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Cool Games @ GCA 2008!

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By Alexander Villafania

SINGAPORE — The first day of the Games Convention Asia (GCA) 2008 has shown how big the size of the gaming market is for Asia. People trickled in to see the latest games from Electronic Arts (EA), Ubisoft, Crytek.

Apart from displays of game peripherals for console games and the PC, Asian gaming companies were also here to showcase games they have developed. Also, several companies were preparing to launch titles for the Asian markets during the event. Notable is EA, which showcased a new lineup of online games specifically targeting the Asian market.

In this year’s convention, known game developers and publishers are being lined up to share their experiences. Among them are Lionhead Studios Founder Peter Molyneux (Populus, Black & White, Fable), Crytek President Cevat Yerli (FarCry, Crysis), Ubisoft Creative Director Michael de Plater (Tom Clancy’s EndWar), Massachusetts Institute of Technology Co-Director Henry Jenkins III.

Even with more online games being featured, I noticed that console titles still take center stage this year as titles for Microsoft Xbox 360, Nintendo Wii, and Sony PlayStation 3 are being showcased at the event.

One of the highlights in this year’s event are talks given by game development and publishing experts on different topics addressing the industry, including human resource, animation design, storyboard writing, mobile gaming and even virtual economies.

GCA is expecting to accommodate over 100,000 game enthusiasts, developers and publishers from across Asia.

Wolfgang Marzin, chief executive officer of Liepziger Messe International, which is organizing the event, said Asia is a major market for gaming, be it console or the hugely popular online gaming sector.

He said Asia’s gaming industry will continue to grow as more people see gaming as an equally suitable form of entertainment along with TV and movies.

“We want this region in the world to grow and make gaming an important industry,” Marzin said.

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