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Level Up! Crazy Kart Philippines Perfect World Cross Over EventSince hindi natuloy ang PW Crossover nung August 14, eto na ang pinakahihintay ng mga PW players, ang PW Crossover Grand Prix! At para makabawi sila sa inyo, bibigyan kayo ng 2 oras for this event!

August 28 and 29, 2008 (4:00PM – 5:00PM)

PW Crossover Grand Prix!

Event Mechanics as follows:
1. Create a Crazy Kart account at
2. On the game date and time, log-in to Crazy Kart and in the game lobby, find the official room mentioned by the GM (room number) and enter the special password.
3. Every race can only accommodate seven (7) players
4. KARERA NA at LABANAN ang iyong friendly neighborhood GM!
5. The winner of every race will get 150,000 Crazy Kart Gold points for his CK account, in which he/she can immediately use to buy Karts and items only found in our Item Mall.
6. Awarding will be on the spot. So please remain logged in until you get your CK prize. In case the winner gets disconnected while waiting for his prize to be awarded, we advise him/her to immediately reconnect to the game. Failure to comply means that your prizes will not be sent by the system.


7. After the races on the said day, the Crazy Kart team will inform your PW GM who among the racers got the fastest time and if you’re the lucky one you get the chance to get the following goodies:


8. The GM will announce and award this when the winner goes on-line.


• You can only win once….so do your best. Meaning a player once he gets first place can no longer join the succeeding official races for the day.
• In the event that there might be unforeseen problems that may occur while running the tournament, please be informed that only the CK GM Team will have the final decision.
• In case of unforeseen problems, GMs have the authority to revise mechanics for the said day only.
• Disconnected users will be automatically considered out of the race. They can however, rejoin in the succeeding races. There will be no race restarts in case anyone will be disconnected while racing.

Featured GMs:
- FelMaiden
- SamHok
- MeiShen

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