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Get ready to embark on a new adventure in Nostale!

e-Games brings a new gaming title that will give more than usual dose of action and adventure found in most MMORPG! This new game will let you enjoy the benefits of meaningful interaction with friends and fellow gamers!

Nostale, or the Tale of the Nomad of Silver Spirit, is about the adventures of characters from the continent of Eastmile. The game is built on the concept of growth and ownership, featuring cute and loveable characters depicted in Manhwa (comics/print cartoons) style art.

What’s so special about this game? Plenty.

The game’s quest system called Main Quest is story based. The story line is classified into Acts, which progresses into a number of scenes as the players advance through the story line.

Players start off in the game as Adventurers until they reach a certain level to promote their characters to become one of the 3 main classes: (1) Swordsman (2) Archer and (3) Sorcerer. Characters are further upgraded in terms of skills and abilities through the use of Specialist Cards, which are attainable in quests.

One of the more unique features of the game is the Nosmate companion system. Players can capture Pets and Non Playing Characters (NPCs), which they can control to help them in their quests.

Players can likewise have their own Mini Land, or a place where they can put up houses and other objects. The Mini Land provides players with opportunities to socialize with other gamers, as well as train their Nosmates.

Aside from bringing the game to the local shores, e-Games will likewise serve as the payment gateway for Nostale, through the e-Points cards. By purchasing these game cards, players will be able to purchase Nostale Cash, the currency used to buy special items from the in-game item shop.

“I’m really excited to introduce Nostale to Philippine players through the partnership with IP e-Games, the biggest gaming company in the country. What pleases me the most is that we can now give Philippine players a chance to meet up with players all over the world in our casual RPG game,” said Kevin Song, CEO of Servex Co., Ltd., publishers of the game’s Global service.

“Our PH gamers can expect great in-game and live events for Nostale. Rest assured that e-Games will take good care and give its full support to the Nostale PH community,” said Sonny Carlos, e-Games Product Manager for Nostale Philippines.

So, do you feel like you’re up for a grand adventure? Make sure to join Nostale this November 2008! Visit for more information!

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