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Nintendo 3DS October Launch
Maybe we don't have to wait too long.

The Nintendo 3DS is the new handheld game console being developed by Nintendo. Its touted to produce 3D effects without the need for those uncomfortable and silly-looking glasses. It's really exciting for gamers to experience that kind of technology for a portable device.

Personally, I like the idea of having a portable gaming device that I can readily use anytime. That's why I was torn between the PSP and the DS. Both have advantages for me. The PSP can connect to my PSN account and remotely connect with our PS3 at home. The DS has a large user-base and that front-facing camera built-in the device. But if the 3DS pushes through, my decision would be much clearer.

The rumor that the 3DS would be available October of this year has me pretty excited. Here's a part of the Tom's Guide article regarding the rumor...

"It's a surprise--we were expecting it much closer to Christmas," one publisher told CVG. "But I suppose it gives Nintendo the opportunity to get it front and center in people's minds nice and early. In my experience, you don't launch a product that early to Christmas unless you're confident in it--and going to spend a lot of money on it. We're reassured that Nintendo is going to give it some decent backing in Q4."
An October launch date also puts it up against Microsoft's Project Natal motion sensing device slated for the Xbox 360 in the same timeframe. Although the two devices are targeted for different audiences, it will be interesting to see which one will claim the largest amount of holiday season revenue.

Although Nintendo denies the October launch date, it really makes sense to release a good tech just before the holidays to maximize the sales. I wonder what Sony has to offer to compete with the 3DS... hmm...

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