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More People Leave Infinity Ward

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Modern Warfare 2 Infinity Ward
They keep dropping like flies.

And the Infinity Ward drama continues. There have been reports last week that some ex-IW employees have been flocking to new game developer, Respawn Entertainment founded by Jason West and Vince Zampella both ex-IW employees themselves.

Now new names are added onto the list that jumped ship from IW making it a total of 18 people. Here's the updated list:

   1. senior designer Mohammad Alavi
   2. senior designer Chad Grenier
   3. senior designer Brent McLeod
   4. programmer Chris Lambert
   5. designer Jason McCord
   6. lead animator Mark Grigsby
   7. lead character animator Paul Messerly
   8. senior animator Bruce Ferriz
   9. lead designer Steve Fukuda
  10. lead designer Zied Reike
  11. lead designer Todd Alderman
  12. lead designer Mackey McCandlish
  13. programmer Rayme Vinson
  14. programmer Jon Shiring
  15. lead artist Chris Cherubini
  16. lead software engineer Francesco Gigliotti
  17. CEO and studio head Vince Zampella
  18. President and CCO Jason West

As I said before, Infinity Ward's morale is low and the future seems bleak.

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