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PS3 PSP Update
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PS3 System Update Version 3.40 includes:
- A new Photo Gallery feature allows you to share photos with PlayStation Network friends, as well as uploading and browsing photos on Facebook and Picasa Web Album. 

- A new Video Editor & Uploader feature allows you share and edit videos from your PS3 to YouTube and Facebook.

- A Power Save feature that defaults the PS3 System Auto-Off time to 2 hours.

You can see more details on the PlayStation 3 updates here on the PlayStation Blog.

The PSP Update allows you to group your games folder based on system platform format. Besides automatically creating folders and sorting games under "PSP," "minis," and "PlayStation," it also creates "PCEngine" and "NEOGEO" folders. This reveals that both PC Engine (aka Turbografx-16) and NEO GEO games could be made available for the PSP soon in North America. Downloadable games for that generation of systems have already been released in Japan.

PSP System Update Version 6.30 includes:
- "Games can now be grouped and displayed in folders based on format under [Game]."

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