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Nintendo Family Computer FamiCom
'up down up down left right left right a b a b select start' :)

While cleaning out my closet last weekend, I was surprised to discover that I still have our old Family Computer (FamiCom) system tucked away. This brought back memories of my first adventures with console gaming within the 8-bit world. :) That was when I first experienced the joys of 'Battle City' with custom-created maps, mindless hours of trying to finish 'Super Mario', learning my first 'haduken' with Ryu on 'Street Fighter', and continuously dying on 'Contra'. Ahh... memories... ^_^

Well, its not all fun though. There were times that the cartridge slot gave us problems. It would take the cycle of put in cartridge, take out cartridge, blow on cartridge, put in cartridge, blow cartridge, shout for it to work before it starts loading. :) My brother and I even had a certain 'technique' in which to load the cartridge on a certain angle for it to be read correctly by the system. ^_^

Anyway, here's a few more pictures of the system's hardware for your enjoyment. Hit me up on the comments on some of your favorite games for this console. Lemme try and fire up this old Famicom and see if it still works. ^_^

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1 Response for the "Remembering the Nintendo Famicom"

  1. Silver says:

    hehehe, if it works.. let me know asap so i can try to make up for lost times.. kiddie frustrations!!!