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Sims 3 for PS3 Xbox360 Wii DS
Sleepless nights are coming ^^

Eight More Jump Ship from Infinity Ward
'Nuff said.

Violent Games Can Make You Smarter
I should have told mom about this when I was a kid.

More People Leave Infinity Ward

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Modern Warfare 2 Infinity Ward
They keep dropping like flies.

Assassin's Creed II Crack
It was only a matter of time.

Respawn Entertainment Hires Ex-Infinity Ward Crew
We here at PGW gave you guys a video of who's jumped ship from Infinity Ward amidst the controversies. Now there's been news that they have joined Respawn Entertainment, a company that was founded by former IW executives Jason West and Vince Zampella.

Read on to see who "respawned" at the new site... :)

Splinter Cell Conviction Marketing Fail
Marketing fail.

New Steam UI Next Week!

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Steam New UI
Major face-lift goodness!

Ubisoft: No More Game Manuals

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Ubisoft Going Green
Going green.

PS3 3.30 3D Update
The PS3 joins the 3D Craze.
That's a menacing logo you got there.

Crystal Xbox360
The shiniest Xbox360 ever, and it doesn't come cheap.

Nintendo 3DS October Launch
Maybe we don't have to wait too long.

Activision Infinity Ward Still Good
"We Treat Our Developers Extremely Well"

Ready to win that 100 million? 'Nuff said.

Boy Kills Dad Over Keyboard

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Boy Kills Dad Over Keyboard
Three words: W-T-F.

Infinity Ward Who Is Left
After most of it's senior staff jumped ship, let's see the one's still standing.

Crysis 2 Looks Best On PC

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Crysis 2 Looks Better on PC
Was it really surprising?

HighStreet5 Wicked Party Version Bug Fix
A little bug almost crashed the pary! Read on for the step by step guide on how to squash it...

Amped PH Closure
Has Amped succumbed to the pressures of the recession?

KOS Tournament is Coming

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KOS Secret Operations Pro Tour 2010
The MMFPS game from Level-Up has just announced the KOS Pro Tour 2010. This is happening on April 24, 2010.

In-Game Items Up for Grabs

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e-Games FacebookThe e-Games Facebook Fan Page is up and live!  Be a fan and get a chance to win in-game items from RAN Online, CABAL Online, Runes of Magic, Granado Espada, OP7 and Audition Dance Battle! Join the hottest and coolest gaming Fan Page in the Philippines!

Go to or click here to become a fan!!

Grand Chase PH Season 3
Level-Up Games Philippines just announced the Season 3 for Grand Chase here in the Philippines.

Visa cardholders and students in Asia Pacific can now use their knowledge of money management to pass, dribble and score their way to the 2010 FIFA World Cup TM with the launch of the Visa Financial Football competition in Asia Pacific.

Financial Football is a free, interactive video game which allows players to gain financial knowledge and put their money management know-how to the test. In conjunction with Visa’s sponsorship of the 2010 FIFA World CupTM, Visa will run the Financial Football competition in Asia Pacific from 5 April to 7 May 2010.

PGW Store Now Online!

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Yey! PGW now has a place to show you guys the best-selling games for the current-gen systems today! Check out the online store here or click the link at the navigation bar above. ^^

Diablo III Isn't Coming In 2010

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Is it turning out to be just like Duke Nukem Forever?

PS3 3.21 OtherOS Hack

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PS3 OtherOS Hack
Last March, Sony announced that they will disable support for the PS3's OtherOS feature. Most gamers don't use this feature so it wasn't really an issue but for those who do use it, it's simply bad news.

A PS3 owner vowed to create a "workaround" for this by hacking into his own console. He succeeded and posted a video instruction for people to do the same.

View the video by clicking below...

Latest DotA Map 6.67c Released

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DotA 6.67c
The newest map for DotA has been released.

To download the new map, click the links below:

To read the changelog, click below.