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Boy Kills Dad Over Keyboard

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Boy Kills Dad Over Keyboard
Three words: W-T-F. reports that a boy killed his father with a sledgehammer during the latter's sleep because the parents took away his computer's keyboard. Apparently, the boy had been playing games with his computer for a week. Here's an excerpt from the report...

"At around 1am on April 12, the suspect dealt his sleeping father at least two blows on the head with a sledgehammer," the region's investigative committee said.
"The man died on the spot from a head injury.
A spokeswoman said the parents had taken away the keyboard as a disciplinary measure after he spent a week playing computer games.
After the killing, the boy's frightened mother gave him the keyboard back and the boy played computer games for several more hours until he fell asleep, the spokeswoman said.
At that point, the mother, who was not injured, contacted relatives who in turn called police.
Under Russian law, he can be charged for murder at his age of 14.

News like this have become common these days. It may be bad parenting, proliferation of violent games, or the gene pool is slowly going bad. Either way, this is a very tragic story.


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