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We are inviting everyone to show their support for the RAN Philippine Team as it competes against other countries in a massive Player versus Player (PvP) competition, the RAN Global Tournament, on October 4, 2008. The RAN PH team is working hard to bring honor to our community and our country so let's all give them our support!

In return, we will give away exclusive in-game prizes to whoever finds us at the SMX Convention Center on that event. Please read the mechanics below.


1. Go to the RAN Global Tournament on October 4, 2008 at the SMX Convention Center near SM Mall of Asia. Register and get a RGT Passport.

2. Visit all the booths and have your passport signed by the booth representative.

3. Find the Game Masters indicated in your RGT Passport and make them sign your passport.

4. Proceed to the e-Games roulette booth and show your passport to the e-Games staff. If you are able to get 5/10 signatures, you can spin the roulette once. However, if you are able to get 10/10 signatures, you will be given two (2) chances to spin the roulette.

5. You can only approach GMs wearing the GM Jacket. GMs not wearing the GM jacket are not allowed to sign passports.

O2Jam Roulette Prizes
Horny Ohm
Fruity Ohm
Panic Ring x50
Random Ring x50

Audition Dance Battle Roulette Prizes
Fashion Box
Random Pet
Nick Change
x2 EXP

Supreme Destiny Roulette Prizes
10M Silver Coin
5pcs God Fate
5pcs Guardian Fairy +9
30D Catman/woman Costume

Famous bands and celebrities will also be there to entertain everyone during the event plus there will be exciting side activities to spice up the whole affair.

We hope to see you there!

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