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Word travels fast across the land. Rumors about Gen. Wan Luan’s Warrior’s Brawl and chosen heroes are heard in the streets of Dragon City. With the Heroes being busy on hunting the Soulless in the Frost City and Dusk Palace, the Soulless slowly builds its army in preparation for an attack.

But the Elder Gods sees everything. They are omnipresent and omnipotent.

“They are coming.” A voice whispers to Gen. Wan Luan as he slumber. He dreams of Warriors without Souls gathering in the dark.

“An invasion shall come- gather everyone; the morrow is about to see its darkest hours.”

The Elder Gods have spoken! The Soulless has been planning to retaliate to Perfect World’s Heroes for such a long time. That day of Soulless Retaliation is here!

Be on your guard and keep in mind the words of the Elder Gods to protect the cities and keep everyone alive!

Eligibility : All Heroes are eligible to join.

Event Schedule : Sept 17 6pm-7pm (Tiger)
Sept 18 6pm-7pm (Dragon)

Location: To be announced in-world on the day and time of event.

Monster List:
Be there to find out

• Monsters will randomly appear at the Map.
• Participants are free to behave in any manner that is within Perfect World’s general rules of conduct.
• Monsters and item drops are free for all.
• The event ends once all the monsters have been killed.

Event Prize:
• Monster Drop

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