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Ubisoft: No More Game Manuals

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Ubisoft Going Green
Going green.

I'm guilty of this one. I seldom read the game or instruction manuals with the games I purchased. Although I browse through to look at the pictures, most of the time I just pop the game into the drive and play. They usually have tutorials in-game, so why bother?

Realizing this, Ubisoft has announced that they will ditch the production of game manuals and integrate them within the game itself. This move, they said, will ultimately save an average of two tons of wood from 13 trees, with a net energy of 28 million BTUs (equivalent to average heating and energy for one home/year), greenhouse gases equivalent to over 6,000 lbs of CO2, and water of almost 15,000 gallons. Wow.

They will also start to modify the DVD cases for their games too so that it will only use 100% recycled polypropylene materials. They had already implemented the digital manuals for PC titles since March this year. Both PS3 and Xbox360 implementations will start this holiday of 2010.

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