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- Survey the land first before making your move. Different parts of the board will yield more points than others so plan your moves accordingly.

- It doesn’t matter how many squares your opponent gets, in the end its the points that will matter. More squares won’t necessarily mean more points so grab those high point value properties before your opponent does!

- When in a stump and you really have to give up space, give up the space that will yield less square chains. I would rather give up those 20 squares for the shot at that 35 square property on the next move.

- Don’t be in a hurry to complete squares. Set up possible chains to up your property total and in the process score more points than your opponent.

- Take your time, but not too much time. There is a time limit per turn so don’t exceed the limit or you will lose valuable points and property lines to your opponent. There is enough time given per turn to plan your move properly so make proper use of it.

- Of course don’t forget to use BOOSTS. You can purchase them before playing the game at the SHOP.

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