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By Alex Villafania

MANILA, Philippines — In the aftermath of the recent raid of the Anino Games office two weeks ago, the governing body of game developers is looking for the best course of action for its members to follow anti-software piracy laws.

Game Development Association of the Philippines (GDAP), in an e-mailed statement sent to, said it is now fully cooperating with the Business Software Alliance (BSA) in complying with anti-piracy laws.

It is also asking BSA for an open dialogue to ensure continued compliance of its members and prevent a repeat of the incident with Anino Games.

GDAP President Gabby Dizon said in an email that Anino is in the process of negotiating a settlement with software firm Autodesk.

Anino’s office was raided for allegedly using unlicensed software of Autodesk. The gaming software company’s computers, which contained supposed pirated software,were also seized.

Dizon said GDAP will have to wait until a settlement is reached between Anino and Autodesk before the group could decide to impose sanctions against Anino.

Nevertheless, Dizon assured that Anino remains a member of GDAP.


2 Response for the "RP Gaming Group To Review Anti-Piracy Compliance of Members"

  1. join says:

    s your right piracy is all ove rhte world.
    it got spread in each and every field.its better to prevent it.
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  2. Jonas J. says:

    Yes it is a continuing fight against piracy. But I think the reasons why people continue to do this is poverty and ridiculously high prices of legitimate software.

    Thanks for the visit! ^^