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Level Up! Grand Chase Philippines

Level Up! Inc., the leading online gaming publisher in the Philippines, partners with Korean developers, KOG, to bring Grand Chase to local shores. The game is the world’s first real-time online fighting game and is currently one of the top games in countries like Brazil (published by Level Up! Brazil) as well as Taiwan, Hong Kong, Singapore, and the USA.

“Finally, Filipino gamers will now be able to join the chase and experience what gamers from other countries are so hooked about,” said Jane Walker, CEO of Level Up! Philippines. “Grand Chase is part of our continuing efforts in providing our loyal players with world-class online games which they can access locally, and most of all, FREE-TO-PLAY,” Walker added.

Grand Chase will surely become another online sensation worthy to join the ranks of our library of Level Up! hits,” stated Carlo Ople, Head of Casual Games and Advergaming for Level Up! Philippines. “This time, gamers are free from the confines of a menu-driven fantasy game and transported into a world filled with rapidly intense action and heart-pounding battles,” Ople explained.

Based on a gripping and fantastic storyline, Grand Chase tells about a continent called Bermesiah where two kingdoms, Kanavan and Serdin, co-existed in an era of peace. But when the evil Queen of Darkness, KazeAaze, tricked the Queen of Kanavan unto waging war with the Queen of Serdin, the entire continent experienced turmoil of a 5-year war.

It was only when the Queen of Serdin sacrificed her life that the magic of the Evil Queen was broken — which finally ended the war. Angered from all the deceit, the Queen of Kanavan ordered for the execution of the evil Queen; but she has already escaped and is nowhere to be found. Now, an elite group of warriors embark on the quest to find the evil Queen and put an end to all her evil plans — the quest now known to be as Grand Chase.

Unlike other fantasy MMOGs (Massively Multiplayer Online Games), Grand Chase features an intense and fast-paced gameplay with simple, arcade control system; making it easy for players to become accustomed with the game. Thanks to its intuitive and dynamic controls, players can launch devastating combo attacks that will test anyone’s eye-hand coordination. Coupled by eye-popping graphical effects with each attack and combo performed, Grand Chase is a visual treat especially for fighting game enthusiasts.

Grand Chase also has a wide array of colorful characters ranging from a Knight to a Mage. Each has their own unique skills, job system, and different grade of special abilities that players will surely enjoy spending a lot of time tweaking or upgrading.

Apart from the abundant choices of characters available, Grand Chase even allows players to further customize or develop them as the level increases. More options become available like powerful weapons, armor, and accessories that can greatly affect how a character looks and performs in the game.

Intense PvP (Player vs. Player) options are also available for players craving for some challenge. Up to 6 players may engage in 2 exciting fight modes: 3 vs. 3 Team Play, where players fight each other in teams of 3; and Survival Mode that enables 6 players to play simultaneously.

“We are really looking forward for Grand Chase to create a new class of players, fans and communities,” Ople explained. “Once this game launches commercially and nationwide, we’ll be seeing everyone online, and kicking each other’s ass,” added Ople.

Grand Chase will begin its Closed Beta Testing this October. Watch out for more updates about Grand Chase at

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