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With the recent release of v.2.9 game patch, Secrets of the Underground, Pioneers of Granado Espada Philippines are in for an incredible ride! Several in-game events will bring new adventures and excitement in the New World.

Creativity, skill and brawn are just some of the qualities necessary to survive in Granado Espada, and these same characteristics will be put to the test! e-Games has prepared contests will not just set the mood for a competitive spirit, but will likewise bring the fun to the vibrant GE community.

Think you’re up to the challenge? Here’s your chance to win great stuff! Check out the contest list below, pick the ones you’d like to join and get ready for fun in this side of the New World!

[Forums] Story telling Event

Once upon a time, there was a New World family who decided to pen a horrific story they experienced while exploring the mysteries of Prison de Joaquin…

Storytellers, this is your chance to express your creative side! Post your creative scary story at the GE Forums! The world of Granado Espada is rich with mysteries and secrets that’s just perfect for creepy and dark tales. Has your family encountered a scary situation while doing your quests? Want to expound on the back stories of the Three Year War and the secrecy behind the Vespanolan Nobles? The possibilities are endless!

The most creative and spookiest story will win 10x10 ABS!

Contest starts on 7 November 2008. Deadline for submission of entries is on 14 November 2008. Post your entries here.

[In-Game] Rise of the Baron

There are times when going to the lawful side of evil can reap you benefits.

It’s time to dish out the pain and some mean competition in the PK server, Bach! Players on Baron Mode better be on the lookout for GMs who will be paying the Barons a friendly visit.

If the GM spots you with the mark of a Baron, you’ll win 10x10 ABS and 10 Health Fillers!

How to qualify as a Baron:

For Bach server players, activate Baron Mode by right clicking an opponent, then choose the Forced Attack option. The mark of the Baron (i.e., the red skull atop your characters’ heads) must be visible in your characters.

For Rembrandt server players, equip the Wheel of Destiny back costume.

The hunt for Barons begins on 14 November 2008.

[Tournament] Route a la Domination

Are you in the mood to challenge the best players in a PvP tournament? Say no more! It’s time to let the whole community know the best Pinoy PvP players!

* The 2 vs. 2 PvP event is exclusive to PH GE gamers only.
* Registrations and PvP venue will be posted in the GE forums.
* The first 8 teams per server to register will be accepted in the tournament.
* Participants will be given 5 minutes to prepare in every match.
* Tournament starts at 6PM, 21 November 2008.
* Participants will be using their own GE accounts.
* The first team to eliminate the opposing team will be declared the winner of the math.
* The tournament will be a single round robin match for the Elimination Round, and a best of three match for the Final Round.

Prize: The winning team will receive 1 Item of the Month and 10x10 ABS.

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