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RF Online PH: Skirmish Event

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RF Online Skirmish
Mall of Asia
October 4, 2008


* Skirmish is open to all RF Online players
* Registration of teams will start at 10:00 am until 12:00pm or until all 8 slots are taken.
* First come first-first serve.
o Only 8 teams will be allocated
o A team must consist of 5 members.
o A team will get a slot only when they filled out the registration completely.
+ Username
+ Character name
+ Race
+ server
o Once all 8 slots are taken, no more teams will be entertained.
+ No registration fee

Tournament Mechanics

* Tourname proper will start 1pm.
* Match tree will be according to team order at the registration form.
* Participants will use pre-generated characters:
o Accretia
+ 2 Gunners
+ 1 Battle Leader
+ 2 Punisher
o Bellato
+ 1 Sniper
+ 2 Berserker
+ 1 Soul Chandra
+ 1 Arch Mage
o Cora
+ 2 Zealot
+ 1 Arch Magus
+ 1 Summoner
+ 1 Marks Man
* Event server will be the official tournament
* Each match will be given a maximum of 10 minutes.
* The team with the most number of kills on the opposing team in 10 minutes will win that match.
* Wipe-out of the opposing team will automatically end the match.
* There will be only 1 round per match.


* Champion (each member)
o 1 pc 20/20 Racial Elemental Accessory
o Type D Hora Weapon of Choice
o 50 pcs Red Stone
o 50 set High Gem
o 50 pcs Keen Talics
o 50 pcs Favor Talics
* 1st Runner Up (each member)
o Type D Hora Weapon of Choice
o 30 pcs Red Stone
o 30 set High Gem
o 30 pcs Keen Talics
o 30 pcs Favor Talics
* 2nd Runner Up (each member)
o Type D Hora Weapon of Choice
o 20 pcs Red Stone
o 2 set High Gem
o 20 pcs Keen Talics
o 20 pcs Favor Talics

Prizes will be awarded on or before October 10, 2008

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