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Mario saves someone... again!

So, parents, it is again proven that games isn't just bad news for kids. A boy's eyesight problem was cured by having him play a Nintendo DS game, Mario Kart, for a couple of hours everyday.

Ben Michaels suffered from amblyopia, or severe lazy eye syndrome in his right eye from the age of four. His vision had decreased gradually in one eye and without treatment his sight loss could have become permanent.

His GP referred him to consultant Ken Nischal who prescribed the unusual daily therapy.

Ben, from Billericay, Essex,  spends two hours a day playing Mario Kart on a Nintendo DS with his twin Jake. Ben wears a patch over his good eye to make his lazy one work harder.
The twins' mother, Maxine, 36, said that from being 'nearly blind' in the eye, Ben's vision had 'improved 250 per cent' in the first week. 
She said: 'When he started he could not identify our faces with his weak eye.  Now he can read with it although he is still a way off where he ought to be. 
'He was very cooperative with the patch, it had phenomenal effect and we’re very pleased.'

It's another good day for Mario land. I'm sure the princess will be pleased. :)

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2 Response for the "Boy's Eyesight Cured by Playing Mario Kart for DS"

  1. nix says:

    amazing. i wonder if a game would be able to make my vision 20/20 again. LMAO.

  2. Jonas says:

    ditto to that! :)