons such as long bows, crossbows and slingshots. Since these weapons are more effective at a distance, Yumang also carry backup melee weapons, though strength is not their biggest asset. It is their excellent dexterity that makes them good shots.

Yuling / Mystic Yuling or clerics are the healers in Perfect World. They can use staffs or a light weapon for combat, their primary calling is to support others in quests. Yulings serve as the medics during battles.


Yaoshou / Werebeast Yaoshou are fighter Werebeasts who specialize in melee combat with heavy weapons such as battle axes and war hammers. They can also take on animal form to increase their fighting abilities. They are the tankers both in quest and battle, and serve as the power chargers against most opponents. All Yaoshou are male.

Yaojing / Fairy Yaojing or Fairies are the female counterparts of the Yaoshou, though they use different techniques. They use magic and can change into an animal, the fox, to further their capabilities. They are attractive and charming characters that can tantalize its foes and allies. They can also employ pets which are of great help, especially in combat; since this doubles the Yaojing’s fighting capacity. Their lighter stature, though, makes them quicker and more agile.

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