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Eight More Jump Ship from Infinity Ward
'Nuff said.

We just learned that eight more people left IW making it a whopping total of 26 people resigning from a single company. For reference's sake, IW have around a hundred employees. For 25% of that population to quit, and senior positions at that, is really alarming. Even for a big name like Activision. Here's an excerpt from Kotaku:

...we've learned that three more - level designer Keith Bell, designer Charlie Wiederhold and level designer Preston Glenn - also packed up and left the Activision-owned Infinity Ward at the end of last week.
Adding to these are five more, all of whom left yesterday: lead character artist Joel Emslie, weapons artist Ryan Lastimosa, artist Brad Allen, lead programmer Robert Field and our first non-developmental one of the bunch, HR/recruitment specialist Kristin Cotterell.

We know where some of them defaults to. Its just alarming to see how the current drama unfolds.

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