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HighStreet 5 PH: Event Week!

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In the coming Event Week on HighStreet 5, EagleGame will be showering you with great prizes and bringing the excitement to all of you!

1. Double Exp. & Scores, Double the fun

HighStreet 5 will provide EVERYONE with DOUBLE EXP rates from 1st October to 10am 7th October! All you have to do is play anytime from 1st October to 7th October, 2008 and you'll see your exp and score points soar two times faster!

Here's a pro-tip: You can also buy in-game Double Exp certificates to QUADRUPLE your experience and score points during this double XP days!

2. FREE HS5 Gift Pack

From 1st October to 7th October, 2008, you will receive a free HS5 Gift Pack for every 90 minutes you spend online each day! Every one of you can receive a maximum of 3 HS5 Gift Pack every day! Could there be any better deal?

1. Prizes will be delivered via in-game e-mail in 4 working days after the event ends.
2. Please note that you have to exit the game following set procedures, pressing the 'Quit' button; otherwise, your accumulated in-game time may not be accurately registered by the system.
3.Each "HS5 Gift Pack" includes: "Diamond treasure box"X1, " Dinosaur Egg X3", Yellow Grape Wine"X3

3. Party with GM; Win White Angel Wings

Our GMs will be throwing rounds of 'Dance with GM' battle parties on 1st to 5tht October where you stand to win a pair of White Angel Wings- the must-have rare in-game item!

Read on for the details:

Rules and Regulations
1. From 7:00pm-9:00pm on 1st to 5th of October, six rounds of 'Dance with GM' will be held randomly each day on the server 'Fantasy 1'.
2. GM will announce the battle room and the start time in the Battle Room window before the event begins.
3. GM will open the battle room 20 minutes after the announcement.
4. The 7 players who enter the battle room for the event will receive a participation prize. (Dinosaur Egg X 10)
5. GM will run a round of battle dance when the room is full. Dance mode: Individual Battle; all songs will be randomly generated by the system.
6. The TOP 3 scorers of each round will receive a pair of 7-day White Angel Wings.
7. Each player can only participate in this event ONCE every day; GM can exercise discretion kicking out repeat participants.

1. When the battle room is full, any players who fail to switch to the 'Ready' mode will risk being kicked out by GM.
2. Players who get disconnected during the event or remain in the battle room without getting ready will be considered defeated.
3. Any use of botting or 3rd party software will result in the rule-breaking player being disqualified and life suspension of his/her login ID.
4. Eaglegame reserves the rights to the explanations of the rules and regulations of this event.
5. Prizes will be delivered to the winners' accounts via in-game e-mail within 4 days after the event ends.

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