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Aika Global: Epic Wars Galore

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Aika Global Philippines
That's just a small part of the war, if you look to your left...

Aika Global is the latest MMO to hit the Philippine's shores. Aika was developed by HanbitSoft Inc. and published by T3 Entertainment in cooperation with Redbana Philippines. The game's story revolves around the creations of the goddess Aika and the land that she made for them, Arcan. She created the Scinic (peace-loving creatures), Humans (balance of good and evil), Zereca (war-loving creatures), and Pran (fairy familiars that assist the Humans). You can visit the official website to read more of the story.

Players can choose between 6 different classes as their avatar: The Warrior, Crusader, Sniper, Dual Gunner, Night Magician, and Priest.

The game offers a very unique battle feature in which a whopping 2000 players can simultaneously participate in a "nation war". Also, the Pran is your ally in all your quests. Your Pran will evolve into 4 different stages and will acquire skills and personalities in accordance in how you "treat" her. And like your avatar, it is also fully customizable. ^_^

The developers also designed the game to accomodate older hardware so that it will be available to all players. Here are the system requirements:

If you have a 4 year old PC at home, you'll still be able to install and enjoy the game. But I highly recommend that you upgrade your memory to 1Gb if you plan to participate on nation wars. If you just recently bought your computer, you'd be able to install and play the game with no problems.

Aika Global is free-to-play and available for download at their official website. It is currently in OBT so everyone can join in on the fun. Watch the official game trailer below and see you in the game! ^_^

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