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e-Games Supreme Destiny PhilippinesGreetings Noble Warrior!

The great GM Amethy requires your assistance. The evil Kepra Monster that invaded Armia days ago actually managed to steal most of GM Amethy’s powers! With her powers, she will not be able to help players and hold off the terrible monsters that plague Armia. . It is up to you, warriors of Supreme Destiny, to help regain it. Join her as she asks fateful players to get her items that she requires to regain her powers.

Hunt for GM Amethy Event Mechanics.

• GM Amethy will appear Every Friday in random maps and at random times .
• She will announce what item she is looking for and announce the clues on where she can be found.
• The first player to trade her the item wins an special costume.

And what is the prize for helping GM Amethy? A brand new exclusive EP Costume!

So be ready next Friday and the next several Fridays for the Hunt for GM Amethy Event!

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