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The new version of HighStreet 5 allows you to marry your loved ones in a wonderful ceremony of love! Here is the step-by-step guide for you to learn all about the in-game marriage!

1. Form a Couple with your love and approach the Wedding Minister as Lovers. Right click and use "Couple Invite" to form couples.

2.After talking to the Wedding Minister, you will both be officially confirmed as Lovers.

3.The title 'XXX' s boy/girl friend' (where 'XXX' is your lover's name) will be displayed above his/her character name after your Lovers status is made official.

4. The Wedding Minister will remind you that you can only get married when your Love Quotient reaches 5 Hearts.

5. You can purchase roses at the in-game Store and give it to your lover to increase the Love Quotient, which is displayed on your Name Card. (To understand the use of these 'roses', refer to the in-game item descriptions.)

6. When your Love Quotient shows 5 Hearts, head to the in-game Store to buy a Wedding Card if you want a wedding. You need to set a hotkey for the Wedding Card at 'Home'. Do this by clicking on your Wedding Card item at Home to highlight it, and then click on the "Set Key" icon above.

7. When you are ready, go together with your lover to meet the Wedding Minister at the Church to confirm and make a booking for your wedding ceremony; your friends will be informed of the exact date and time of your wedding via in-game e-mail.

8. When the ceremony is about to begin, the room where it will be held will be shown.

9. Enter the Church and click "Start" to begin the Wedding Ceremony; the Wedding Dance Challenge will start after everyone has given their blessings.

10. If you beat the Wedding Dance Challenge, you will be successfully married and the title 'XXX' s husband/wife' will be displayed above the character names of both of you. Congratulations to the both of you! We wish you the very best.

11. However, if one or both of you cannot pass this Wedding Dance Challenge-that is, if your dance gets rated a 'B' or a 'C', you will not be able to wed your lover! In that case, you will need to go buy another Wedding Card in the in-game Store and make another booking for your wedding ceremony.

Don't get too upset if you fail your first Wedding Dance Challenge! Practice with your lover and persevere for your love! After all, no great love stories are without setbacks, but true love shall triumph!

Note: If you fail to wed your lover, the Points paid for your Wedding Card will not be refunded.

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