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Pirated Games for Nintendo DS and Sony PSP

Computer Entertainment Supplier's Association (CESA) of Japan has released information about the most pirated games in their country. It included both handhelds from Nintendo and Sony, the DS and PSP respectively.

According to CESA's figures, Pokemon Platinum for the Nintendo DS tops the list with 2,071,006 copies downloaded illegally. Meanwhile on the PSP, Dissidia: Final Fantasy tops the list with a whopping 5,281,223 downloads. This figures may reflect downloads coming from P2P and torrent networks.

Estimated losses for Pokemon Platinum is around 9,469 million yen ($103 million) while Dissida: Final Fantasy losses goes an awesome figure of 30,631,093,400 yen ($335 million) almost 3x more than Pokemon Platinum. I bet Square Enix isn't pleased about this.

Here are other Nintendo DS titles widely pirated in Japan:

1,551,085 downloads worth 8,835 million yen ($97 million).

1,470,231 downloads worth  6,722 million yen ($74 million).

1,455,577 downloads worth 6,655 million yen ($73 million).

1,447,781 downloads worth 6,619 million yen ($72 million).

1,129,469 worth 5,164 million yen ($56 million)

Not to discriminate, here's other Sony PSP titles widely pirated in Japan:

4,665,510 downloads worth 22,394 million yen ($245 million)

2,072,942 downloads worth 9,950 million yen ($109 million)

1,820,282 downloads worth 8,322 million yen ($91 million)

1,223,881 downloads worth 7,098 million yen ($77 million)

1,1187,341 downloads worth 7,100 million yen ($77 million)

1,131,319 downloads worth 5,603 million yen ($61 million)

And to think some people say that the PSP was a flop. What's really disturbing is that this only reflect figures from the shores of Japan. What do you think is the most pirated game in the world?

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