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Event Title: The Alien Menace Part 1

Event Objective: Destroy all “Two Towers” beacons in Cora HQ, Numerus, Haram, Accretia HQ, Armory 213, Armory 117, Bellato HQ, Anacaade, Solus, and the Crag Mines.

Event Overview: A strange energy field has enveloped the planet Novus, preventing any form of space travel to and from the planet. Supplies have been cut, and the soldiers of Novus have been left to fend for themselves until a solution is found.

Meanwhile, there have been a number of sightings reported about a possible new specie on-planet, yet all attempts to befriend or capture it have failed.

Event Mechanics:
1. “Two Towers” beacons will be summoned all over the Novus world (number in parenthesis denotes number of beacons in that location):
a. Accretian Settlements: HQ (6), Armory 213 (6), Armory 117 (6)
b. Bellato Settlements: HQ (6), Anacaade (6), Solus (6)
c. Corite Settlements: HQ (6), Numerus (6), Haram (6)
d. Neutral Settlements: Crag Mine (6)

2. All beacons must be destroyed by the time the event ends.

Event Schedule (6 to 8:30 PM):
September 18, Thursday: Xenos
September 19, Friday: Altrax
September 20, Saturday: Praxis
September 21, Sunday: Nexus
September 22, Monday: Calix

Event Prizes:
1. If the objective is met, then the prizes for the next event “The Alien Menace Part 2″ will be doubled (applicable per server).
2. If the objective is not met, nothing happens.

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