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New Steam UI Next Week!

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Steam New UI
Major face-lift goodness!

Valve has announced that they will be releasing an update this coming April 26, 2010 for their Steam software. It will mostly be cosmetic changes and the underlying browser engine. Here's their statement...

"We made hundreds of changes to the Steam client as a result of customer feedback on the interface, performance, and functionality," said John Cook, Director of Steam Development at Valve.

"We swapped out the Internet Explorer rendering engine with WebKit, which gives us a bunch of size, stability and performance benefits," explained Cook. "This release of Steam leaves us well prepared for another year of strong growth."

A detailed description of the changes:

  • Complete overhaul of Steam client UI design to improve discoverability of features and to better expose all the information related to games in your library

  • Complete overhaul of in-game overlay UI design to create a richer in-game experience exposing context sensitive information related to the game you are currently playing

  • New game details view, presenting a detailed view of all the information for a single game in your library

  • New grid view, presenting a graphical view of your game library

  • New news page in the store/client/overlay which aggregates from Valve related news sites, official community groups, and third-party gaming news feeds

  • New downloads view in the client, making it easier to track your progress downloading new games or game updates

  • New Steam store design, including more integrated community features, improved recommendations, and improved video and screenshot viewing

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