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Video Games are Expensive

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Premium games for all the platforms cost money. Most of them charge $40 to $60 dollars while special edition software and/or collector's edition would set you back around $100+. That's a lot of money for a single game.

Some people would argue that the replay value of the game pays for itself, that its worth the investment considering you'd be enjoying it for countless hours. That may be true for games like Modern Warfare or StarCraft 2 where the multiplayer experience does give you unlimited replayability. But what about games with only a single player offering? Once you finish the game at its hardest level and unlocked all the hidden items and quests, you'd be wondering if the 15-hour experience was worth your money.

Then there's another argument that games purchased online are cheaper, for example Steam. I don't question that they are cheap. I'm actually a Steam user myself and I had purchased a few games using it. The problem is the connection speed of most gamers, especially here in the Philippines, is not what you may call fast. The widespread offering of ISPs here is a meager 2Mbps. It takes me almost 3 to 5 days of continuous download before I can play the 4Gb game I purchased online.

I know game publishers have to make money but it's also more important that they reach out to their target audience. Most gamers here in our country unfortunately resorts to piracy because that's the only way they can enjoy the popular games they like to play. That's revenue lost. Think about it, more people would buy legitimate games if it costs just a little bit lower. Word-of-mouth referrals is more effective than spending millions of dollars on marketing a product that a lot of people can't afford.


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