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Read on for the full breakdown.

Sony will be rolling out the next firmware update (v3.40) for the Playstation 3 in the next few days. The update includes the premium service of PSN, namely the PlayStation Plus

First off, at launch, PlayStation Plus will offer subscribers the full PlayStation Network game, WipEout HD, PSP minis and PS One Classics such as Fieldrunners, Age of Zombies and Rally Cross, full game trial of inFAMOUS, as well as free monthly episodes of Qore  – our high-definition, interactive gaming lifestyle show.

With that, here are the basics of the new subscription service that lives on top of the current PlayStation Network:

  • The current PSN features will remain free. We are still very committed to PSN as a free comprehensive entertainment service and are certainly not planning on reducing this service following the launch of PlayStation Plus.
  • PlayStation Plus is an evolving service and the features included at launch will be:

    • Games
    • PS Store Discounts
    • Exclusive offers on select demos, betas and early purchases
    • Full Game Trial
    • Automatic Downloads
  • PlayStation Plus can be purchased through PlayStation Store on PS3 as a one-year package or a three-month package. The three-month package is available for $17.99 and the one-year package will be available for $49.99. We will also be offering three additional bonus months for free if you purchase the 1-year package — that’s 15 months total for $49.99.
  • Payment is a one-time fee for either package and can be purchased with any of the current PSN Store payment methods – credit card or PSN Cards.

It's a good thing the standard PSN will remain free. One of the greatest thing about having a PS3 is the ability to play online multiplayer games with friends without the monetary commitment. :)

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1 Response for the "PlayStation Plus: What To Expect"

  1. Prisqua says:

    It is about time Sony starts charging for their Network but I don't think it will beat xbox live still.