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Beginning 29th August and ending on 29th October 2008, EagleGames will run a Refer-A-Friend program where you stand to win gorgeous prizes and rewards for every new friend you bring into the HighStreet 5 community! Note that your friend must register for a new account AND top-up his or her account for it to be considered a successful referral. If you refer a total of 5 new users to HS5 successfully in this time period, you will be automatically entered into a lucky draw where you stand to win a pair of gorgeous snowy Angel Wings (30 days)!

You can refer your friends to HS5 in the following 2 ways:

1. Build a Personal Link
Log into your account here to get your personal link and put it on your MSN, YM Skype, Forum signature, etc. so that your friends can click on your link and register for HS5 through your link. Note that this link is unique and belongs only to you.

2. Send Your Friends an Invitation Message
Log into your account here and fill in the form on your account page and press the 'Submit' button to send the invitation message to your friends.

What's in store for you (as a Referee)?

Below are details for what you will win if you refer a friend successfully.

Your friend must complete registration for a new account and top-up his or heraccount within 30 days of registration. You will then receive special items which are not available in the in game Mall! The prize you will receive will be given according to how much your friend tops-up within the 30-day period right after registration:




Fallen Feather X 4


Diamond treasure box X5


Pepsecoke X 8


Yellow Grape Wine X 5

What's in store for your friend (as a referral) ?

Besides 200,000 free scores, your friend will also get Free Gifts according to his/her individual top-up amounts. The table below is what your friends will get if s/he tops-up in 30 days from the time s/he registers.


Free Gifts


Diamond treasure box X 4


Super Megaphone X3


Dinosaur Egg X 8


Blood of the T-Rex X 4

Great prizes will start to rush in after your friends have successfully registered and top-up for HS5! What are you waiting for? Scroll down your contact list and get all your friends to play the hottest dancing game in the country right now!


1. Fallen Feather: Special item. You will get a pair of feathery divine Angel Wings after you collect 25 fallen feathers and exchange it in any dance hall.
2. Diamond Treasure Box: Special item which is not available in the in game mall. You will have a high chance to get special items from Diamond Treasure Box. You may get fallen feather, valuable clothes or precious items from it. It is to be put in the item column before you draw from it randomly generated items; cool down time 2 seconds.
3. Dinosaur Egg: Dance Power up 155 points immediately
4. Yellow Grape Wine: Both Dance Power and Excitation up 6 points, every 2 seconds
5. Blood of the T-Rex: Dance Power up 40 points every 2 seconds
6. Super Megaphone: A magical in-game item that helps broadcast your messages on both servers, fantasy 1, fantasy 2 and fantasy 3.

7. Pepse coke: Special item which is not available in the in game mall. Each one replenishes Vitality 200 points immediately.

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