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Violent Games Can Make You Smarter
I should have told mom about this when I was a kid.

A recent study conducted by researchers at Netherlands have concluded that violent games could also be beneficial to both young and not-so-young players.

"Playing video games helps the natural reflexes, it makes players more responsive and able to switch between different tasks," said Assistant Professor Dr Lorenza Colzato, of Leiden University's psychology department.

"This type of thinking is very practical for the modern lifestyle where people are doing so many things at the one time."

"If someone likes violent video games it does not mean they will engage in anti-social behaviour. Parents should not be scared to let their children play video games," Colzato added.

The research also concluded that it could also help the elderly fight off the signs of ageing saying that people that deals with a lot of problems could improve their mind by playing games.  The study was published in the journal Frontiers in Cognition.


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