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Crysis 2 Looks Best On PC

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Crysis 2 Looks Better on PC
Was it really surprising?

In Crytek's recent New York showcase, CEO Cervat Yerli admitted that the PC version would look better compared to its console counterparts. Here's a snippet from CVG's interview with him...

"PC is the best looking version, yeah," he answers. "But if I had shown it on PC, it would have been like... okay, Crysis 2 is on console, but they're not showing the console version. So we wanted to go with console."
They showed both Xbox360 and PS3 versions on that event. To untrained eyes, they look exactly the same. The game can boast to be the most visually-appealing game for each of the console yet. But the CEO said that the PS3 has a slight advantage over the Xbox360. Oh well, to me they're pretty much the same. I'd personally pick the PC version even though I own a PS3. Nothing beats the keyboard+mouse combo for FPS games. ^^

Meanwhile, enjoy the latest HD trailer from Crytek dubbed "The Wall Trailer".

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